Brazilian GP 2018 – Race Report

Despite low expectations on Hamilton’s part with the Brit having secured his fifth championship, we saw another race victory as well as some drama both on and off the track. The Top-10: Lewis… Continue reading

Which is the best Thing movie?

So, I recently had a chance to finally watch the 2011 prequel to John Carpenter’s The Thing, which I reviewed on this blog several years ago. I was already familiar with the 1951… Continue reading

My 2 Cents: The 2019 F1 Driver Line-Up

There are only two Grand Prixs left this season and 2019 is going to be a big year of change. Not only is one Constructor due for a name-change, several drivers are switching… Continue reading

Lewis Hamilton wins the 2018 F1 Championship

Lewis Hamilton secured his fifth Drivers’ Championship yesterday in the Mexican Grand Prix (again, wasn’t able to watch so no Race Report, sorry). Though only 4th in the actual race, his 358 points… Continue reading

Monster Hunter Movie Blog – What’s Paul W.S. Anderson doing these days?

So, this isn’t much of a news blog as all the info in it has come out a while ago, but I haven’t written about my favourite director, Paul W.S. Anderson, in a… Continue reading

Mega Man 11 Review

For more reference please check my rankings of the Classic Mega Man games… Gameplay: 4½/5 – After their absence in the ninth and tenth instalment, the slide and super shot made their grand… Continue reading

Venom Movie Review

Venom is Sony’s latest and greatest foray into the increasingly over-bloated superhero film market. Those of you with more than a tertiary familiarity with Marvel Comics know that Venom was originally a Spider-Man… Continue reading

My 2 Cents: The W Series (all-female Formula)

Because I’m sadly not able to watch the US Grand Prix this year, I decided that I would give my 2 cents on the controversy surrounding the new W Series motor-racing league and… Continue reading

Ferrari Failure – Japanese GP 2018

Mercedes seems to have an incredibly easy time securing the championship with yet another disappointing race performance from the black stallions. Heavy debris from the Magnussen incident caused the safety car to come… Continue reading

Mercedes double up in Russia – Russian GP 2018

We saw some wheel-on-wheel action in the Russian round, but it was still sadly a somewhat underwhelming race with only Mercedes’ blatant team orders providing anything to talk about (and even that was… Continue reading

F1 Quickie: Sauber confirms Giovinazzi for 2019

Sauber has officially confirmed that Italian driver Antonio Giovinazzi will be the team’s second driver in 2019. Giovinazzi will be driving as Kimi Räikkönen’s team-mate who will be switching teams with Charles Leclerc… Continue reading

White Devil Minicast #9

Another White Devil Minicast, this time around I discuss my most recent edition of 4 Movies You’ve Never Heard Of, specifically discussing the Turtles Forever… Listen to the podcast on YouTube below. Remember… Continue reading

The Predator (movie review)

The Predator is, confusingly, the fourth or sixth film of the Predator film-series. Though not containing any too obvious connections, the film appears to be a direct follow-up to the original 1987 film… Continue reading

Steady on – Singapore GP 2018

Although we got to see some aggressive driving in the middle lot in the Singapore Grand Prix, the race was sadly a little boring simply because the top-6 drivers all finished on the… Continue reading

F1 WTF: Räikkönen and Leclerc to switch teams in 2019

An announcement which has shocked the whole F1 scene has come out. Kimi Räikkönen will end his Ferrari stint this year and will switch teams with Sauber’s rookie driver Charles Leclerc in 2019.… Continue reading

The “new” Tomb Raider (Movie Review)

Okay, I finally got around to watching the new Tomb Raider film adaption from Warner Bros. I sadly missed my opportunity to see the film in theatres and had to wait for the… Continue reading