Welcome to Finland, Mr. President

Big Game is an action-adventure film directed by Jalmari Helander starring Samuel L. Jackson and Finnish child actor Onni Tommila. Helander was made famous by his uncharacteristically dark Christmas film, Rare Exports, but… Continue reading

Tight grid – Australian Grand Prix 2015

The opening of this year’s Australian Grand Prix was marred with all kinds of problems. Valtteri Bottas, who would have started from grid-6, failed the medical examination and had to forfeit the race… Continue reading

James Bond podcast (White Devil #14) to be recorded March 15

This up-coming Sunday we’ll record another White Devil Podcast. The topic is the James Bond movie series and we’ll discuss a variety of topics related to it. Darabka is standing for RetroKaiser as… Continue reading

10 Adventure Games which barely missed the Top-10

I’ve been recently slaving away on a new Top-10 or rather a remake of an older one. The long overdue remake of my Top-10 Adventure Games has now been finished and will go… Continue reading

Remember Me 2 has a script, Capcom to decide whether or not to develop it

I don’t usually report on game news items, but this peaked my interest a little bit. Jean-Maxime Moris, the head of the game company Dontnod, has finished the script for a sequel to… Continue reading

Van der Garde farce to conclude on Wednesday

Less than a week before the season opening Grand Prix, Giedo van der Garde has taken the Sauber F1 Team to court. Van der Garde, a 2013 Caterham driver and Sauber’s test-driver has… Continue reading

On re-doing Top-10s

Those of you who have been following my Twitter may know that I’m currently working on a remake of my Top-10 Adventure Games list video for my YouTube channel. Making a game Top-10… Continue reading

Fernando Alonso will miss the Australian Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso suffered a crash and a concussion during the final rounds of testing for the up-coming F1 season. He was kept in observation for a long time and missed his remaining test-sessions.… Continue reading

Manor (ex-Marussia) announces first driver for 2015

Quite a shocking news item, but Manor F1 which called itself Marussia last season has announced that it has hired Will Stevens as its driver for next season. Stevens made his debut in… Continue reading

F1 Quickie: Sutil plans to move to Le Mans

Ex-Sauber driver Adrian Sutil is planning on moving to the WEC-series, possibly in the Nissan team. Sutil and Esteban Gutierrez were both replaced at Sauber at the end of the season with ex-Caterham… Continue reading

Jobs – 10 errors you should know before watching the film…

Jobs is the biopic of Apple founder, Steve Jobs, which was released last year. I quite enjoyed the movie but as with all biopics, there were plenty of errors and simplifications made to… Continue reading

First impressions of Killer Instinct for Xbox One

As an old school Rareware fan, I’ve of course have always been a huge fan of their Killer Instinct fighting game series. Unfortunately, after two instalments (one on the SNES and one on… Continue reading

Marussia and Caterham comebacks snubbed; Kovalainen moves to GT-500

Although I haven’t written much about it, I have actually been waiting with bated breath in regards to announcements of the possible return of Marussia and Caterham into F1, since both teams went… Continue reading

Why I never comment on Winter testing

People who have been reading this blog for a long period of time might be curious about why I never comment on winter or pre-season testing in Formula Ones. This blog has a… Continue reading

My Top-10 3D Platformers

To be fair, I have never been as big of a fan of 3D platformers as I am of 2D platformers. But if it looks like a fish and swims like a fish,… Continue reading

Iron Maiden Cast is Online!

Episode 13 of White Devil Podcast is now online! You can download it in MP3 form or you can listen to it from the player below. On this podcast me, RetroKaiser and Darabka… Continue reading