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Here’s a page dedicated to all things Captain N.

I’m huge fan of this classic cartoon and will be posting more stuff on it later.


Season Reviews

Season One Review

– My review of every single episode in the first season.

Season Two Review

– Same for the second season.

Season Three Review

– Taking a look at the final and most horrid of the Captain N seasons.

Top- and Bottom-10 Episodes from The Series (+ Season Ratings)

– If you want to know which episodes to watch or avoid, click here. Also contains the lists of all the episode ratings from the Season Reviews.


Character Comparisons

Main Character Comparisons

– So how much did the main characters in Captain N differ from their original game counterparts.

Supporting character comparisons

– See what some of the guest-star characters in the shows looked like in their original game form.

Robot Master Comparisons

– Comparisons of how the Mega Man 1 and 2’s Robot Masters were depicted, both in Captain N and the Ruby-Spears produced Mega Man cartoon series.


Other Blogs

The Return of Zelda & Link

– Zelda and Link returned to TV screens in Captain N. How did they change from their innitial appearance on the show. Related blogs:

The Legend of Zelda – Full Series review

Zelda monster appearances

Pilot One-Offs (Kevin in Videoland)

“Kevin in Videoland” featured some funny elements that were never really touched upon in later episodes.


The screenshots are all viewable in larger size by clicking on them if you wish to take a look at them more closely.

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