Last updated: June 11, 2018

Hello there! My name is Hannu Mäkinen. I’m an amateur voice-actor, writer, animator as well as a regular YouTube video-maker. You may also call me a reviewer, although I wouldn’t. I’m formally schooled as an English language teacher. I love the language which is a big part of why I’ve made this blog in said language (I’m Finnish in case the name wasn’t a big enough give-away).

My works can be seen at the channel Handetoon. I’m a huge fan of video-games, music, movies, comics etc. I will be covering a lot of various topics on this blog so I hope you find it an interesting read. Notably, I have a podcast, The White Devil Podcast, which discusses a variety of topics just like the blog.

I also have three web-comic, one concluded and two on-going:

I also have a Twitter account, which is mostly for announcing crap I’m working on. If you’re interested feel free to follow.

– Have fun and enjoy yourself!

Ps. I was also formerly a member of the web-site It’s Tail Time.Net along with the likes of Cendoo, RetroKaiser and T. McBee! The site has sadly been dead for a while though the forum community is still hanging around somewhere.