2010 Monaco Grand Prix – Race Report

Despite having as many as four safety car sessions and a record-breaking 11 retirements for this season (though the last two aren’t officially counted as such I will include them in the drop-out… Continue reading

Translator’s Rant: “Who Am I?” DVD subtitle flubs

Like anyone who learned to program a VCR at a relatively young age, I was into recording movies off the TV onto VHS tapes as a kid. When our parents were together we… Continue reading

Slow and Steady gets another year…

There’s been a lot of talk about the three new F1 teams, how slow they are compared to the rest of the lot, how little progress they’ve made over the first third of… Continue reading

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem (GameCube) Review

Because of Resident Evil I felt I needed to just show where my high standards concerning survival horror games come from. Gameplay: 5/5 – Camera-relative movement and being able to attack a specific… Continue reading

Resident Evil (Wii) Review

Well, now I’ve completed the game with both characters, two different difficulty settings and even gotten the best possible endings. I think I’m ready to review this bitch. =) Gameplay: 4/5 – Although… Continue reading

2010 Barcelona GP – Race Report

A rather uneventful race in Barcelona with most of the excitement reserved to the pit-lane and towards the very end of the race. The day was definitely miserable for Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) and… Continue reading

Justice League Unlimited – Season Comparisons

Justice League Unlimited has been one of my favorite cartoon series from recent years. Justice League was definitely a great series but I always had a slight problem with its constant two-parter structure,… Continue reading

Uwe Boll Film Ratings

Well, I picked up a copy of one of Uwe Boll’s latest Video Game-to-Film disasters, Far Cry, and I decided to once again revisit my opinions of his previous films. To start with… Continue reading

Robot Masters VII

Yes, my seventh independent Robot Master cartoon is finally done. It’s been two years since I made my last independent entry in the series (Robot Masters at the Bar, 2008). Hard to believe… Continue reading

A Beginner’s Guide to “Mega Man” (1987, NES)

A FEW KEY POINTS (for beginners) In this game you select in which order you beat the six main levels after which you can begin the final set of levels. When you beat… Continue reading

Mega Man 4 review & revisit

Ah, finally played through Mega Man 4. Last time I did it on an emulator but doing it on the Wii Virtual Console is about as close to the original experience I’m ever… Continue reading

1080° Snowboarding Review

TenEighty is an often praised snow-boarding title for N64 and I decided to give it a try myself… Gameplay: 4/5 – I’d say it’s fairly easy to get to grips with the gameplay… Continue reading

Mega Man 3 review & revisit

Yes, I’ll be getting around to  Mega Man 4’s review soon but I also downloaded MM3 at the same time and I just finished the game and decided to relay some of my… Continue reading

Watching the Negima Anime

I’ve been reading Negima for a good while now, but I only recently had the chance to take a look at the first anime series based on the manga. Made by Xebec the… Continue reading

2010 Shanghai GP – Race Report

The day was McLaren’s. There were many unexpected surprises all through the race.  Alonso (Ferrari) jumped the start, rain was sporadic which lead some drivers to have as many as 5 pitstops and… Continue reading

Shanghai Weather Update!

It’s gonna rain. =) Guaranteed race excellence tomorrow. Ya’ll know who I’m rooting for but in case you missed it: Sebastian Vettel FTW!!!