Daniil Kvyat and Max Verstappen swap teams

In an unusual decision from Red Bull, they are switching drivers between their main and junior teams. Daniil Kvyat was involved in an embarrassing accident in the Russian Grand Prix last weekend, where… Continue reading

Beyond the call of duty – good deeds between F1 drivers

In Formula Ones, competition between drivers can get nasty and even brutal. Therefore it’s always relieving to see F1 drivers put their competitive instincts aside when they see a fellow driver in trouble.… Continue reading

Mercedes Double Win – 2016 Russian GP

Despite a dramatic opening lap which caused the safety car to come on track, the Russian Grand Prix was mostly a rather uneventful one. At least, there were a few impressive rises from… Continue reading

My Bottom-5 Least Favourite Mega Man games

As people should know, I love me some Mega Man, I even listed my 10 favourite games from the series a while back.  But as much as I love Mega Man, of course… Continue reading

Nintendo NX will be released in March 2017; but not shown at E3

Nintendo has finally released some concrete info on its planned NX platform. However, the info is simply the planned launch month for the NX. Nintendo will apparently not be demoing the platform at… Continue reading

The Ratchet & Clank film is not getting a theatrical release in Finland, and this is why it bums me out…

Rainmaker Entertainment’s Ratchet & Clank movie, based on the popular game series by Insomniac Games, will be hitting theatres globally this week. However, some Ratchet fans, especially those living in the Nordics, might… Continue reading

Di Grassi secures win behind Safety Car at Paris ePrix

A sadly underwhelming race was seen in the Paris ePrix. There were very few overtakes and the last few laps were finished behind the safety car. Lucas Di Grassi maintained his championship lead with… Continue reading

Ferrari Collision – Chinese GP 2016

After the chaotic and undeniably dramatic start, the Chinese Grand Prix this year was disappointingly boring. Several top drivers fought back to the front valiantly which was nice but no retirements were seen… Continue reading

Day of the Tentacle Review (Remastered & Original)

Day of the Tentacle was LucasArts’s official sequel to Maniac Mansion, the adventure game which ushered in the SCUMM engine and essentially gave birth to the LucasArts adventure games. The sequel sees you… Continue reading

Full Contact – Bahrain GP 2016

The Bahrain GP saw a lot of contact and plenty of one-on-one racing, even if the leader got away from the rest at the very start. The Top-10: Nico Rosberg – Got away… Continue reading

Di Grassi Redeemed in Long Beach

After having his race victory in the previous Formula E round disqualified, Lucas Di Grassi took the victory by storm in the US round of the series. Sam Bird of Virgin started from… Continue reading

Fernando Alonso forced to sit out Bahrain (and possibly the Chinese) Grand Prix

McLaren’s Fernando Alonso is having to sit out this weekend’s race in Bahrain. Alonso was involved in a serious crash in the season opening Australian Grand Prix, where he flew right over Esteban… Continue reading

Clash of the Heroes

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is DC Comics’ attempt to finally have an epic big screen cross-over between three (possibly more) of its most iconic IPs. The film pits the wary Dark… Continue reading

My super-hero fatigue…

Batman and Superman are finally sharing the big screen, the Avengers head for their inevitable third instalment and even Deadpool, the Nth rate Deathstroke meta-ripoff-parody, has his own stand-alone movie. Comic book fans… Continue reading

Pirelli will hold up re-adoption of the old qualifying system

In the aftermath of last weekend’s Grand Prix qualifying, the F1 teams voted unanimously to re-adopt the previous qualifying system. The new system received a lot of criticism, especially the final qualifying (which… Continue reading

Steel Rivals (Wii U) – Review

Steel Rivals is a downloadable indie fighting game for Steam and Wii U. In the game, you pick from a rather large roster of medieval fantasy characters and fight in either simple one-on-one… Continue reading