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F1 Quickie: 2020 season start delayed!

The FIA has given announcements that the start of the 2020 Formula One season will be delayed into the fore-seeable future. The FIA has given slightly conflicting statements on the matter, but it… Continue reading

F1 2020 season opening race cancelled!

The Australian Grand Prix due to be driven this weekend has been cancelled. Even before the official decision, McLaren had already announced that they would not be participating in the event after a… Continue reading

F1 Quickie: Racing Point to be renamed Aston Martin 2021

Aston Martin has bought majority share in the Racing Point Formula One team. The team will be changing its name to Aston Martin in 2021. It’s unclear if Aston Martin will enter the… Continue reading

Robert Kubica signed to Alfa Romeo as reserve driver

Polish F1 driver Robert Kubica has been signed as an F1 reserve driver at Alfa Romeo. Kubica made his return to F1 after an nine year long gap in 2019 for the Williams… Continue reading

Nico Hülkenberg’s Career in a Nutshell

Nico Hülkenberg is one of two drivers leaving Formula Ones this year, alongside Robert Kubica. Instead of posting a new Career-in-a-Nutshell for Kubica, I decided to update my original Nutshell-post for him. Nico… Continue reading

Abu Dhabi GP 2019 – Race Report

Like most years, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (the final race of the season) was sadly under-whelming, despite the DRS activation systems malfunctioning at the very start of the race. Instead of a… Continue reading

2019 Formula One Championships – 3 Races Left Review

Unfortunately, I was not able to watch the Mexican Grand Prix, and I will most likely be missing out on a bunch of the rest of the races this season, so because I… Continue reading

Two “Alphas” in F1 in 2020

A bit late to the party, however, Toro Rosso is changing its name Alpha Tauri in 2020 due to sponsorship deal between Toro Rosso’s owner, Red Bull, and the clothes company by the… Continue reading

Suspicions high in Japan – Japanese GP 2019

Despite a few really impressive rises from the back of the lot, this year’s Japanese Grand Prix did not turn into an all-time classic, I’m sorry to say. Also, the race was accidentally… Continue reading

My 2 Cents: I agree with Max – 2020 Race Calendar

Max Verstappen has given a frank estimation that the 22 race long calendar for 2020 is absured. He and Sergio Perez have commented that they are concerned for the F1 pit-crews, specifically the… Continue reading

Russian Grand Prix 2019 – Race Report

Aaaaand, it’s back to reality, oh the humanity… Yes, after a string of exciting mid-season races, Mercedes finally got their act together again and the season’s finale seems to be headed in a… Continue reading

F1 Quickie: McLaren and Mercedes to reunite in 2021

F1 constructor McLaren and engine provider Mercedes have confirmed that they will be joining forces once again starting from the 2021 season. McLaren is currently racing with Renault engines. McLaren and Mercedes had… Continue reading

Vettel redeemed – Singapore GP 2019

Despite three safety cars, this year’s Singapore GP was one of the less memorable ones. Still, for the number-1 man today, it was a small absolution after a mess of a middle-season… The… Continue reading

Kubica and Hülkenberg out in 2020 – The Future Grid?

Polish F1 Driver Robert Kubica will not be racing at Williams in 2020. He made the announcement during the interviews before the Singapore Grand Prix which will be driven this weekend. Kubica’s replacement… Continue reading

Leclerc wins for Ferrari – Italian GP 2019

A fairly decent race netted the Monagasque Ferrari driver his second victory. We also sadly saw some pretty appalling action from the second Ferrari in the same race. Also a return to form… Continue reading

Leclerc’s 1st Victory – Belgian GP 2019

Despite a race weekend marred by the death in the Formula 2 event on Saturday, we had an interesting return of F1s from the summer break. Mercedes were beaten and a few tragic… Continue reading