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Roxette singer Marie Fredriksson dead at 61

Female vocalist Marie Fredriksson has died at age 61 due to complications with a brain tumour. She’s of course known as the face of the rock duo Roxette along with Per Gessle. I’ve… Continue reading

Dingo Studio Albums (1984-1994) Review

Dingo is my favourite Finnish rock band and were at one time’s Finland’s single most succesful rock act, selling out venues across the land of a thousand lakes as well as breaking record… Continue reading

10 Further more awesome Helloween songs

We come to the final round of my Helloween music blogs. I previously listed which were my all-time favourite Helloween songs and the 10 more awesome songs which were considered for the original… Continue reading

10 More of My Favourite Helloween songs

Hello everyone! As mentioned in my recent Top-10 Helloween Songs list, I couldn’t decide on a simple list of honourable mentions and there were way too many songs that I was forced to… Continue reading

My Top-10 Helloween Songs

I haven’t done a musical Top-10 in some time, so in honour of Helloween’s recent reuniting with founding member Kai Hansen and singer Michael Kiske, I decided to list what were my favourite… Continue reading

Top-10 Cover songs performed by Iron Maiden

Alright, not too long ago I devoted a whole blog to cover songs which other bands had made based off the songs of Iron Maiden. Now, let’s flip the table around and talk… Continue reading

My Top-10 Covers of Iron Maiden songs

As everyone with any familiarity with a particular section of my blog should know, I’m a huge fan of Iron Maiden. I’m also a huge fan of cover songs and, so in this… Continue reading

My Top-10 Kirka Songs

Kirill Babitzin, better known by his stage name Kirka, was one of the best-selling recording artists in Finland. He made the single best-selling love song in Finnish history, he represented Finland in the… Continue reading

Lemmy Kilmister dies at age 70

One of my favourite singers, Lemmy Kilmister, passed away two days ago at age 70. Lemmy, of course, was the iconic frontman of Motörhead remembered for his iconic guttural vocal delivery. I simply… Continue reading

Kirka – The English Albums (redux)

Kirill “Kirka” Babitzin (1950-2007) was one of the best-selling recording artists in Finnish history. However, whereas most people remember him for his butter-melting ballads, his kickass voice and, to a lesser extent, his… Continue reading

The Book of Souls Review

Iron Maiden’s 16th studio album hit stores last week, so it seemed only natural that I would have to write a review of it, as I’ve done with all the other albums up… Continue reading

Adrian Smith – The solo career that never was

Iron Maiden’s newest album is coming September this year. While getting hyped up for the up-coming new studio album, it can be interesting to also think about the solo-endeavours of some of its… Continue reading

My Top-10 Castlevania Soundtracks

So, now that I’ve listed my favourite games and favourites musical themes from the Castlevania games, I decided to follow this up with a list of what I think are the best Castlevania… Continue reading

My Top-10 Castlevania themes

I just recently posted my Top-5 Castlevania games. One of the reasons I love the Castlevania series is because of the absolutely wonderful soundtracks for each game. So, even though I’ve probably done… Continue reading

WDP16 is now Online!

White Devil Podcast #16 is now online. With my guest Darabka and co-host RetroKasier we return to topics of prior casts and discuss them. We’ll be covering Darabka’s thoughts on Video-Game movies (WDP#9),… Continue reading

New White Devil Podcast! – Darabka’s Catch-up Cast

A new White Devil Podcast is in the works. The podcast is due to be recorded on May 31. The podcast will be somewhat different. Darabka The Gaming Beast will be discussing topics… Continue reading