The Old Switch-A-Roo – British GP 2018

The British GP was another solid race. Despite the race dying down a bit after the opening lap’s madness, we still had two safety cars and a furious battle for race victory. The… Continue reading

F1 Quickie: Eric Boullier resigns from McLaren

McLaren team principal Eric Boullier has resigned from the team. Boullier became the team principal in 2014, the last season the team drove with Mercedes engines. He lead the team through the 2015-17… Continue reading

Mercedes Disaster – Austrian GP 2018

The Austrian Grand Prix was easily the best since the Azerbaijan round. We had a surprise victory, Ferrari overtook Mercedes in the points, we saw lots of overtaking and surprisingly strong results all… Continue reading

Red Bull switching to Honda in 2019

Old news! But Red Bull has announced that they will be switching to Honda engines in 2019. The switch is good news for both Red Bull and Honda themselves as this legitimizes Honda’s… Continue reading

Return to France – French GP 2018

Another sadly dull Grand Prix which turned the championship tide back in Hamilton’s favour. This year has been plagued by races where most of the action happens at the start of races with… Continue reading

All the Monkey Island games are now on GOG!!

Some great news has been brought to my attention. Escape from Monkey Island is officially available on GOG meaning that the entire Monkey Island series (including TellTale Games’ Tales of Monkey Island) is… Continue reading

Vettel strikes back! – Canadian GP 2018

Another sadly unexciting race in Canada. Despite a safety car on the first lap, the race didn’t see many overtakes. However, we did see change in the championship lead. There was also a… Continue reading

Brendon Hartley under threat of dismissal from Toro Rosso

The latest development in F1 driver market seems to be a sad indication that Toro Rosso’s kiwi-driver Brendon Hartley is on his way out the door from Red Bull’s support team. McLaren has… Continue reading

TheHande’s Top-5 2½D Platformers

While making the previous Top-10 platformers (sans Mario, Sonic, DK and Mega Man) list, I ran into a problem where I was having to discard some excellent 2½D platformers simply because I didn’t… Continue reading

TheHande’s Top-10 2D Platformers (sans Mario, DK, Sonic and Mega Man)

Okay, I’ve been yearning to do a Top-10 2D Platformers list, since it’s hands down my favourite game genre. The problem of course is that there are so many recognisable platformer franchises. And… Continue reading

Mega Man 11 looks promising… BUT!!

Mega Man 11 is officially coming out in October and I’m very excited for this. The game was announced last year around the Blue Bomber’s 30th anniversary. From the trailers we’ve seen up… Continue reading

WDP#33 with Kaiser & Cendoo is Online!!

Yes! White Devil is back with a full episode!! I’m joined by Cendoo of Lite Studios and Retrokaiser of Kaisercade to talk about the infamous Sega Saturn console – the good, the bad… Continue reading

The Waiting Game – Monaco GP 2018

With nearly all drivers making only a single pit-stop, this year’s Monaco Grand Prix sadly went down as one of the dullest, since there was barely any overtaking and the top-5 drivers were… Continue reading

Ferrari before the Fall – Spanish GP 2018

We had another unfortunately uneventful Grand Prix in Spain, despite a safety car and a relatively high amount of retirements. The Top-10: Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes must be pleased as punch with Hamilton… Continue reading

Up-coming Video Game Films 2018-2019

Time to do another update on up-coming video-game films… Up-coming: Slender Man (May 2018): Coming next month. I’m honestly not super-excited about this one and will probably give it a pass. Ralph Breaks… Continue reading

Crash-a-palooza – Azerbaijan GP 2018

The Azerbaijan GP was easily the best race of the season thus far. Two safety cars, a completely unexpected top-3 and the general madness on track really made this an enjoyable watch. The… Continue reading