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PilotWings 64 review

By a complete stroke of luck I recently managed to grab myself an original PilotWings 64 cart. This is a game that I’ve been wishing for years would have gotten a Virtual Console… Continue reading

My Top-10 Action-Adventure Titles which are not Zelda-games

I’ve been revisiting some action-adventure titles from my past and come to realise that the action-adventure genre is fairly vast and all-encompassing. Therefore, I decided it might be fun to make a list… Continue reading

My Top-5 Donkey Kong Games

I’ve been playing a lot of DK64 on the WiiU recently and its made me think about my favourite Donkey Kong games as of late. So naturally, I decided to make a Top-5… Continue reading

Top-10 games I want to like but can’t

Taste is subjective and whatever anyone likes gaming wise (or anything else for that matter) is no-one else’s business. Still, there are titles out there which are universally recognised as “the best” and… Continue reading

Chameleon Twist – Review & Revisit

My sister has in recent years made it a habit to buy me a childhood favourite game for the holidays or my birthday. This year, I got to re-experience the childhood magic of… Continue reading

My Bottom-5 Worst Nintendo 64 Games

Alright, since I presented the remake of my Top-10 Nintendo 64 games, I decided that for the sake of fairness and to show that I’m not entirely nostalgia-blind to the system, I will… Continue reading

My Top-10 Nintendo 64 games.

Alright, people! The long belated remake of this Top-10 is finally here. The Nintendo 64 is my favourite console of all time and the games on it hold a special place in my… Continue reading

My Top-10 Fighting Games

Fighting Games are very close to my heart as a game genre, so I decided I wanted to present my 10 favourite fighting games. I was originally planning on honouring my usual “one… Continue reading

My Top-10 Video-Game Soundtracks

I’ve made some blogs concerning video-game music, but I think it’s high time to finally list my absolute favourite soundtracks from the realm of video-games. While making this list I wanted some firm… Continue reading

My Top-10 Mega Man Games

Notice (June 5, 2018): I have a sperate ranking for all the classic series Mega Man games which you can read here. This is the long belated follow-up to my Top-10 game series… Continue reading

My Top-10 Games by Rare

Rareware is one of my favourite game companies and today I decided to share my favourite games by them. 10. Jet Pac One of Rare’s earliest titles, back when they were still part… Continue reading

Conker’s Bad Fur Day Review

I finally finished Rareware’s cult-hit Conker’s Bad Fur Day for the Nintendo 64. Conker the Squirrel was originally introduced on Diddy Kong Racing along with Banjo the Bear (from Banjo-Kazooie) and a number… Continue reading

Bottom-10 Bad Games by Good Companies

We know that obscure and barely known companies often produce the most horrendous crap and horrible games. However, it would be hypocritical of us to think that famous and successful “good” gaming companies… Continue reading

The Mighty 64

The Nintendo 64 is my favorite video-game console of all time, but one thing that was a bit odd about it was that almost every game on the system seemed to have 64… Continue reading

My 200th Game Review: Mega Man 64

Finally, I have officially rated and reviewed 200 games. For my 200th I decided that I needed to pick something special. A game that I was sure would be excellent or at least interesting… Continue reading

My Top-10 Mario Games

The Mario games are my personal favourite series of games ever, so today I decided to share with you the Mario games that I love and never get tired of. 10. Donkey Kong… Continue reading