The first Rampage trailer drops with The Rock!

The first trailer for Rampage (due to come out in April 2018) has dropped. The film is based on the Midway (now known as NetherRealm Studios) arcade title from the 1980s. The film… Continue reading

Justice League Review

Justice League finally brings together DC’s finest super heroes in an epic battle to stop a dude with a goofy helmet from destroying the world. Returning from the slug-fest at the end of… Continue reading

Nintendo and Universal in talks to produce an animated Mario film

Nintendo and Universal have apparently begun official talks about a possible animated Super Mario film. Universal’s animation studios are best known for the Despicable Me films. However, the talks are currently just that… Continue reading

Just another GP – Brazilian Grand Prix 2017

Apart from the first few laps where there was some contact, this year’s Brazilian Grand Prix was another snoozefest in a season full of snoozefests. I’m really getting tired of this overlong race… Continue reading

The Unknown Soldier (2017) Review

Preface: As Finland celebrates its 100th year of independence, director Aku Louhimies brings us his cinematic interpretation of Väinö Linna’s epic war novel The Unknown Soldier (Tuntematon Sotilas). The interpretation of Louhimies is… Continue reading

Syberia Review (PC)

I just completed Syberia, an adventure game from the company Microïds which is the first in a trilogy of titles, the most recent instalment of which was released this year. And in all… Continue reading

King’s Quest 5 Review

I finally finished up King’s Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder, a bit of a landmark title in the King’s Quest series. Essentially, this is the game with which the King’s… Continue reading

Championship confirmed – Mexican GP 2017

After a decently exciting start, the Mexican GP turned out lik e all other races this season. Lewis Hamilton sealed his claim for the championship this round. Congratulations, Lewis! The Top-10: Max Verstappen… Continue reading

Red Bull confirms: Daniil Kvyat has been fired

Red Bull has officially confirmed that Daniil Kvyat will not be racing for Toro Rosso for the rest of the season. Kvyat was put aside for the Malaysian and Japanese rounds and returned… Continue reading

Formula E Update: Venturi announces drivers

A correction and addition to my previous blog about the line-up of the up-coming Formula E Season. Andretti has indeed announced they’re retaining Antonia Felix Da Costa, but the earlier announcement about Tom… Continue reading

F1 Quickie: Hartley to drive in Mexico

Bad news for Daniil Kvyat as Toro Rosso has announced that Brendan Hartley and Pierre Gasly will drive in the Mexican Grand Prix this weekend. Hartley was substituting Gasly in the US Grand… Continue reading

Verstappen denied – US Grand Prix 2017 (Race Report)

Another rather hum-drum race in a season full of them. Some good fights, but the most exciting part of the race was the post-mortem when a driver lost their podium position to a… Continue reading

Mario Kart: Double Dash (GameCube) Review

I only very recently got Mario Kart: Double Dash for the Nintendo GameCube. I’ve only played the game before for a handful of occasions if even that. As such I was very excited… Continue reading

Brendon Hartley substitutes Gasly at US Grand Prix

Although Pierre Gasly will be employed by Toro Rosso full-time starting from next weekend’s US Grand Prix – the French race-driver is unfortunately going to miss the Austin race due to his participation… Continue reading

A new He-Man Review Video & Minicast are up!

I have released a new He-Man review video on YouTube on the final five episodes of the series… Also, I’ve recorded a new White Devil Minicast discussing these episodes further. Click here to… Continue reading

Ferrari’s hopes crushed – Japanese GP 2017

With Vettel dropping out of the Japanese Grand Prix with engine issues, Mercedes have all but cemented this year’s championship. Another rather dull grand prix, despite many drivers going wide on the Suzuka… Continue reading