F1 Quickie: Red Bull to replace Gasly with Albon starting from Belgium

Despite giving assurances that the French driver Pierre Gasly would be allowed to finish the F1 season at Red Bull, the team has decided to reverse its earlier decision. Red Bull will be… Continue reading

Hungarian Grand Prix 2019 – Race Report

Unfortunately as I predicted a week ago, the Hungarian GP was a return back to reality after the fantastic German round… just an utterly boring race. I’ll hold off saying it was the… Continue reading

Achtung! Himmel!! (German GP 2019 Race Report)

The German GP was easily the best race of 2019 and is going to be a really tough act to follow. 7 retirements, 4 Safety Cars, a complete farse of a performance from… Continue reading

Worms United (PC) Review

I’m known for being a big fan of the Worms series as a whole (in particular Worms 2 and Armageddon), and I finally had a chance to try out the original Worms. Well,… Continue reading

Burn:Cycle (CD-i) Review

I finally acquired what is considered the best game for the CD-i. Burn:Cycle is a weird hybrid of a point-and-click adventure game and rail-shooter. You play a hacker called Cutter whose computer brain… Continue reading

British Grand Prix 2019 – Race Report

Though not a nail-biter, there was lots of action in the British race this year with two major drivers colliding and a safety car mixing things up. The Top-10: Lewis Hamilton – Hamilton… Continue reading

CD-i Pinball review

Here it is, CD-i’s own titular Pinball title… Gameplay: 3/5 – The gameplay feels oddly restrictive. The paddles are either flat or straight up with no real in-between and the ball’s physics feel… Continue reading

Review & Revisit: Zelda – Wand of Gamelon (CD-i)

Here it is. The first game to allow you to play as Zelda. I actually didn’t own any of the CD-i Zeldas growing up. I only bought this title in the late 2000s… Continue reading

Review & Revisit: Foqus (CD-i)

I’ve been revisiting my very tiny CD-i games collection which I’ve recently added some new instalments. Foqus is a video-game adaption of a board-game created by the Swedish company Alga, in which players… Continue reading

Team Sonic Racing Review (Xbox One)

Sumo and Sega recently brought back the Sonic Racing series with its third instalment. Unlike Sonic All-Stars, this entry sticks with the Sonic-series characters, which is a bit sad, but over-all the game… Continue reading

Austrian Grand Prix 2019 – Race Report

For the first time this season, someone other than a Mercedes driver took the race victory in Austria. Though I have to confess, I was hoping for Leclerc to pull off the victory,… Continue reading

French Grand Prix 2019 – Race Report

The French GP was another quite uneventful race for this half of the season. The Top-10: Lewis Hamilton – Another easy victory for Lewis. Valtteri Bottas – No mistakes but nothing substantially excellent… Continue reading

My 2 Cents: The FIA robbed Sebastian Vettel of Canadian GP victory with a questionable penalty

I wasn’t able to watch the Canadian GP this past weekend but I obviously felt strongly enough about the outcome of the farcical set of events which robbed Sebastian Vettel of the race… Continue reading

Literally no-one asked for it but here it is: FurryVerse Explained!

I just recently posted this image on my social media and I thought I might as well explain a bit what this whole FurryVerse thingy is. As is plainly obvious from the blog’s… Continue reading

Close but no cigar – Monaco Grand Prix 2019

Note: Sorry for the late post. Was unable to watch the race on Sunday. Despite a bit of a chess-game mentality and a low number of retirements, the Monaco Grand Prix was easily… Continue reading

Three-time F1 Champion Niki Lauda passes away at age 70

Austrian F1 champ Niki Lauda passed away yesterday at age 70 after an extended period of problems with his health. Lauda is best remembered for for having won the F1 championship three times… Continue reading