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The Book of Souls Review

Iron Maiden’s 16th studio album hit stores last week, so it seemed only natural that I would have to write a review of it, as I’ve done with all the other albums up… Continue reading

Adrian Smith – The solo career that never was

Iron Maiden’s newest album is coming September this year. While getting hyped up for the up-coming new studio album, it can be interesting to also think about the solo-endeavours of some of its… Continue reading

Iron Maiden Cast is Online!

Episode 13 of White Devil Podcast is now online! You can download it in MP3 form or you can listen to it from the player below. On this podcast me, RetroKaiser and Darabka… Continue reading

WDP#13: Iron Maiden Cast with RetroKaiser & Darabka

A new White Devil Podcast is on the way. In the next episode me and my guests will discuss my favourite heavy metal band, Iron Maiden. My guests are both familiar friends of… Continue reading

My Top-20 Iron Maiden songs

Following up my Top-15 Iron Maiden songs with the One-Song-Per-Album rule, I wanted to follow it up with a Top-10 or Top-15 of my favourite Iron Maiden songs ever. However, making such a… Continue reading

My Top-15 Iron Maiden songs with the One-Song-Per-Album rule!

I have professed my love for Iron Maiden many times on this blog as well. A list I’ve dreaded doing for a long time now is my Top-10 Favourite Songs from the band.… Continue reading

White Devil Podcast #8 – Metal Talk 2.0 is now online

In the newest episode of White Devil Podcast we return to the topic of the previous episode to discuss more heavy metal bands. Returning from the previous podcast are RetroKaiser, Darabka and Cendoo… Continue reading

White Devil Podcast #7: Heavy Metal Cast is Online

White Devil Podcast #7 is now online. The topic of the podcast is Heavy Metal music. Discussing their favourite bands with me are the folks from It’s Tail Time: Cendoo, Darabka and T-McBee.… Continue reading

Heavy Metal Academics – Reading List

I recently got my Master’s Thesis approved at my university and I decided that I’d help out other fellow “heavy metal academics” by sharing some of the literature I used. My thesis was… Continue reading

In Metal’s Name! – Analysis of the Heavy Metal episode of “Tähdet, tähdet”

A live broadcast, tele-vote programme running on the Finnish TV channel MTV3 just had a heavy metal themed performance, so obviously as a huge metal fan I felt compelled to write something about… Continue reading

The Final Frontier (2010) Review

There was a long five-year break before Iron Maiden finally released their 15th studio-album, the Final Frontier. Due to the title some people actually thought that this was going to be Maiden’s final… Continue reading

A Matter of Life and Death (2005) Review

Maiden’s next album, A Matter of Life and Death, came only two years after Dance of Death. This could be considered a continuation from Maiden’s concept album trilogy from the 1980s, with many… Continue reading

Dance of Death (2003) Review

In the 21st century Maiden’s album releases started to become less frequent and there was a long three year wait before Dance of Death would follow Brave New World. However, in DOD’s case,… Continue reading

Brave New World (2000) Review

In 2000, Iron Maiden was about to have its first professional reunion when Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith returned to the band. Smith’s solo-career had not taken off as he had hoped and so… Continue reading

Virtual XI (1998) Review

1998 was a big year for Iron Maiden. Not only did the band release their second album with Blaze Bayley but also reissues of all of their past albums and even a video-game… Continue reading

The X Factor (1995) Review

With Bruce Dickinson leaving Iron Maiden, the band was headed towards their biggest image change since Paul DiAnno’s ejection from the band. Maiden had to find a singer who could potentially match the… Continue reading