2014 F1 Race Rankings

Season stats:

  • Drivers Champ. leader: Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes (384 points) – Champion!!
  • Constructors’ Champ. Leader: Mercedes GP (701 points) – Constructors Championship Confirmed!!
  • Most retirements: Canadian Grand Prix (11)
  • Pineapple Chart Leader: Daniil Kvyat (Toro Rosso) (4) – Pineapple King!
  • Dead Last: Marcus Ericsson, Caterham (6) – Slowest guy!

Races Ranked:

  1. Australian Grand PrixNico Rosberg took the victory in the season opening race, where we got to see the rookie drivers doing excellent work. Daniel Ricciardo’s disqualification was a crying shame though. Excitement level: Good
  2. Canadian Grand Prix Daniel Ricciardo beat Nico Rosberg in the race for the victory, ensuring two Red Bulls on the podium. The Marussia drivers crashed amongst themselves and lots of over-taking took place. The final lap was driven behind the safety car when Felipe Massa rammed himself and Sergio Perez off the road at the start of it. Excitement level: Good
  3. Hungarian Grand Prix Daniel Ricciardo took his second race victory by aggressively beating Alonso and Hamilton. Lots of cars lost good position to strategic foul-ups in a race which started with mild rain. Two safety cars were deployed and the excitement was maintained through most of the race. Excitement level: Good
  4. Monaco Grand Prix Nico Rosberg’s second victory of the season won him back the championship lead. Two safety cars and plenty of retirements from both racing accidents and technical problems led to an interesting final result. Jules Bianchi scored Marussia’s first points ever as an F1 team. Excitement level: Okay
  5. Singapore Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton reclaimed the championship lead after his team-mate’s technical malfunction. Furious battling was seen in the middle lots as well as lots of botched pit-stops. Excitement level: Okay
  6. British Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton drove to an easy victory after his team-mate retired due to a faulty gearbox. Kimi Räikkönen suffered a spectacular crash at the start which red flagged the race for an hour. Lots of retirements at the end and some furious battling between Vettel and Alonso at the end. Bottas won his second podium of the season. The middle part of the race though was a little uneventful. Excitement level: Okay.
  7. Italian Grand PrixLewis Hamilton took the victory despite a weak start and due to Nico Rosberg’s carelessness. Felipe Massa claimed his first podium of the season, while Kevin Magnussen dropped to the bottom of the points-table after failing to make way for other drivers. Button and Perez had a furious battle for 8th and 9th. Excitement level: Okay.
  8. Brazil Grand Prix Nico Rosberg grabbed a victory after Lewis Hamilton’s slip-up. Lots of drivers had problems on the pit-lane, particularly the Williams drivers. Excitement level: Okay/slightly boring
  9. Japanese Grand PrixLewis Hamilton won the rainy Japanese GP which was delayed and red flagged twice. The race which took place under difficult conditions was stopped after 45 laps due to Jules Bianchi being seriously injured after crashing with a vehicle-moving tractor.
  10. US Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton took the victory with a vital pass from his team-mate. Despite a safety car, the race was mostly rather even. Most action was seen from Fernando Alonso and towards the end from several mid-lot drivers trying to desperately land on points. Excitement level: Okay/Slightly boring
  11. Belgian Grand Prix – With the Mercedes drivers ruining each other’s chances of victory, Daniel Ricciardo took first place in the unpredictable race. Bottas achieved his fourth podium, while Räikkönen achieved his best finish at 4th. Kamui Kobayashi was replaced by Andre Lotterer who retired. Excitement level: Okay/Slightly boring
  12. German Grand Prix Nico Rosberg took an easy victory in an over-take filled race. Mercedes was stopped from a double-victory by Valtteri Bottas. Felipe Massa’s violent flip in the first corner caused the safety car to come on track. In the latter half, the race dulled down a smidge. Excitement level: Okay/Slightly boring
  13. Bahrain Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton battled his team-mate for the lead, but eventually Mercedes had a double victory. Many team-mates went head-to-head on a relatively calm race. Esteban Gutierrez had his car flipped over by Maldonado which lead to a safety car session. Regardless, the race was very even. Excitement level: Okay/Slightly boring
  14. Malaysian Grand PrixLewis Hamilton dominated with Mercedes taking a double-victory. Apart from the opening chaos and Räikkönen getting rear-ended by Magnussen, there wasn’t a whole lot happening. Kobayashi drove daringly and Ricciardo was pulled out of the race following an unsafe release, a broken wing and a Stop & Go penalty. Excitement level: Okay/Slightly boring
  15. Austrian Grand Prix Despite the Williams cars starting from the front row, Nico Rosberg took the race victory, though not as easily as before. Valtteri Bottas took his first podium in F1s and out of the four Red Bull cars, only one saw the chequered flag in the team’s home race. However, a mostly uninteresting race despite an interesting premise. Excitement level: Slightly boring
  16. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton took the championship title with ease when Nico Rosberg experienced technical difficulties. Apart from some mid-lot scuffles nothing else noteworthy happened, apart from Caterham returning after a two race hiatus. Excitement level: Quite boring
  17. Chinese Grand PrixLewis Hamilton took his third victory in a row with ease. Apart from Fernando Alonso also grabbing Ferrari’s first podium of the season, the race was very uninteresting. Excitement level: Dull
  18. Barcelona Grand Prix – Mercedes took an unchallenged victory with Lewis Hamilton winning his fourth race in a row and grabbing the championship lead. Vettel fought from outside the Top-10 for a fourth place. Other than that nothing else worth noting happened for the entire race. Excitement level: Boring as hell
  19. Russian Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton drove to an easy victory in a race where all drivers experienced only one tyre change. Excitement level: Flatline

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