White Devil Podcast – FAQ

White Devil Podcast logo newQ: Why is it called White Devil Podcast?

A: “White Devil” was the name used of Jim Carrey’s character by the angry natives in the movie Ace Ventura 2: When Nature Calls. I’ve always just liked the sound of the word combo “White Devil” and have many times tried to think of a good instance to use them. When I was finally coaxed into making a podcast of my own, I decided that it should be the title since it sounds so striking.


Q: When is WDP recorded?

A: There is no set schedule but I try to make a new podcast roughly every month or so. However, the intervals between podcasts can be a bit longer given circumstances such as me being busy or guests being unavailable. Also, I need a topic I want to talk about which is probably the biggest reason why podcasts don’t get made in a hurry. I don’t like being topical and I rather just do the podcast for the same reason I do anything on the internet: for fun.


Q: Who can be a guest on WDP?

A: Technically anyone, but I usually actively seek guests. They’re usually people I’ve had on before or I know from something else. If you want to be a guest on the podcast, you’ll need to have a Skype account as well as provide good enough reason why you should be on the podcast (this makes it sound terribly formal, but just show me that you’re genuinely interested).


Q: Wasn’t this podcast also on It’s Tail Time.Net?

A: Yes. Before I left the site, the podcast was being put out mainly through that site. The old episodes remain in the web-site’s archives.


Q: I have a question. Where can I send it?

A: Because more recent episodes of WDP have been increasingly off-the-cuff (to better deal with scheduling) the Q&A segment has been unintentionally phased out from a lot of recent episodes, but we do intend to bring it back. We’ve done Minicasts for instance which are entirely devoted to the Q&A.

I recommend posting it in the announcement video which precedes the actual recording of the podcast. Check my YouTube account to see if such a video is currently up.


Q: Where can you find that “body horror”-clip in the preview video from the Horror Movie podcast?

A: It’s from a short segment that was cut out from the finished Podcast. The reason this whole section was left out is because me and the guests were actually discussing wrapping up the podcast at the time and I felt it wouldn’t be horribly interesting for the listeners. However, the clip was funny enough in my view that I decided to save it in order to use in the preview video.


Q: How much are the podcasts edited before posting?

A: I do very little editing of the actual recordings since I do want to preserve as much of the podcast-experience as possible. The most hefty editing that’s done is removing silence (I use Audacity for editing) which has the effect of tightening up the podcast and removing any dead air. Some trimming is naturally done on the beginnings and endings of recording sessions. Very rarely, I may remove segments which aren’t very interesting or which drag out, but mostly individual removing of parts has to do with removing any long and unnecessary pauses in the recording (which Audacity’s silence-removal tool can’t get rid of).


Q: Why are some YouTube versions missing segments?

A: At one point I was putting up abridged versions of episodes on YouTube to make them more accessible to first time listeners. Now I just upload the full podcasts.


Q: Will you post [Episode X] on YouTube?

A: If there is high enough demand, I may post older episodes of WDP on my second YouTube channel.