The 7th Guest Review

Finally beat the classic point-and-click adventure game from Trilobyte… Gameplay: 2,5/5 – I would normally not complain about the gameplay in a point-and-click game and essentially there are no huge issues as there… Continue reading

Fun LucasArts Facts!

As LucasArts is no more, I thought it would be fun to tell you some trivia about the former LucasFilms subsidiary and game studio. Fact #1: LucasArts was forbidden to make Star Wars… Continue reading

Top-5 Philips CD-i Games

The Philips CD-interactive has gone down in history as one of the worst consoles ever made. However, to be fair, Philips never intended for the CD-i to be a mere game system. It… Continue reading

Slip & Crash – Hungarian Grand Prix 2014

The Hungarian Grand Prix was probably one of the most eventful and exciting races of the mid-season with two safety car sessions and a surprising Top-3. All around a very interesting race. Race… Continue reading

5 Errors in the movie Rush (2013)

Ron Howard’s movie Rush about the tumultuous 1976 Formula One season which was the culmination of a furious rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda was my favourite movie from last year. As… Continue reading

F1 Drivers’ Championship Top-10 – Season Halfway 2014

Alright, time to look at the past five races and see how the Top-10 for this year’s Drivers’ Championship is changing. If you missed the previous blog, you can go read it here.… Continue reading

Flipping mad – German GP 2014

After a reasonably exciting opening, the German Grand Prix didn’t offer perhaps as much excitement as I had hoped. True, there was a lot of overtaking but in the latter half, Mercedes seemed… Continue reading

Earthbound Review (WiiU eShop)

So, I finally committed myself to finishing a SNES game which everyone praises to death but which I personally had not known to any great extent. Not that surprising as Earthbound (Japanese title:… Continue reading

White Devil Podcast #8 – Metal Talk 2.0 is now online

In the newest episode of White Devil Podcast we return to the topic of the previous episode to discuss more heavy metal bands. Returning from the previous podcast are RetroKaiser, Darabka and Cendoo… Continue reading

Charlie Whiting blames Kimi for his accident.

As anyone who has been following F1s lately knows, Kimi Räikkönen suffered a furious spin and a crash at the Silverstone track during the Sunday’s Grand Prix, from which he walked away thankfully… Continue reading

My Bottom-5 Nintendo 64 Games

Alright, since I presented the remake of my Top-10 Nintendo 64 games, I decided that for the sake of fairness and to show that I’m not entirely nostalgia-blind to the system, I will… Continue reading

Pulling a Räikkönen – British GP 2014

The British Grand Prix proved to be pretty interesting although the race was red flagged almost immediately for an hour following Räikkönen’s accident. Race direction: Poor – Almost none of the pit-stops were… Continue reading

My Top-10 Nintendo 64 games.

Alright, people! The long belated remake of this Top-10 is finally here. The Nintendo 64 is my favourite console of all time and the games on it hold a special place in my… Continue reading

My Top-5 Sports Games which are not Mario Games

Well, it’s summer which is the perfect time to go out and play. Right? Well, being a guy with enough video-game related content to make a blog out of it, it should probably… Continue reading

Caterham does a deal that’s almost too funny to be true

Tony Fernandes has sold his F1 team, Caterham. The deal happened just before the British Grand Prix this weekend. The team will apparently keep its name and drivers for now and the changes… Continue reading

Caterham to be bought out?

As mentioned earlier this season, the Caterham F1 team’s owner Tony Fernandes has expressed that he would be pulling out of the sport if the team would not achieve notable success this season.… Continue reading