Williams snubbed – British Grand Prix 2015

The British Grand Prix was filled with mixed emotions. On one hand, it was easily one of the best GPs on this half of the season for sheer entertainment factor. On the other… Continue reading

“I’ll be back! -What!?”

Terminator Genisys brings forth a new Terminator instalment which effectively serves as a reboot but also, delightfully, an homage to the long history of this franchise (despite the low number of instalments). There’s… Continue reading

Alonso may possibly receive a completely unreasonable penalty

Fernando Alonso’s race in the Austrian Grand Prix two weeks ago went badly enough before his crash with Kimi Räikkönen. Alonso and team-mate Button had been given a maximum penalty of 25 grid… Continue reading

Dire straits for F1 engines

Formula Ones are in a tough bind right now in regards to engines and one manufacturer who almost seems to be on their way out the door is Renault. Engine manufacturers haven’t exactly… Continue reading

Dutch designer presents nifty concept for a hooded F1 car

Dutch designer Andries van Overbeeke recently unveiled his futuristic design for a hooded F1 car. Apart from a pretty wild new rear-wing design, the noted addition to the car is the canopy which… Continue reading

Penalties, penalties, penalties – Austrian GP 2015

The first half of the season has been plagued by some very boring races, so I’m happy that Austria finally offered us a bit of excitement. Lots of drivers had penalties before the… Continue reading

My Bottom-10 Jackie Chan movies

As much as I love Jackie Chan’s films (enough to make a Top-10 of them), I of course recognise that JC has made some crap films as well. This is inevitable. With the… Continue reading

The Terminator Syndrome?

In about a week’s time I’ll be able to see Terminator: Genisys, the fifth and newest instalment of the film series in theatres. I’m really excited for the up-coming movie. The original 1984… Continue reading

My Top-10 Jackie Chan films

I recently listed some of my favourite martial arts movies but now I wanted to bring you a Top-10 of my favourite Jackie Chan films. Jackie Chan can be credited for making Hong… Continue reading

My Top-10 Martial Arts Films

Martial Arts films (which includes “Kung Fu movies” as well as “wuxia”) are an interesting subset of action-cinema. Made popular by Hong Kong cinema (and the likes of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan)… Continue reading

Touch and Go – Canadian Grand Prix 2015

An uncharacteristically dull Canadian GP this year, despite a few top-tier drivers having to start from the back. The Top-10 Lewis Hamilton – After losing one race victory to a strategic error in… Continue reading

My Top-10 Castlevania Soundtracks

So, now that I’ve listed my favourite games and favourites musical themes from the Castlevania games, I decided to follow this up with a list of what I think are the best Castlevania… Continue reading

Capcom announces a new Mega Man cartoon for 2017

Capcom has announced that a new Mega Man animated series will be released in 2017. The series will be produced by Man Of Action Entertainment and will run for at least 26 episodes.… Continue reading

My Top-10 Castlevania themes

I just recently posted my Top-5 Castlevania games. One of the reasons I love the Castlevania series is because of the absolutely wonderful soundtracks for each game. So, even though I’ve probably done… Continue reading

WDP16 is now Online!

White Devil Podcast #16 is now online. With my guest Darabka and co-host RetroKasier we return to topics of prior casts and discuss them. We’ll be covering Darabka’s thoughts on Video-Game movies (WDP#9),… Continue reading

My bottom-10 least favourite sequels

Alright, now that I’ve discussed my favourite movie sequels and sequels which weren’t bad but could have been better, it’s finally time to look at some sequels that just didn’t cut it for… Continue reading