White Devil Podcast #8 – Metal Talk 2.0 is now online

In the newest episode of White Devil Podcast we return to the topic of the previous episode to discuss more heavy metal bands. Returning from the previous podcast are RetroKaiser, Darabka and Cendoo who join Raggedstar (also from It’s Tail Time) to discuss bands like Nightwish, Megadeth, Manowar, Sonata Arctica and Motörhead. We are also joined for the third time by Ken “Aqualung” Blakey of Aqualung’s Game Reviews.

You can download the new episode directly here or visit the Internet Archives page for a detailed schedule of the podcast’s contents. And as always, you may post questions in the comments for the next podcast or on the announcement post for the next one.

Hope you enjoy it! Up the Irons!