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Theme Hospital (Review & Revisit)

I just recently started playing Two Points Hospital on Xbox One and decided that before I posted a review of it, I would also post review of Theme Hospital which the game is… Continue reading

Review & Revisit: Clock Tower (SNES)

I recently got the chance to actually play Clock Tower on an actual console and decided to revisit my earlier review of it. Created by Human Entertainment, Clock Tower is one of the… Continue reading

Review & Revisit: Zelda – Wand of Gamelon (CD-i)

Here it is. The first game to allow you to play as Zelda. I actually didn’t own any of the CD-i Zeldas growing up. I only bought this title in the late 2000s… Continue reading

Review & Revisit: Foqus (CD-i)

I’ve been revisiting my very tiny CD-i games collection which I’ve recently added some new instalments. Foqus is a video-game adaption of a board-game created by the Swedish company Alga, in which players… Continue reading

Review & Revisit: StarFox Adventures

A little while ago, I started playing through one of my all time GameCube favourites: StarFox Adventures. The final Rareware game released for a Nintendo home system, it might have not been the… Continue reading

Dead Or Alive 4 & 5 Review (Xbox 360)

In connection to my recent review of DOA6, here are my reviews for DOA4 and DOA5 for comparison… Dead Or Alive 4 Gameplay: 4/5 – Smooth, very intuitive and easy to learn. Some… Continue reading

Review & Revisit: Chuck Rock (Sega MegaDrive)

This Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a Sega MegaDrive as a present from my sister. On top of which, the system came with an assortment of classic games one of which… Continue reading

Chameleon Twist – Review & Revisit

My sister has in recent years made it a habit to buy me a childhood favourite game for the holidays or my birthday. This year, I got to re-experience the childhood magic of… Continue reading

Review & Revisit: Actua Soccer (a.k.a. VR Soccer 96)

I had a little dose of nostalgia recently by downloading Actua Soccer by Gremlin Interactive from Released in the US (and on GOG) as VR Soccer ’96, we have the silly Scottish… Continue reading

Review & Revisit: Mega Man 6

Mega Man 6 was recently released for the Wii U eShop. Mega Man 6 is one of my favourite but also one of the lesser known instalments of the series. Also, the original… Continue reading

Review & Revisit: Runaway 2

Today I’m revisiting my review of Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle, the second game of the Runaway adventure game series. I distinctly remember not liking the second Runaway as much as the first… Continue reading

Review & Revisit: Runaway – A Road Adventure

In preparation for playing the third game in the Runaway series, A Twist of Fate, (which I recently purchased from Good Old Games) I’m replaying the first two instalments of this point-and-click adventure game series.… Continue reading

Revisit and Review: Super Mario Sunshine

After a long while from last having played the game it was finally time to give Super Mario Sunshine a revisit in the form of a review. Gameplay: 3½/5 – While FLUDD was… Continue reading

The Longest Journey – Review and Revisit

Sorry, it took a while to get this done… Gameplay: 4/5 – The gameplay is appropriately simple for an adventure game and most of the essential actions are easy to activate. However, it… Continue reading

Simon the Sorcerer II – Review & Revisit

As I just recently replayed Simon the Sorcerer 2 I decided it would be nice to (re)post my review of it. Also due to be redone and reposted, my review of The Longest… Continue reading

SBCG4AP – Review and Revisit

I’ve recently revisited Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People, based on the popular web-cartoon Homestar Runner (which sadly seems to have gone into an indefinite hiatus as of late) and created by… Continue reading