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Why Pokemon: The First Movie was bad (and why Pokemon 2 & 3 were good)?

Pokémon continues to be a huge franchise for Nintendo. Although its mainstream popularity has largely waned, in the gaming community each instalment of the game series is waited for with bated breath and… Continue reading

Why were Fuu and Ferio the best couple of Magic Knight Rayearth?

I periodically re-watch some of my favourite animes and, currently, I’m in the middle of re-watching Magic Knight Rayearth. MKR is an anime that holds a very special place in my heart, being… Continue reading

New White Devil Podcast recorded on Oct. 4!

A new White Devil Podcast will be recorded this Sunday. The topic will be Video-Game Cartoons. RetroKaiser will again act as the official co-host and our guest line-up will feature several familiar faces… Continue reading

New White Devil Podcast! – Darabka’s Catch-up Cast

A new White Devil Podcast is in the works. The podcast is due to be recorded on May 31. The podcast will be somewhat different. Darabka The Gaming Beast will be discussing topics… Continue reading

White Devil Podcast #15 is out! (Unpopular Opinions Cast)

Another White Devil Podcast has been recorded. This time we discuss unpopular opinions we hold about certain topics. RetroKaiser serves as the co-host for the very first time. Apart from the discussion we… Continue reading

Tenchi Muyo! Series overview

Tenchi Muyo! has been one of my favourite animes for a long time. I first saw it in the mid-90s on the SciFi channel and a good number of years ago I also… Continue reading

Magical Project S: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

My sister surprised me with both DVD box-sets of the complete Magical Project S anime series. Magical Project S is a spin-off from Pioneer’s Tenchi Muyo! anime series and a pretty cooky one… Continue reading

My Top-5 “DBZ effect” Animes

When it comes to anime there of course is the age-old debate of dubs vs. subs. Some people prefer to watch anime with a dubbed voice-over as it removes unsightly subtitles while some… Continue reading

White Devil Podcast #4 – Anime Follow-Up Cast

I don’t normally whore my stuff on the blog, because the blog itself is the reason I do it in the first place, but given there hasn’t been anything up in my Anime… Continue reading

My Top-5 & Bottom-5 Dragon Ball Z Story Arcs

I finally own every single Dragon Ball Z episode on DVD and to celebrate I decided to list my favourite and least favourite story arcs from the series. Now, by story arcs I… Continue reading

First Impressions: Naruto

So I finally decided to sit down and watch Naruto. Note, that I’ve seen an odd episode here and there, but I’ve never actually stopped to watch the series or try to make… Continue reading

My Top-5 Dragon Ball villains

I’ve been a Dragon Ball fan for a long time but I’ve never really done anything Dragon Ballish on the blog (apart from the rant about We Gotta Power a while back) so… Continue reading

Sandybell – My 10 Favorite Characters

In relation to my Sandybell review, here’s my Top-10 favorite characters from the series… 10. Ricky I’d love to have my own child sidekick too who dresses up like Mario. Ricky really becomes… Continue reading

Sandybell – Series Review

I recently finished watching a 47 episode 1981 anime-series by Toei, called Sandybell (Hello! Sandybell!). This is an awesome cartoon series about a girl living in Scotland who falls in love with the… Continue reading

Translater’s Rants: More fun with the Sherlock Hound

In case you haven’t a clue what this is about, you may want to check out my previous blog on the matter. But here’s the gist of it. I’ve been watching an anime… Continue reading

Lupin III – A fan or not?

Lupin III is a popular comic-book and cartoon character created by manga-artist Monkey Punch and who has starred in numerous anime series and movies since his introduction in the 1960s. The three different… Continue reading