My Top-10 and Bottom-10 Captain N episodes (+ Ratings List)

Here are for the record my favorite and least favorite episodes of Captain N.

  • Season One Episode
  • Season Two Episode
  • Season Three Episode

Top-10 Favorites

  1. Nightmare on Mother Brain’s Street – Kevin and Simon’s trust is tested when the two of them set off to rescue Lana from a sleeping spell. Some romance, drama, as well as great laughs and animation quality. There is no way you won’t love this episode, despite its stupid title.
  2. Happy Birthday Mega Man – Mega Man travels to the Warp of Life to become a human. A cute and touching storyline. Mega Girl is cute and the finale is excellent.
  3. Once Upon a Time Machine – Link and Kevin help Pero the Cat find his way home, after Count Gruemon steals Kevin’s power-pad. An excellent and funny action-packed episode starring the three lead men of video-game cartoons (Captain N, Link and Ian “Mega Man” Corlett as Pero the Cat). A fantastic episode considering its less than stellar source material.
  4. Mega Trouble for Megaland (Videolympics Part 2) – Kevin and company fight to win back Videoland from Mother Brain’s minions. Excellent Mega Man action coupled with the creepy Medusa scene contribute to one of the best looking episodes of the entire series.
  5. The Trouble with Tetris – Kevin and company end up on the world of Tetris and meet up with Lana’s older brother Lyle. A touching well-made episode with loads of fun stuff.
  6. The Most Dangerous Game Master – Kevin faces his childhood bully in a battle of who is the greatest Game Master. Hilarious interaction between King Hippo and the Eggplant Wizard, awesome action scenes and a well written story contribute to an excellent episode.
  7. Metroid Sweet Metroid – Mother Brain takes over Video-Land and Kevin has to get by without his power-pad and zapper. The episode has a great opening and loads of great action. The finale is a bit of a bummer, but otherwise a top-notch episode.
  8. Quest for the Potion of Power – Link and Zelda’s grand return to TV screens in one of the best episodes of season 2. Despite a slightly rushed ending, it has great animation quality and loads of references to Zelda 2. Definitely worth a watch.
  9. Videolympics – Mother Brain faces off against the N-Team in a sporting event to decide the fate of Videoland. Loads of funny action and well put-together plot-line which is followed by Mega Trouble in Mega Land. Features some hilarious dialogue.
  10. The Lost City of Kongoland – One of the few Princess Lana centric storyline where she is both the focus and the villain. Some excellent heroics and an inspiring storyline.

The Bottom-10

  1. Totally Tetrisized – The Puzzle Wizard takes over Tetris and turns all the citizenry into Tetris blocks. A rushed and retartedly animated episode with very little entertainment value to speak of. If the fact that the series creators couldn’t give Lyle, Lana’s brother, a proper second appearance wasn’t enough to ruin the episode – the fact that Lana seems to kiss him on the mouth at one point certainly is.
  2. The Fractured Fantasy of Captain N – The Prince of Final Fantasy is put under a sleeping spell by a hypnotised Kevin and the N-Team has to sneak into Astos’ castle to get the cure. A boring, mangled excuse of an episode, not to mention the final one of the series. If it weren’t for the one or two competently done action-scenes this one would be number-1.
  3. In Search of the King – Lana and company try to rescue her father from the Mirror World but become trapped themselves when their evil duplicates escape into Videoland. An excellent idea for an episode ruined by horrendous animation work. If it weren’t for the excellent writing this episode would easily be number-1 on the Bottom-10.
  4. The Battle of the Baseball Know-it-Alls – Kevin, Simon, Mega Man, Kid Icarus and Bo Jackson get trapped underneath Baseball World. Their disagreements get them split up and Mother Brain has another short stint ruling Videoland. Horribly drawn Mother Brain, another sports-related episode, ridiculous writing and the all-around asinine nature of the episode make it painfully bad. However, it’s the only Season 3 episode with the stock villains, Hippo and Eggplant are still pretty funny and at least Bo Jackson gets to kick some ass. At least the episode is so bad it’s still entertaining.
  5. I Wish I was a Wombatman – Wombatman is being extorted by Mother Brain to help her get the N Team. A ridiculous idea of an episode with some pretty pathetic dialogue and a disgusting squid-lady at the end. If it weren’t for the hilarious scene where Mega Man gets captured by a magnet, this would be lower.
  6. Three Men & A Dragon – The N Team try to rescue the final free Dragon to keep Dragon’s Den from being conquered by the Dragon Lord. Uneven animation quality, haphazardly written story and Mega Man sounding absolutely horrible make this a painful episode to watch.
  7. The Feud of Faxanadu – Kevin and Simon are at each others throats and end up helping conflicting factions of Elves and Dwarves to gain a powerful crystal. Another okay idea for an episode which is ruined by sloppy animation and one of the most horrible characters ever conceived for the show, King Melvis.
  8. Pursuit of the Magic Hoop – Hoopless doesn’t get his wish and instead Kevin, Lana and Larry Bird have to stop his giant robot by climbing magic mountain. A cheesy celebrity cameo episode with loads of bad basketball puns.
  9. Having a Ball – The depressed Lana throws a massive shindig to pass the time. Meanwhile, Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo sneak off to Hyrule and steal a piece of the Triforce. Another interesting concept of an episode which is not explored well enough. The half-baked dialogue and random acts of statue-zapping also make this one feel a rather sloppy episode.
  10. How’s Bayou? – Mother Brain traps Kevin in the one game he could never beat. An interesting idea for an episode ruined by sloppy execution.

Season Ratings Lists

Just for a summary, here are the individual episode ratings for each season…

Season One

Kevin in Videoland – 3½/5
How’s Bayou? – 2½/5
The Most Dangerous Game Master – 4/5
Videolympics – 4/5
Mega Trouble in Mega Land – 4½/5
Wishful Thinking – 3½/5
Three Men and a Dragon – 2/5
Mr. & Mrs. Mother Brain – 3/5
Nightmare on Mother Brain Street – 5/5
Simon the Ape-Man – 3½/5
In Search of the King – 1½/5
Metroid Sweet Metroid – 4/5
Happy Birthday, Mega Man – 4/5

Season Two

Game Boy – 3/5
Queen of the Apes – 3/5
Quest for the Potion of Power  – 4/5
The Trouble with Tetris – 4/5
The Big Game – 3½/5
The Lost City of Kongoland – 4/5
Once Upon A Time Machine – 4½/5
The Feud of Faxanadu – 2/5
Having a Ball – 2½/5
The Trojan Dragon – 3/5
I Wish I Was a Wombatman – 2/5
The Invasion of the Paper Pedalers – 3½/5
Gem Wars – 3/5

Season Three

Misadventures in Robin Hood’s Woods – 2½/5
Pursuit of the Magic Hoop – 2/5
Return to Castlevania – 3/5
Totally Tetrisized – 1/5
A Tale of Two Dogs – 3½/5
Battle of the Baseball Know-it-alls – 1½/5
The Fractured Fantasy of Captain N – 1½/5

1 Comment

  1. My Top 10 favorites are
    2-Mr. and Mrs. Mother Brain
    3-Nightmare on Mother Brain’s St
    4-Simon the Ape Man
    5-Quest for the Potion of Power
    6-Feud of Faxanadu
    7-Trouble With Tetris
    8-The Big Game
    9-Paper Pedalers
    10-The Trojan Dragon

    My Top Ten Least Faves
    1-Germ Wars
    2-In Search of the King
    3-Misadventures in Robin Hood Woods
    4-Totally Tetrisized
    5-Once Upon a Time Machine
    6-In Pursuit of the Magic Hoop
    7-Return to Castlevania
    8-The Lost City of Kongoland
    9-Battle of the Baseball Know-It-Alls
    10-Fractured Fantasy of Captain N

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