The Baldy Returns

Hit-Man: Agent 47 is the second movie endeavour for the Hit-Man video-game franchise. This film starts fresh and doesn’t share continuity with the 2007 Xavier Gens movie starring the bald and bold Agent… Continue reading

Why is 2015 turning into such a boring season?

2015 has been depressingly short on true excitement for F1 races. Mercedes continue to dominate the sport the same way as last year and no-one seems to be able to really challenge them.… Continue reading

Non-starter – Belgian GP 2015

This year’s Belgian Grand Prix was uncharacteristically dull. Mercedes once again stole away a double-victory and although there were some impressive rises from outside the Top-10 and a few unexpected events, nothing truly… Continue reading

The 80s Attack!

Pixels marks a new interesting first for video-game to movie adaptions. Rather than a straight adaption of any one video-game, it is a cross-over riff on 1980s gaming in the form of a… Continue reading

Good, but not fantastic…

As a fan of the 2005 Fantastic Four movie and its sequel, I had slightly mixed feelings going into the current reboot of the film property. And while I wasn’t blown away, I… Continue reading

Batman: Arkham Origins Review

As is typical of me these days, I only now got around to playing Batman: Arkham Origins, the third game in the Arkham series. I’ve just completed the main-storyline and I may still… Continue reading

Adrian Smith – The solo career that never was

Iron Maiden’s newest album is coming September this year. While getting hyped up for the up-coming new studio album, it can be interesting to also think about the solo-endeavours of some of its… Continue reading

My Top-10 Action-Adventure Titles which are not Zelda-games

I’ve been revisiting some action-adventure titles from my past and come to realise that the action-adventure genre is fairly vast and all-encompassing. Therefore, I decided it might be fun to make a list… Continue reading

2015 Championship Top-10 – Season Half-Way Point

The season is half-way over, so it’s time once again to look at the Top-10 drivers in the championship. There’s actually been a lot of changes at the bottom of the pack this… Continue reading

WordPress issues!

There’s currently some service-wide issues which is why the menu is all screwed up! I’ll be back once things are sorted out!

Surprise Top-3 – Hungarian GP 2015

While the race started a bit slowly, there were more than enough events to in the latter half of this year’s Hungarian Grand Prix, which saw some rather dramatic changes from the start… Continue reading

Sauber confirms drivers for 2016

Sauber has confirmed it will continue to employ its current drivers next year. Felipe Nasr and Marcus Ericsson will therefore drive for the team again next season. Sauber has made the announcement well… Continue reading

Jack Keane (2007) Review

Jack Keane is a 2007 3D point-and-click adventure game by the German company Deck-13. It has a very Monkey Island-ish feel to it where you guide a hero called Jack on a quest… Continue reading

WDP#17 – Sitcoms Cast is now online!

In the latest White Devil Podcast, me and my guests discuss our favourite sitcoms. I’m joined by long-time friend of the podcast T-McBee and filling in for RetroKaiser as the official co-host is… Continue reading

Jules Bianchi passes away after nearly a year-long coma

F1 driver Jules Bianchi has passed away at age 25. Bianchi had been in a coma since October of last year when he crashed in the Japanese Grand Prix. Colliding with a tractor… Continue reading

American investors consider buying into F1

This is a bit of an older news item but I thought I’d throw my two cents into it. An American constructor will be seen in Formula One for the first time since… Continue reading