VR Safety Car Extravanganza – Monaco GP 2016

After the race started behind the safety car due to rain, there were plenty of run-ins, collisions and pit stop foul-ups. The Virtual Safety Car was deployed no less than four times for… Continue reading

Formula E Quickie: Daniel Abt absolved in team order situation

Apparently in last Saturday’s Formula E race, it was Lucas Di Grassi rather than Daniel Abt who ignored team orders. Daniel Abt, son of the owner of Abt-Schaeffler racing was ahead of Di… Continue reading

My Top-5 & Bottom-5 Game Remakes

Video-game remakes are an ever prevalent part of the gaming landscape but they have been going on for quite a while. Ever since Nintendo showed that people would be willing to cough up… Continue reading

WDP#21 is online! – The Perils of Video-Making

In White Devil Podcast #21, we have the return of Aqualung to the podcast to discuss the perils of video-making. Retrokaiser joins as my co-host with Darabka serving as our fourth. We also… Continue reading

What the actual… Tetris movie confirmed!?

I have to say that I took a bit of a double take when I actually read the news on this one. Threshold Entertainment has acquired the movie rights of Tetris. The movie… Continue reading

R.I.P. Alan Young (voice of Scrooge McDuck)

Sorry for the lateness of this post, been busy… Alan Young, the actor best known as the voice-actor for Scrooge McDuck passed away on May 19; he was 96 years old. Young is… Continue reading

Buemi wins Berlin – ABT team orders ignored

The Berlin round of the Formula E series saw an interesting turn of events towards the end. Sebastien Buemi drove to victory after starting from behind Jean-Eric Vergne, whose race chances were ruined… Continue reading

The Angry Birds Movie review

Angry Birds joins a very short list of movie adaptions based on video-games from my home country, a list that so far only includes Max Payne. Well, the first thing I can say… Continue reading

2016 Championship Top-10 – First Quarter Season

We have passed the first leg of the season, here are the standings and how drivers are doing right now… 10. Romain Grosjean (22 points) Grosjean’s start to the season was excellent but… Continue reading

Youngest GP Winner Ever – Spanish GP 2016

The Spanish Grand Prix provided us with a massive surprise when Max Verstappen took the race victory as the youngest GP winner in history. Easily the best Grand Prix of the season since… Continue reading

Up-coming Video-Game Movies in 2016 (and 2017)

Hi guys! Time to update the current list of up-coming Video-Game movies, the ones which are confirmed and ones we still don’t know much about. Post updated to include Tetris. Ratchet & Clank… Continue reading

Daniil Kvyat and Max Verstappen swap teams

In an unusual decision from Red Bull, they are switching drivers between their main and junior teams. Daniil Kvyat was involved in an embarrassing accident in the Russian Grand Prix last weekend, where… Continue reading

Beyond the call of duty – good deeds between F1 drivers

In Formula Ones, competition between drivers can get nasty and even brutal. Therefore it’s always relieving to see F1 drivers put their competitive instincts aside when they see a fellow driver in trouble.… Continue reading

Mercedes Double Win – 2016 Russian GP

Despite a dramatic opening lap which caused the safety car to come on track, the Russian Grand Prix was mostly a rather uneventful one. At least, there were a few impressive rises from… Continue reading

My Bottom-5 Least Favourite Mega Man games

As people should know, I love me some Mega Man, I even listed my 10 favourite games from the series a while back.  But as much as I love Mega Man, of course… Continue reading

Nintendo NX will be released in March 2017; but not shown at E3

Nintendo has finally released some concrete info on its planned NX platform. However, the info is simply the planned launch month for the NX. Nintendo will apparently not be demoing the platform at… Continue reading