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WhiteDevilPodcastWhite Devil Podcast is my own little podcast where I discuss whatever interests me. Each podcast features guests with some background in the topic I’m discussing and the idea is to have as much fun with it as possible while also hopefully having a somewhat intelligent discussion as well. Below I have a list of prior episodes as well as questions answered for anything common related to the podcast.

Long time guest RetroKaiser serves as the official co-host of the podcast. In his absense, the official stand-in co-host is Darabka (a.k.a. The Gaming Beast).

We do two types of casts the normal White Devil Podcasts and the White Devil Minicasts!



The podcast is composed of three rounds of discussion:

  • Round 1: We usually start with a general introduction of guests, the topic as well as how each of the guests relate to the topic. This is just to get everyone acquainted and comfortable.
  • Round 2: The actual meat of the podcast where we discuss the topic either totally free form or according to a topics-list made by yours truly.
  • Round 3: We answer questions from listeners (read more in the Q/A):

In addition, starting from Episode 7, we’ve included a segment called White Devil Match Game. It’s loosely based on the format of the popular 1970s game show Match Game. Segments are scattered across the podcast for some extra levity.



The Minicasts are a more simplified and streamlined podcasts where we aim for a length of 1 hour or less (but might go over). We dispense with introductions and advertising for future projects if we feel like it. Minicasts may be hosted by just me but Retrokaiser usually joins in.

The Minicasts have their own numbers but are still counted as full WDP episodes.