Ilmor Engineering & AER make bids for 2017 as the cheap engine alternative

This year, engine manufacturers have been a hot topic in Formula Ones. With Renault officially exiting from F1s as an engine manufacturer, it seems that there are only three engine manufacturers left in… Continue reading

The Finnish Presidents – Why they were (or weren’t) important

This is a blog idea I’ve had for a while now and wanted to execute. Finland has had 12 presidents and I thought it would be fun to make a quick-notes style summary… Continue reading

Top-5 Runaway – Brazil GP 2015

After several exciting races, the Brazilian Grand Prix was surprisingly dull with very little overtaking and the top-5 of the championship points chart running away almost at the very start and only four… Continue reading

Rosberg victorious – Mexican Grand Prix 2015

With the championship officially over, there wasn’t too much to be excited for coming to the Mexican GP. The race was sadly low on interesting events though luckily not nearly as bad as… Continue reading

F1 News: Force India due to change its name and more

Lots of individual news items have surfaced from F1s ahead of the Mexican Grand Prix tomorrow. Most interesting right now is that Force India (which has raced since 2008, after previously being known… Continue reading

Drill to the skull! Boom!!

Daniel Craig returns for the fourth and possibly the final time as British Secret Agent James Bond in Spectre. There’s a lot of familiar elements from Craig’s previous Bond-endeavours but the first thing… Continue reading

Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle (Wii) Review

Captain Morgane is an adventure game made by Reed Software and released by Wizarbox Entertainment. It’s a relatively obscure point-and-click title which I bought for the Wii a long time ago but only… Continue reading

Hamilton’s 3rd – US Grand Prix 2015

An exciting US Grand Prix which sadly ended up with the championship being settled three races before the season’s end. I’m not complaining about the level excitement for the race since drivers took… Continue reading

Kirka – The English Albums (redux)

Kirill “Kirka” Babitzin (1950-2007) was one of the best-selling recording artists in Finnish history. However, whereas most people remember him for his butter-melting ballads, his kickass voice and, to a lesser extent, his… Continue reading

F1 Championship 2015 2015 Top-10 – 3rd Quarter Season

It’s time again to look at the Top-10 of the F1 Championships this season. 1st Quarter Season Season Half-Way Point 10. Romain Grosjean, Lotus (44 points) To say Grosjean’s quarter-season has been a… Continue reading

Finn vs Finn – Russian Grand Prix 2015

Despite an extremely dull race last year, this year’s Russian Grand Prix was not only huge improvement over the debut event but easily one of the best races of the whole season. Although… Continue reading

Yoshi’s Woolly World Review (Wii U)

Nintendo and Feel-Good have brought another instalment of the much under-appreciated Yoshi series to the Wii U. On the off set, it’s very familiar stuff. Yoshi’s are victimized by Kamek the Magic Koopa… Continue reading

WDP18 – Video-Game Cartoons Cast is online!

The newest White Devil Podcast is now online! Me and my guests discuss our favourite cartoons based on video-games. RetroKaiser serves as co-host accompanied by T-McBee, Amuia and Darabka. You can download the… Continue reading

Championship Denied – The Other Finnish F1 drivers

Back in early 2014, I wrote a blog about the history of Nordic drivers in Formula One. In that blog, I mentioned that for the relatively small number of F1 drivers who have… Continue reading

Jenson Button confirms McLaren drive, Manor switches to Mercedes & Way More…

Lots of news are beginning to bubble out from F1s. One slightly more positive news story is that, despite heavy press speculation to the contrary, Jenson Button will be driving for McLaren next… Continue reading

Mega Man & Bass (Wii U) Review

Writing a game review for the first time in quite a while. I’ve been pretty pre-occupied with a lot of stuff but I still plan to bring more reviews to this blog, since… Continue reading