Vergne is out – The F1 Roster for 2015

Jean-Eric Vergne has announced that he will not be continuing at Toro Rosso next season. This means that unless Vergne gets a drive or a test driver position in another team, he will… Continue reading

Dumb and Dumber To: The Good, Bad and the Ugly

Since I don’t like reviewing comedies and just saw Dumb and Dumber To, I simply wanted to write about my thoughts more generally. As a result, this post will feature a lot of… Continue reading

Lapped for the Championship – Abu Dhabi GP 2014

The season ending Abu Dhabi GP was rather uneventful. After Nico Rosberg began to suffer from problems with his ERS-booster it was all done for. Abu Dhabi has been the site of some… Continue reading

My Top-20 Iron Maiden songs

Following up my Top-15 Iron Maiden songs with the One-Song-Per-Album rule, I wanted to follow it up with a Top-10 or Top-15 of my favourite Iron Maiden songs ever. However, making such a… Continue reading

My Top-15 Iron Maiden songs with the One-Song-Per-Album rule!

I have professed my love for Iron Maiden many times on this blog as well. A list I’ve dreaded doing for a long time now is my Top-10 Favourite Songs from the band.… Continue reading

F1 Updates: Vettel joins Ferrari & Caterham gets a new driver

Some big news from F1 have to do with a recently announced driver move. Sebastian Vettel, four-time champion, announced his departure from Red Bull a little while ago. It has now been confirmed… Continue reading

White Devil Podcast #12 – One-Hit Wonders Across the Ages

A new White Devil Podcast is on its way. With a record-breaking six guests at my side, we will be discussing One-Hit Wonder artists and bands from across the ages. The guests include:… Continue reading

Caterham makes it to Abu Dhabi

One of the two F1 teams currently in financial problems, Caterham, will take part in the season ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on November 23. Amazingly, the team managed to raise over 2… Continue reading

My Top-5 Dragon Ball Z attacks

I’ve done plenty of DBZ related lists before, but today I wanted to write another funny one related to the series. DBZ is one of my favourite anime series so obviously there’s a… Continue reading

Pit-lane Chaos – Brazilian Grand Prix 2014

Apart from a lot of pit-stop foul-ups, the Brazilian Grand Prix was not particularly exciting. Race broadcast ranking: Okay – Not much focus outside the Top-10 and one yellow flag was missed though… Continue reading

My Top-10 Shooter Games

Shooting enemies is pretty standard fair for most video-games and I’ve certainly played my fair share of such games. I was thinking about making a list of some kind dedicated to shooters but… Continue reading

Sauber goes for total driver revamp!

It was confirmed a little while ago that former Caterham driver, Marcus Ericsson, was moving to the Sauber team for next season. Sauber has now officially announced its driver line-up for next season.… Continue reading

Marussia already signed for next season (under different name)?

Despite facing bankruptcy and thus missing two Grand Prixs in a row, Marussia F1 team has apparently already signed up for next season. At least according Sky Sports which still makes this a… Continue reading

Mid-lot Melee – US Grand Prix 2014

This year’s US Grand Prix was a little on the dull side. However, excellent showdowns between Alonso, Button and Vettel as well as some aggressive driving from the middle lot drivers towards the… Continue reading

Review #300: Hyrule Warriors

Finally, it’s time for my 300th game review. I decided that the honour should go to Hyrule Warriors, the interesting mix of The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors style gameplay. The game… Continue reading

Ericsson maybe moving to Sauber

Swedish F1 driver Marcus Ericsson may end up driving at Sauber next season, at least according to one Swiss publication. Ericsson debuted this season at the Caterham team, which is currently facing bankruptcy… Continue reading