Nintendo World Cup (NES) – Review

We’re nearing my 300th review which will come after this one. Today however, I have a special little blast from the past: a football game from the creators of River City Ransom (Street… Continue reading

WDP#11 is online!

White Devil Podcast #11, our follow-up to the discussion in episode 10 is now up. With returning guests Darabka and RetroKaiser, we continue our discussion on adventure games, starting with our favourites and… Continue reading

Russian Grand Prix 2014 – Race Report

The first Russian Grand Prix driven in over a 100 years, was sadly a little under-whelming as a race. Race broadcast rank: Okay – Since every driver got by with a single pit-stop… Continue reading

Marussia names Bianchi’s replacement, but will only race one car in Russia

The Marussia team has confirmed that their test and replacement-driver Alexander Rossi will replace the injured Jules Bianchi for the rest of the season. However, Marussia will only race one car in the… Continue reading

F1 Drivers’ Championship 2014 – 3rd Quarter

The 2014 season is headed towards its final leg with the four final grand prixs. It’s time to take a look how the championship lead has changed from the previous times… 1st Season… Continue reading

Remember Me (Xbox 360 Review)

Alright, I finished Remember Me for the Xbox 360. This of course is the game from Dontnod, released by Capcom, that caused a stir last year due to major distributors turning the game… Continue reading

White Devil Podcast #11: Adventure Game Follow-up Cast

Me, Darabka and RetroKaiser are regrouping on October 12 for a second podcast about adventure games. If you’re not familiar with the topic, we recommend listening to the first podcast (download link) where… Continue reading

Japanese GP 2014 – Bianchi Injured

A very difficult grand prix which started behind the safety car due to heavy rain, after a red flag and was ended short due to a driver injury. More on this in the… Continue reading

Vettel confirms Red Bull exit

Four-time F1 champion Sebastian Vettel will leave Red Bull at the end of the season. Red Bull has confirmed this info ahead of tomorrow’s Japanese Grand Prix. Vettel will be replaced next season… Continue reading

Masters of the Universe commentary track (with RetroKaiser and Darabka)

Me, RetroKaiser and Darabka (of It’s Tail Time and The Next Round) did a feature-length commentary of the 1987 Masters of the Universe movie starring Dolph Lundgren and Frank Langella. Darabka was a… Continue reading

My Top-10 Horror themes from Video-Games

Recently I posted my favourite pieces of music from horror films, now I wanted to do the same thing for video-games. However, I haven’t played enough horror games to make a convincing list,… Continue reading

Podcast Palooza!

Hey! Podcast number-10 of White Devil Podcast on Adventure Games is up and you can download it directly here. Me and my guests discuss adventure games and even if you’re not a fan… Continue reading

Time’s Up – Singapore Grand Prix 2014

The Singapore GP was relatively calm and straight-forward despite a safety car incident. Lots of flubs on the pits and even some genuine action on-track, but perhaps a slightly less interesting race than… Continue reading

FIA effectively nullifies “radio assistance” ban.

Not long after I got off criticising the idiotic rule change related to the limitation of information which F1 drivers are allowed to receive from their pit-crews, the rule was immediately amended after… Continue reading

Is Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe canon? (and if it is where does it fit??)

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe was one of my favourite Mortal Kombat games, but it’s a bit of an oddity from the franchise. Not just because it was a cross-over title with DC… Continue reading

Stupid radio message rule to take effect in Singapore

Not only has the FIA passed a new rule limiting radio information about cars that can be sent to drivers in F1 races, the rule is to take already effect in the up-coming… Continue reading