2015 F1 Race Rankings

Season stats:

  • Drivers’ Champion: Lewis Hamilton
  • Constructors’ Champion: Mercedes GP
  • Drivers’ 0-points Club: Roberto Merhi, Will Stevens & Alexander Rossi
  • Replacement of the Year: Alexander Rossi (5 races)
  • Most retirements: The US Grand Prix (8)
  • Golden Pineapple King: Fernando Alonso (4)
  • Dead Last King: Will Stevens (9)

Race Rankings:

  1. Hungarian Grand Prix – Sebastian Vettel slipped away from the Mercedes cars and took the victory with surprise names all up the Top-10. Lots of collisions and events as well as some bad luck for certain teams. Excitement level: Excellent
  2. US Grand PrixLewis Hamilton took the victory and secured his third championship in a chaotic US Grand Prix which saw nearly half the cars retire. Hamilton fought for his championship and many promising race performances were lost to slip ups on the drying track. Excitement level: Good
  3. Russian Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton took an easy victory in a race which saw the safety car on track twice and a season record number of retirements. Lots of promising results fell by the wayside from crashes, not least of all that of Valtteri Bottas who was taken out by his own countryman. Excitement level: Good
  4. Malaysian Grand Prix – Lots of action up and down the field. Sebastian Vettel managed to snatch a victory from the Mercedes drivers while his team-mate made a comeback from the back of the lot. Excitement level: Good/Okay
  5. Chinese Grand Prix – Exciting racing action and lots of collisions were seen in another race dominated by Lewis Hamilton. Were it not for the fact that the race had to end behind the safety car, this would have been an awesome race. Excitement level: Good/okay
  6. Austrian Grand PrixNico Rosberg gave his team-mate the slip and won the race. Räikkönen and Alonso crashed magnificently at the start and there was some genuine wheel-on-wheel action from Maldonado. Things settled down towards the end, but over-all a very good race. Excitement level: Good/okay
  7. Singapore Grand Prix Sebastian Vettel led the race from start to finish, accompanied by another Ferrari and a Red Bull on the podium. Collisions happened and several promising race results flubbed towards the end. A fan ran on to the track and Manor cars failed to clear during the safety car session, leading to much confusion. Excitement level: Good/okay
  8. British Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton won despite being given the slip by Williams at the start. Plenty of crashes and retirements, the first use of a virtual safety car and a bit of rain at the end which shuffled positions up and down. Excitement level: Good/okay
  9. Monaco Grand PrixNico Rosberg caught the victory after a sudden safety car. Max Verstappen battled admirably until ramming to the back of Romain Grosjean. Excitement level: Okay/slightly boring
  10. Australian Grand Prix – With a severely shortened grid due to retirements, the first race of the season still had some surprises in store from new and up-coming drivers. Lewis Hamilton took the victory in the season starting race. Excitement level: Okay/slightly boring
  11. Mexican Grand PrixNico Rosberg defended his pole admirably in a fairly steady race which saw two Finnish drivers collide for the second time during the season. Excitement level: Slightly boring
  12. Bahrain Grand Prix – The most excitement was seen at the front of the pack when one Ferrari wedged itself between the Mercedes-led race. Lewis Hamilton took the victory yet again. Excitement level: Okay/boring
  13. Spanish Grand Prix – Apart from Pastor Maldonado driving impressively with only one half of his rear-wing being held in place and several teams having flubbed pitstops, this was an uneventful race. Nico Rosberg took his first race victory of the season. Excitement level: Slightly boring.
  14. Japanese Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton took the victory in an uncharacteristcally dull Japanese Grand Prix. Some good mid-field bouts but barely any retirements. Excitement level: Slightly boring
  15. Belgian Grand PrixLewis Hamilton took an easy victory despite problems with the race’s start after two warm-up laps. Williams gave Bottas a miss-matched set of tyres and Vettel lost points to a puncture. Those were all the notable events of this uncharacteristically dull Belgian grand prix. Excitement level: Slightly boring.
  16. Italian Grand PrixLewis Hamilton took another easy victory. Despite a promising start, Kimi Räikkönen flubbed at the beginning of the race. Nico Rosberg fell behind in points due to an engine fire. Beyond that, very little of note happened this round. Excitement level: Boring.
  17. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Nico Rosberg took an unchallenged victory in the season-ending race. Alonso rammed Maldonado out of the race for a change and Williams completely blundered Bottas’s race by unsafely releasing him behind Jenson Button. Beyond that, quite an uneventful race. Excitement level: Boring.
  18. Canada Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton drove to an unchallenged victory and Valtteri Bottas landed his first podium of the season. Small touch incidents including Grosjean destroying Will Stevens’ front wing but nothing horribly exciting. Excitement level: Boring.
  19. Brazilian Grand Prix Nico Rosberg took an easy victory in a race where the Top-5 were unable to challenge each other and only four cars finished on the same lap. Carlos Sainz couldn’t even start the race properly and Felipe Massa was disqualified after the fact for tyre irregularities. That’s about it. Excitement level: Flatline.