The Return of Zelda & Link

The Legend of Zelda cartoon series is one of my favorite TV series based on a video-game. However running only for 13 episodes, not to mention peripherally to the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, this series would eventually bite the dust once DiC combined their Mario cartoons and Captain N into a unified program block. So the series was never completed, Zelda never got the Triforce of Power, Link never got his kiss, was it all going to end so suddenly?

Thankfully no, because in the second season episode of Captain N – Quest for the Potion of Power – Link, Zelda and Ganon all returned to TV screens (though sadly King Harkinian and Spryte did not). Even better, the main cast was once again voiced by Cyndy Preston, Johnathan Potts and Len Carlson as in the prior series. However, the characters had changed a little bit for their appearance in Captain N. Let’s take a look how much…

Zelda went through the most dramatic change between the two series. Although she kept the same design on her belt and tiara as she had in the prior series (a nice touch) the art team on Captain N took some liberties with her face and hair-style, making it a bit scruffier and a lot less full than in the prior series. In Zelda looks a bit younger here than she did in the Zelda cartoon which is an odd touch.

While she still wears her trademark colours from the previous show she seems to have taken to wearing a sash and a top for some reason. Seems to me she and Princess Lana have been trading fashion tips. She also wears her collar open and she has a rather interesting miss-mash combo of a glove on her right hand and a bracelet on her left. I don’t really understand the motivation for this but generally I don’t have any major complaints. She’s a lot less whiney than she was in the previous cartoon I’ve noticed which is also not bad, but because of it she kinda fell into the background during the episode.

Link hasn’t changed nearly as much, but enough that you wouldn’t accidentally mix up a screen-shot from one of the shows with the other. He’s still wearing the same colour clothes as before, although the colours on them appear slightly darker. One very noticeable change between the two shows is that his hair has grown quite a bit. In addition I think his hat’s gotten smaller but that might just be me. His sword has definitely grown and it actually looks quite respectable now, whereas it always looked kinda dinky in the original show.

Personality wise Link is perhaps a little bit more mature but he still gets jealous when Kevin begins to show his skills as they make their way through Hyrule. One thing I missed was that although Johnathan Potts was doing Link’s voice again, he didn’t get to repeat his immortal catch phrase during the show (“Well, excuse me, Princess.”) Interestingly enough Kevin actually says Link is his favorite video-game character. And at the end of the episode Zelda does finally kiss Link, though it’s only on the cheek…

Ganon didn’t change a lot either for the show, though his costume’s a little more refined, he has pupils and lips which I actually found sort of disturbing. Also, he grows to giant size which is a bit odd but I guess that’s an easy way to make a character more menacing. Before he gets the potion he looks quite pathetic and more like a cartoon pig. It’s a shame Ganon didn’t have any more appearances and his appearance in the Quest for the Potion of Power was actually quite brief.

Link and Zelda would also appear later in Season 2, in Once Upon a Time Machine, Having a Ball and The Trojan Dragon, but I haven’t gotten that far yet, so I’ll just leave you with a picture of the Game Master and his icon standing side-by-side.