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Two Point Hospital (Xbox One Review)

Alright, I just did a review of Theme Hospital as well, but now I feel I should give Two Point Hospital a review as I’ve defintely sunk a lot of time into it.… Continue reading

Theme Hospital (Review & Revisit)

I just recently started playing Two Points Hospital on Xbox One and decided that before I posted a review of it, I would also post review of Theme Hospital which the game is… Continue reading

Shining Force (MegaDrive/Genesis review)

Shining Force is a strategy-RPG title for the MegaDrive which I’ve been playing recently and decided to give a little review of… Gameplay: 3½/5 – The menus are bit difficult to manoeuvre and… Continue reading

Review & Revisit: Clock Tower (SNES)

I recently got the chance to actually play Clock Tower on an actual console and decided to revisit my earlier review of it. Created by Human Entertainment, Clock Tower is one of the… Continue reading

World Cup Italia ’90 (MegaDrive Review)

Hey! It’s another soccer game review, this time on World Cup Italia ’90 (also known as World Championship Soccer), the officially licensed Soccer title for the 1990 football world cup. Here are my… Continue reading

Striker Pro (CD-i) Review

Striker Pro is one of two soccer games released for the Philips CD-i (the other being Ultra CD-i Soccer). Striker Pro is quite the unique title for the system, both an action game… Continue reading

Family Games I & II Review (CD-i)

So, I acquired both of the Dima produced CD-i Mini Game collections, Family Games I and Family Games II: Junk Food Jive. Time to see if either is a good pick… Family Games… Continue reading

The 11th Hour: The Sequel to The 7th Guest (Review)

I recently decided to finally give a whirl to Trilobyte’s infamous sequel to their beloved cheesy, FMV-laden point and click magnum opus The 7th Guest. I went into this game knowing full well… Continue reading

Worms United (PC) Review

I’m known for being a big fan of the Worms series as a whole (in particular Worms 2 and Armageddon), and I finally had a chance to try out the original Worms. Well,… Continue reading

Burn:Cycle (CD-i) Review

I finally acquired what is considered the best game for the CD-i. Burn:Cycle is a weird hybrid of a point-and-click adventure game and rail-shooter. You play a hacker called Cutter whose computer brain… Continue reading

CD-i Pinball review

Here it is, CD-i’s own titular Pinball title… Gameplay: 3/5 – The gameplay feels oddly restrictive. The paddles are either flat or straight up with no real in-between and the ball’s physics feel… Continue reading

Review & Revisit: Zelda – Wand of Gamelon (CD-i)

Here it is. The first game to allow you to play as Zelda. I actually didn’t own any of the CD-i Zeldas growing up. I only bought this title in the late 2000s… Continue reading

Review & Revisit: Foqus (CD-i)

I’ve been revisiting my very tiny CD-i games collection which I’ve recently added some new instalments. Foqus is a video-game adaption of a board-game created by the Swedish company Alga, in which players… Continue reading

Team Sonic Racing Review (Xbox One)

Sumo and Sega recently brought back the Sonic Racing series with its third instalment. Unlike Sonic All-Stars, this entry sticks with the Sonic-series characters, which is a bit sad, but over-all the game… Continue reading

Review & Revisit: StarFox Adventures

A little while ago, I started playing through one of my all time GameCube favourites: StarFox Adventures. The final Rareware game released for a Nintendo home system, it might have not been the… Continue reading

ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron (MegaDrive Review)

I felt I needed to fill in this series of reviews on the ToeJam & Earl series. Sadly, I don’t have TJ&E3 and I’m not sure if I could get a working copy… Continue reading