My Top-10 movie sequels which were good (but could have been better)

I just recently posted my Top-10 favourite movie sequels and now I want to follow on this trend of sequel-lists. I’ll admit that there are some obvious flaws and problems that a sequel… Continue reading

My Top-5 Castlevania Games

I’ve mentioned before that I really like Konami’s horror-action game series Castlevania. I’ve been playing Dracula’s Curse a lot recently on the Wii U and decided that it would be fun to list… Continue reading

New White Devil Podcast! – Darabka’s Catch-up Cast

A new White Devil Podcast is in the works. The podcast is due to be recorded on May 31. The podcast will be somewhat different. Darabka The Gaming Beast will be discussing topics… Continue reading

The old switch-a-roo – Monaco GP 2015

The first half of the Monaco GP this year was a snooze-fest but as drivers got closer on the latter half it got more interesting. We also saw the safety car today which… Continue reading

My Top-10 Movie Sequels

Just recently I wrote a blog warning about the dangers film-makers run into while making sequels. Today, I want to change gears and present some of my personal favourite movie sequels. While it… Continue reading

My Top-5 Star Trek (Original Series) Films

Live long and prosper. I just recently listed my 10 favourite episodes from Star Trek: The Original Series and now I wanted to list the Star Trek movies starring the original series cast… Continue reading

Planned F1 rule changes! (Return of Refueling)

The FIA is planning several new rule changes for up-coming seasons. One of these changes that yours truly will welcome is a return of refueling during races for the 2017 season. Refueling was… Continue reading

My Top-10 Star Trek Episodes

I’m a huge fan of the original Star Trek series which ran from 1966 till 1969. Although there’s quite a few Star Trek series out there, the original has always stood out to… Continue reading

F1 Top-10 2015 – 1st Quarter Season

The first leg of the season has been finished and it’s once again time to look at the top-10 leaders in the drivers’ championship… 10. Carlos Sainz Jr, Toro Rosso (8 points) Although… Continue reading

Half-a-wing – Spanish GP 2015 Race Report

Another quite dull race from the start of the season. Very few overtakes and very few retirements. The only noteworthy thing to happen is that we had a third name added to the… Continue reading

8 Things Not To Do with Movie Sequels

Sequels get a bad rep and, in my opinion, the fact that movie gets a sequel is usually an indication that the movie, its characters or actors were beloved enough that people actually… Continue reading

Broken Age (PC) Review

Been playing Act 2 of Broken Age from Double Fine Studios’ Tim Schafer since yesterday. A gaming trip that started a year ago for me has concluded and I’m quite stunned and impressed.… Continue reading

Loom (PC) Review

I’ve completed yet another LucasArts adventure game classic. Loom was released the same year as The Secret of Monkey Island and was envisioned as the start of a trilogy of fantasy-adventure games. However,… Continue reading

My Top-5 Donkey Kong Games

I’ve been playing a lot of DK64 on the WiiU recently and its made me think about my favourite Donkey Kong games as of late. So naturally, I decided to make a Top-5… Continue reading

Ferrari Wedge – Bahrain Grand Prix 2015

The Bahrain race was extremely even and not terribly exciting for the most part. We saw a surprise rise in standings at the very end and at least a little bit more fight… Continue reading

White Devil Podcast #15 is out! (Unpopular Opinions Cast)

Another White Devil Podcast has been recorded. This time we discuss unpopular opinions we hold about certain topics. RetroKaiser serves as the co-host for the very first time. Apart from the discussion we… Continue reading