2013 F1 Race Rankings

This is where the race rankings will be listed for 2013. This list is updated after each Grand Prix.

Season Stats:

  • Championship leader: Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, 372 points – Championship Secured!
  • Constructor leader: Red Bull-Renault, 513 points – Championship Secured!
  • Drop-out count record: 7 in Monaco Grand Prix
  • Golden Pineapple Leader: Sergio Perez, McLaren & Pastor Maldonado, Williams (4) – Joint victory!
  • Dead Last: Max Chilton, Marussia (12) – Bottom of the Barrel!

Grand Prixs

  1. Malaysian Grand Prix – A sour double victory for Red Bull with Vettel snagging Webber’s victory despite team-orders. Also, Alonso’s exit early on was quite dramatic, as were the fumbles on the pit lane. Excitement level: Intense
  2. Monaco Grand Prix – Although Nico Rosberg lead the race from start to finish, there was plenty of accidents and action on track with no fewer than two safety cars and one red flag. Despite excellent pace by Mercedes, Red Bull took two of the three podiums. Excitement level: Scandalous
  3. British Grand Prix – Lots of tyre punctures and on-track action. Nico Rosberg took a surprise victory from under the nose of Vettel and his own team-mate. Excitement level: Good
  4. Korean Grand Prix – Despite another easy win from Vettel, the race was filled with excitement: two safety cars, on-track slip ups and wheel-on-wheel racing. Excitement level: Good
  5. Singapore Grand Prix – After a slow start the safety car caused some chaos, drivers that started from good positions also fell out of the race entirely and some excellent racing action happened in the mid-field. Sebastian Vettel took the victory with ease, but Räikkönen recovered from a pathetic qualifying to claim 3rd. Excitement level: Good
  6. Bahrain Grand Prix – There were many questions up in the air when the race started. Sebastian Vettel took the victory with solid driving. Lots of pit-stops made this race hard to follow, but there was plenty of on-track racing. The race only slowed down towards the end. Excitement level: Good/Okay
  7. German Grand Prix – Pretty even race, though some excitement was provided at the end. A loose tyre hit a cameraman and one retired car’s hand-brake gave out. Sebastian Vettel took the victory. Excitement level: Okay
  8. Japanese Grand Prix – Lots of drivers received drive-through penalties. Vettel took the victory although a Lotus car lead the first half of the race. Excitement level: Okay
  9. Spanish Grand Prix – After a fairly intense first half, the second half didn’t offer much excitement. Fernando Alonso rose the ranks to take the victory. Middle Tier teams had some mishaps in the pits. Excitement level: Okay
  10. Chinese Grand Prix – Fernando Alonso took the victory with superior tyre strategy. The most excitement was had figuring out the tyre strategies and because of Mark Webber’s misadventures on-track, but towards the latter half, the race got kinda dull. Excitement level: Okay.
  11. Brazilian Grand Prix – Vettel won the final race of the season. Engine blow-outs, confusing lapped drivers, wheel-on-wheel racing. Not a classic, but a pretty good race over-all. Excitement level: Okay
  12. Indian Grand Prix – With three races left, Sebastian Vettel secured the championship title with his third consecutive victory at the Indian Grand Prix. Lots of shifting around due to very different tyre strategies, some wheel-on-wheel racing, but over all nothing special. Excitement level: Okay.
  13. Australian Grand Prix – Kimi Räikkönen took the victory in the season opening Australian GP. Very few retirements but lots of over-taking made this a pretty okay race, though quite uneventful compared to most years. Excitement level: Okay
  14. Monza Grand Prix: Sebastian Vettel drove another unchallenged victory. Most excitement was provided by Kimi Räikkönen trying to make up for a terrible qualifying and a broken front-wing. Excitement level: Okay/Uneventful
  15. US Grand Prix – Apart from a safety car at the very beginning and Heikki Kovalainen’s return behind the wheel and Valtteri Bottas’ scoring his first championship points, nothing else noteworthy happened in this race where Sebastian Vettel drove to an unchallenged victory. Excitement level: Okay/Dull
  16. Canadian Grand Prix – Sebastian Vettel won without anyone challenging him and lapping all but four of the drivers. Most excitement was caused by Giedo Van Der Garde ignoring blue flags. Excitement level: Pretty Boring
  17. Belgian Grand Prix – Sebastian Vettel took an easy victory at a disappointingly boring Spa race. Kimi Räikkönen suffered his first retirement of the season and Maldonado ran into another car while trying to pit. That’s about it. Excitement level: Dull
  18. Hungarian Grand Prix – Apart from Romain Grosjean’s adventures on and off the track, nothing truly noteworthy happened in this race where Lewis Hamilton drove to an unchallenged victory. Excitement level: Yawn
  19. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Amazingly, I couldn’t think it could get worse than the Hungarian Grand Prix, but apart from some okay showings from mid-tier team drivers, Vettel stole the show. A record low 1 retirement for this season. Excitement level: Boring