Renault rumour mill is winding down

So it seems that Vitaly Petrov has managed to bring in more Russian sponsors into the Renault tea and as a result it seems now that neither Kimi Räikkönen, Heikki Kovalainen nor any… Continue reading

German Awesomeness: The Marienhof Theme

It’s random, awesome music time. Marienhof is a German soap-opera that’s been running on TV since 1992. Around 1995 or 1996 (not sure because I never actually watched the series) the series’ theme… Continue reading

Resident Evil Movies – Funny Stuff

I did this sort of thing in my old blog as well, but essentially it’s a list of all the silly mistakes, plot-holes and the like from the Resident Evil films. Even though… Continue reading

Another chance for the Iceman’s return?

(I’ve been doing that a lot lately haven’t I, putting a question mark at the end of the blog-title =P) Well, things are certainly getting interesting over at Renault. Best to my recollection… Continue reading

Quick Movie Reviews: The Resident Evil films

With the new Resident Evil film, Afterlife, hitting theatres in my home country this Friday I think it’s appropriate to take a look at the three first films in quick review-form. Paul W.S.… Continue reading

2010 Monza Grand Prix – Race Report

A fairly uneventful race at Monza although one of the Championship candidates was forced to retire on the first lap. The Top-10: Fernando Alonso fell behind Button during the start but regained the… Continue reading

Kovalainen returning to Renault?

If there is any good news coming from F1 right now, then probably one is the rumour that Heikki Kovalainen may be returning to the Renault team. I discussed this in a previous… Continue reading

Team Order Rule to be removed?

What the fudgecake!? So now it’s official. The FIA apparently doesn’t care about sportsmanship. I am still angry Ferrari got off without any serious penalties for breaking the team order rule but now… Continue reading

Ferrari gets off Scott Free

Un-fucking-believable! The FIA in its infinite wisdom has decided not to penalize an F1 team and its drivers for a blatant breaking of the Team Order Rule in F1. I am pissed beyond… Continue reading

Quick Movie Reviews: The Dollars Trilogy

Reviews in a few sentences, this time it’s Sergio Leone’s Dollars Trilogy starring Clint Eastwood as the Man with No Name. Excellent, gritty Spaghetti-Westerns with memorable casts and of course music by Ennio… Continue reading

Pineapple Chart!

Hello racing fans, decided to finally do a visual representation of the proverbial Pineapple Chart, so here it is. Click on the image to make it bigger. Also, if you happened to miss… Continue reading

Overkill 9000!! (The Expendables movie review)

So, finally got around to seeing The Expendables. It was definitely a testosterone filled action romp with some of your favorite action stars kicking ass, shooting bad guys and talking manly action-movie dialogue.… Continue reading

2010 Belgian Grand Prix – Race Report

Without a doubt, the Belgian GP on the Spa Circuit was one of the best races of this season with barely any boring moments throughout the race. This was in no small part… Continue reading


Been sick with a terrific headache since yesterday so the F1 Race Report may be a little late tomorrow.

Translator’s Rant (well, sort of): Japanese translating to English – or How Grammar, Spelling and Register get mixed up due to the power of the all-powerful “Umph!?”

Okay, free advice of the day: Never buy imported DVDs from Japan! Even if the DVD cover claims that it has English subtitles that is never a guarantee that they are good subtitles.… Continue reading

Hoping for Halloween Here’s hoping Homestar Runner will return from it’s current loooooong hiatus in time for All Hallows’ Eve. Halloween is traditionally the BIG event on H*R so if the Brother Chappeys decide to… Continue reading