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Star Trek: The Motion Picture Review

Star Trek: The Original Series is my favourite iteration of Star Trek and some years ago I ranked the movies starring its cast on this very blog. I left The Motion Picture out… Continue reading

The Trekkiest New Star Trek (Star Trek Beyond review)

Star Trek Beyond is the third film in the current on-going pseudo-reboot of the Star Trek film series and sees the crew of the Enterprise deal with yet another unknown threat to the… Continue reading

My Bottom-10 Star Trek episodes

I’m a huge fan of Star Trek: The Original Series, as I’ve covered my favourite movies and episodes concerning the crew of Captain Kirk. However, even though I love Star Trek: TOS, I’m… Continue reading

Anton Yelchin dies at age 27 in a car accident

Anton Yelchin (1989 – 2016), better known for playing Pavel Chekov in the currently ongoing series of Star Trek movies has died tragically in a car accident. Yelchin was only 27 at the… Continue reading

BeastCast 56 – Star Trek

I was a guest on Darabka’s (The Gaming Beast) podcast about all things Star Trek with RetroKaiser. Hope you enjoy! Click here to download! Click here for more info!

My Top-5 Star Trek (Original Series) Films

Live long and prosper. I just recently listed my 10 favourite episodes from Star Trek: The Original Series and now I wanted to list the Star Trek movies starring the original series cast… Continue reading

My Top-10 Star Trek Episodes

I’m a huge fan of the original Star Trek series which ran from 1966 till 1969. Although there’s quite a few Star Trek series out there, the original has always stood out to… Continue reading