White Devil Podcast – Episode Listings (Episodes 1 – 20)

WDPlogonewEpisode 1: The Mega Man Cast

Guests: Aqualung & RetroKaiser

Episode 2: Horror Films

Guests: RetroKaiser, Darabka, Cendoo & Amuia

Episode 3: Anime

Guests: RetroKaiser, Amuia & Cendoo

Episode 4: Anime Follow-Up Cast

Guests: RetroKaiser, Amuia, Cendoo, T-McBee & Lindsey the Red (with a brief appearance from RaggedStar)

Episode 5: The Dalt Wisney Heist

Guests: Aqualung & Cendoo

Episode 6: He-Man Cast

Special Guest: Darabka

Episode 7: Heavy Metal Cast

Guests: RetroKaiser, Cendoo, Darabka & T-McBee

Episode 8: Heavy Metal Follow-up Cast

Guests: Cendoo, Darabka, RetroKaiser, Aqualung & Raggedstar

Episode 9: Video-Game Movies

Guests: Cendoo, T-McBee, Lindsey, Amuia and Joe

Episode 10: Adventure Games

Guests: Cendoo, Darabka & RetroKaiser

Episode 11: Adventure Games Follow-up Cast

Guests: Darabka & RetroKaiser

Episode 12: One-Hit Wonders Across the Ages

Guests: RetroKaiser, Amuia, Joe & Cendoo

Episode 13: Iron Maiden Cast

Guests: RetroKaiser & Darabka

Episode 14: The James Bond Cast

Co-host: Darabka / Guests: Lindsey & Joe

Episode 15: Unpopular Opinions Cast

Co-host: RetroKaiser / Guests: Darabka & Alex Swingle

Episode 16: Darabka Catches Up Cast

Co-host: RetroKaiser / Guest: Darabka

Episode 17: Sitcoms

Co-host: Darabka / Guests: T-McBee & Cendoo

Episode 18: Video-Game Cartoons

Co-host: RetroKaiser / Guests: T-McBee, Amuia & Darabka

Episode 19: Mega Man Cast 2.0

Co-host: RetroKaiser / Guests: Ken “Aqualung” Blakey, BlackBeltDragon & Jon (Mr. Weenie Productions)

Episode 20: Mr. Weenie Catches Up Cast (Mega Man 3.0)

Co-host: Darabka / Guest: Jon (MrWeenieProductions)