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Review & Revisit: StarFox Adventures

A little while ago, I started playing through one of my all time GameCube favourites: StarFox Adventures. The final Rareware game released for a Nintendo home system, it might have not been the… Continue reading

ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron (MegaDrive Review)

I felt I needed to fill in this series of reviews on the ToeJam & Earl series. Sadly, I don’t have TJ&E3 and I’m not sure if I could get a working copy… Continue reading

Dead Or Alive 4 & 5 Review (Xbox 360)

In connection to my recent review of DOA6, here are my reviews for DOA4 and DOA5 for comparison… Dead Or Alive 4 Gameplay: 4/5 – Smooth, very intuitive and easy to learn. Some… Continue reading

Dead Or Alive 6 Review (Xbox One)

  A new entry in Tecmo-Koei’s fighting game series came out a little while ago. I’ll post the review here, but realised I never actually posted my reviews for DOA4 and DOA5 on… Continue reading

ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove Review (Xbox One)

Alright! Somewhat surprisingly, I just discovered that there was a new entry in the ToeJam & Earl series which had come out this year. When I reviewed the original a little while ago,… Continue reading

ToeJam & Earl (MegaDrive Review)

ToeJam & Earl is a classic weirdo action-adventure title from the Sega MegaDrive (Genesis) and I’ve recently have been enjoying it on the Sega MegaDrive Classics Collection on Xbox One. Here’s my review… Continue reading

My Bottom-5 Mega Man Games Redux

Some three years ago, I listed what were my least favourite Mega Man games on this very blog. At the time, making the list was quite a chore as I found it quite… Continue reading

Simon the Sorcerer 1 Review

Simon the Sorcerer 2 is an adventure game classic of my childhood and some time ago I even got a hold of the original and the infamous third (3D) instalment of the series.… Continue reading

TheHande’s Top-5 Scariest Resident Evil Enemies

I’ve been replaying a bit of Resident Evil Zero lately and though Halloween was a while ago, I decided I did want to list what were, in my view, the scariest Resident Evil… Continue reading

Monster Hunter Movie Blog – What’s Paul W.S. Anderson doing these days?

So, this isn’t much of a news blog as all the info in it has come out a while ago, but I haven’t written about my favourite director, Paul W.S. Anderson, in a… Continue reading

Mega Man 11 Review

For more reference please check my rankings of the Classic Mega Man games… Gameplay: 4½/5 – After their absence in the ninth and tenth instalment, the slide and super shot made their grand… Continue reading

The “new” Tomb Raider (Movie Review)

Okay, I finally got around to watching the new Tomb Raider film adaption from Warner Bros. I sadly missed my opportunity to see the film in theatres and had to wait for the… Continue reading

TheHande ranks Mega Man X games from Worst to Best

Alright, I did the ranking for the original series games as well, now it’s time to do the same for the Mega Man X series. Links to the reviews of all the games… Continue reading

My Top-5 Sierra Adventure Games

In all fairness, when it comes to classic point and click adventure games, I’ve always been a LucasArts guy. People probably know that Monkey Island is my favourite series of adventure games and… Continue reading

Mega Man X8 Review (Xbox One) & Scores Round-Up

Finally rounding out the X-series reviews. Check out the end of this blog for a round-up of all the scores. Happy hunting… Gameplay: 4/5 – The gameplay has definitely improved from the previous… Continue reading

Mega Man X7 Review (Xbox One)

I’m now moving on to the 3D instalments of the Mega Man X series in Mega Man X Legacy Collection. Expect X8 in the immediate future. On with the review… Gameplay: 3½/5 –… Continue reading