Top-10 Horror Movie Themes

Horror movies usually have very memorable music which is why I decided it would be fun to list my ten favourite horror movie themes. A lot of these will be familiar to those… Continue reading

Haas F1 plans to partner up with Ferrari

NASCAR big-shot Gene Haas was granted entry into Formula Ones with a new team for the 2016 season, tentatively titled Haas Formula. Haas wisely chose to enter sport only after the first two… Continue reading

Heroes in a Half-shell

I went into the new TMNT movie with cautious optimism and without the debilitating hatred of Michael Bay that some people seem to suffer from. I came out feeling okay about the movie.… Continue reading

Caterham continues driver roulette

Caterham F1 Team continues to suck money out of young drivers. Andre Lotterer, who replaced the team’s Japanese driver Kamui Kobayashi, may in turn be giving way to another driver, Roberto Merhi in… Continue reading

Sega’s Biggest Missteps

Sega was once one of the most iconic game companies around, a fierce competitor with Nintendo on the console market and a house-hold name. However, Sega also has a long history of terrible… Continue reading

Mercedes Clash – Belgian Grand Prix 2014

After a few slightly uneventful years at Spa, we had another shake up of a race at the Belgian GP. It goes without saying that I was happy for the Finnish drivers’ turn-out,… Continue reading

My Top-10 PlayStation Games (possibly)

Alright, today’s list is going to be a little different from what you’re used to seeing. I have never actually owned a Sony PlayStation, but obviously I’ve played it a fair number of… Continue reading

He-Man writers: The Best and the Worst

While making this year’s He-Man Reviews, I’ve also become interested in script-writers for the show. Some of them have gone on to become industry mainstays. Originally, I thought about making a Top-5 and… Continue reading

Original vs. Remake: Casino Royale (1954 vs. 2006)

It’s time for another Original vs. Remake. This time we’re comparing two adaptions of Ian Fleming’s first James Bond novel, Casino Royale. The comparison is between the 1954 television play adaption from Climax!… Continue reading

More Expendable Entertainment

You can also read my reviews of the first Expendables and Expendables 2 on this blog. After Expendables 2, I got really hyped up for a sequel. Whereas Expendables had been a fun-filled… Continue reading

Review & Revisit: Actua Soccer (a.k.a. VR Soccer 96)

I had a little dose of nostalgia recently by downloading Actua Soccer by Gremlin Interactive from Released in the US (and on GOG) as VR Soccer ’96, we have the silly Scottish… Continue reading

Review & Revisit: Mega Man 6

Mega Man 6 was recently released for the Wii U eShop. Mega Man 6 is one of my favourite but also one of the lesser known instalments of the series. Also, the original… Continue reading

New White Devil Podcast! Video game Movies!

A new White Devil Podcast came out with our topic being Video-Game Movies. Below is the official video explaining the content of the podcast and introductions for the guests. To download the podcast… Continue reading

10 Things I hate about adventure games

Adventure games are one of my favourite game genres, but despite their simplicity as games, they are susceptible to annoying design flaws and sins. In relation to the 10 Things I Hate About… Continue reading

My Top-5 RPGs

Alright, in relation to my previous blog, I’m now presenting five RPGs which I also happen to think are really good games in their own right. A running theme with this blog, which… Continue reading

10 Things I hate about RPGs

I wont deny, I am not a fan of RPGs. These games have so many annoying hook-ups that over time I’ve just started to avoid the genre completely when I can help it.… Continue reading