Three-time F1 Champion Niki Lauda passes away at age 70

Austrian F1 champ Niki Lauda passed away yesterday at age 70 after an extended period of problems with his health. Lauda is best remembered for for having won the F1 championship three times… Continue reading

Detective Pikachu (film review)

Before diving too deep into the review, a little background on my Pokémon experience. For me, Pokémon was very much a thing I associated with the late 90s and early 2000s. My familiarity… Continue reading

Spanish Grand Prix 2019 – Race Report

A painfully dull Spanish Grand Prix saw the Mercedes dominate, the Ferraris not accomplish a whole lot and, surprisingly, a single safety car session. The Top-10: Lewis Hamilton – Passed Bottas at the… Continue reading

Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew passes away at age 74

Original Chewbacca actor, Peter Mayhew, passed away on April 30th due to a heart-attack. Mayhew performed Han Solo’s furry co-pilot and best friend in the original Star Wars series as well as Episode… Continue reading

Review & Revisit: StarFox Adventures

A little while ago, I started playing through one of my all time GameCube favourites: StarFox Adventures. The final Rareware game released for a Nintendo home system, it might have not been the… Continue reading

2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix – Race Report

The Azerbaijani round of this year’s F1 season continued on a rather depressingly boring tract, although it was a return to form for at least two teams. The Top-10: Valtteri Bottas – A… Continue reading

ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron (MegaDrive Review)

I felt I needed to fill in this series of reviews on the ToeJam & Earl series. Sadly, I don’t have TJ&E3 and I’m not sure if I could get a working copy… Continue reading

Dead Or Alive 4 & 5 Review (Xbox 360)

In connection to my recent review of DOA6, here are my reviews for DOA4 and DOA5 for comparison… Dead Or Alive 4 Gameplay: 4/5 – Smooth, very intuitive and easy to learn. Some… Continue reading

Dead Or Alive 6 Review (Xbox One)

  A new entry in Tecmo-Koei’s fighting game series came out a little while ago. I’ll post the review here, but realised I never actually posted my reviews for DOA4 and DOA5 on… Continue reading

Chinese Grand Prix 2019 – Race Report

Because of the Finnish Parliamentary Elections yesterday, I wasn’t able to watch the Chinese Grand Prix until today, so sorry for this very late Race Report. Unfortunately, the historic 1000th Grand Prix didn’t… Continue reading

ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove Review (Xbox One)

Alright! Somewhat surprisingly, I just discovered that there was a new entry in the ToeJam & Earl series which had come out this year. When I reviewed the original a little while ago,… Continue reading

Tough Luck Ferrari – Bahrain Grand Prix 2019

The second round of the 2019 season was way more exciting than the opening round. It’s just a shame that after such a promising opening, the Ferraris got taken out by bad luck… Continue reading

ToeJam & Earl (MegaDrive Review)

ToeJam & Earl is a classic weirdo action-adventure title from the Sega MegaDrive (Genesis) and I’ve recently have been enjoying it on the Sega MegaDrive Classics Collection on Xbox One. Here’s my review… Continue reading

Star Trek: The Motion Picture Review

Star Trek: The Original Series is my favourite iteration of Star Trek and some years ago I ranked the movies starring its cast on this very blog. I left The Motion Picture out… Continue reading

2019 Australian Grand Prix – Race Report

The 2019 F1 season kicked off with what is sadly now turning into a traditionally dull Australian GP. We had some nice driving performances but the rookies in particular struggled in this round.… Continue reading

He-Man and She-Ra writer Larry DiTillio passes away at 79

Babylon 5 creator and prolific TV screenwriter J. Michael Straczynski has revealed via Facebook, that He-Man staff writer Larry DiTillio has passed away after an extended illness at age 79. DiTillio wrote the… Continue reading