Pit-lane Chaos – Brazilian Grand Prix 2014

BrazilApart from a lot of pit-stop foul-ups, the Brazilian Grand Prix was not particularly exciting.

Race broadcast ranking: Okay – Not much focus outside the Top-10 and one yellow flag was missed though later caught on Replay.

The Top-10

  1. Nico RosbergAt first it looked to be a difficult race for Rosberg, but his team-mate’s foul-up ensured a solid victory. Rosberg needs a perfect result in Abu Dhabi to win the championship but he’s definitely still in the running.
  2. Lewis HamiltonHamilton seemed to be ready to take a run-away victory after the pit-stops but a spin in the first corners robbed him of a victory.
  3. Felipe MassaThe Brazilian had an uphill battle with both a Stop-N-Go penalty as well as him accidentally driving into the McLaren pit-box. Massa fought tenaciously to reclaim his podium. Well done, Felipe!

Jenson Button also showed a lot of gusto this round, overtaking Räikkönen towards the end of the race and taking 4th. Kevin Magnussen was also battling for good scoring position though he slumped somewhat towards the end to 9th. Still, a pretty good day for McLaren.

Sebastian Vettel was left alone to defend Red Bull’s honour with his team-mate retiring from the race. Vettel overtook Räikkönen soon after Button and chased him to the end.

Ferrari had a surprisingly solid day. Despite a flubbed pit-stop suffered by Räikkönen, the Ferraris landed back-to-back as 6th and 7th. Räikkönen was close to finishing 5th until he was passed by Button and Vettel. He also had to submit to Alonso towards the end.

Nico The Hülk started from outside the Top-10 but drove a flawless race to claim 8th.

Despite Massa’s podium, the Williams team really dropped the ball twice on the pits today. Valtteri Bottas had problems with his seat-belt and even went off the track while battling Hülkenberg. In the end, all Bottas could salvage was a 10th place and a single point for the team.

Golden Pineapple Award: Daniil KvyatAfter a long stalemate in the Pineapple Charts, Daniil Kvyat has finally claimed his fourth Pineapple Award and has taken the chart lead from Button and Sutil. Kvyat had a rough day with a penalty dropping him from his qualifying spot.

Drop-out count: 2

Two technical retirements were seen today. After starting off well, a breaking problem ended Daniel Ricciardo‘s race. Also, over-heating ended Romain Grosjean‘s race towards the end of the grand prix.

Back of the Lot News

Lots of under-performances today. Esteban Gutierrez at least seemed to have a shot at points in the start but slumped all the way to 14th by the end. Pastor Maldonado at least gave it his all even if his pace today was quite paltry compared to Grosjean (before the Frenchman’s retirement). Jean-Eric Vergne accomplished nothing.

Sergio Perez had to start from the very back due to his crash in the US Grand Prix and also received a Stop-N-Go penalty early on, so there was little he could do to salvage his terrible race day which landed him second-to-last.

Dead Last: Adrian SutilFor the second time this season, Sutil has suffered the indignity of being the last man on the track. Today, it was not for a lack of trying. Sutil had to start from the pits and was one of several drivers to have problems with their pit-crews. Sutil is looking for a new employer for next season and with terrible results like this, he’s not gonna have a fun time.