Toyota’s Spirit Lives On

Last year was surprisingly good for Toyota F1, which is why their decision to withdraw from Formula One was rather shocking. During their career in F1, the team managed a 4th place in… Continue reading

Games in the near future

Okay, it’s been a while since I did a game blog and there’s a reason. I haven’t played all that many new games. I’m still trying to beat Street Fighter 1 and in-between… Continue reading

F1 2010 – Championship Speculation

With only two more races to go the game is up for Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel, the two men who competed for the championship last year. Before the Korean GP they were… Continue reading

2010 Korean Grand Prix – Race Results

Today’s race was a disappointment for me personally, although it made the Championship Race hit a new critical stage. Unfortunately it seems like only three drivers have a realistic chance at the championship… Continue reading

Shooting for the Moon (Despicable Me review)

Despicable Me is a new 3D animated venture by Universal Studios and I have to say surprisingly good in this regard. I am not the biggest fan of CG-animated movies but this one… Continue reading

More Street Fighter goodness

On Sunday I had the brilliant idea of trying to beat the game with my web-cam rolling. The video is raw with no editing and the first part is kinda hard to see… Continue reading

Hardest Fighting Game Ever: Street Fighter 1

A while back Capcom released Fighting Street on the Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console and it took me until AVGN reviewed Street Fighter 2010, where he also mentioned the original Street Fighter 1, that… Continue reading

A quick history of the Formula One scoring system

Formula One has had a number of different scoring systems, but this season’s seemed very radical. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Essentially, under the new system, the top ten finishing cars… Continue reading

Funny F1 jibber-jabber

Here’s a quick glossary of silly F1 names and shit… Lollipop man = This is the guy on the pit-lane that lowers the big sign that tells drivers to stop and go into… Continue reading

2010 Japanese Grand Prix – Race Report

A fairly exciting race in Japan with plenty of crashes before the first lap was even finished. However, much of the excitement was reserved for the middle and back lot which was a… Continue reading

When it rains in Japan – it pours…

Can you imagine how annoyed I was to have to wake up at 8:30 this morning to watch the F1 Qualifying, only to see it moved to tomorrow on the count of rain.… Continue reading

Lesbian Couples, Fertilized Eggs and Organic Tomatoes (The Kids Are Alright review)

So yesterday I went to see The Kids Are All Right , a drama-film about two test-tube kids living with their lesbian parents. The boy, Laser, who’s 15 wants to meet his and… Continue reading

Top/Bottom-5 Successes and Disappointments in Formula One in 2010

The season is nearing an end and it has definitely been an interesting season. And although there’s still four (or three) races left I’m willing to give my thoughts about what’s been great… Continue reading

2010 Singapore Grand Prix – Race Report

After a slow start the Singapore GP actually began to pick up after the first Safety Car session which allowed some drivers like Mark Webber to take serious gambles that paid off. On… Continue reading

Movies I’m planning on seeing… 2

You might remember from an earlier post from this year where I lamented how my intake of original movies had gone down a lot recently. However, things are looking up with some promising… Continue reading

Renault – Did I speak too soon?

In my last post I declared that Vitaly Petrov will be staying at Renault for the next season and that there was no more speculating required about Kimi Räikkönen’s return. But this is… Continue reading