Mega Man 3 review & revisit

Yes, I’ll be getting around to  Mega Man 4’s review soon but I also downloaded MM3 at the same time and I just finished the game and decided to relay some of my… Continue reading

Watching the Negima Anime

I’ve been reading Negima for a good while now, but I only recently had the chance to take a look at the first anime series based on the manga. Made by Xebec the… Continue reading

2010 Shanghai GP – Race Report

The day was McLaren’s. There were many unexpected surprises all through the race.  Alonso (Ferrari) jumped the start, rain was sporadic which lead some drivers to have as many as 5 pitstops and… Continue reading

Shanghai Weather Update!

It’s gonna rain. =) Guaranteed race excellence tomorrow. Ya’ll know who I’m rooting for but in case you missed it: Sebastian Vettel FTW!!!

Shanghai Grand Prix – Qualifying

Not much to say about the Chinese GP Qualifying. The pecking order was once again the same. Outside the top teams the only drivers to make it to Q3 were once again Robert… Continue reading

Mega Fan in Ecstasy!

Mega Man 4 has been released on Virtual Console and I couldn’t be happier. From my Mega Man series overview, you may remember that I gave the game a rather low score of… Continue reading

Vin Diesel hates Bunnies!

I managed to grab myself a DVD copy of Babylon A.D. , a science-fiction action flick with none other than Vin Diesel and Michelle Yeoh in the main-roles. Knowing the movie is hand… Continue reading

Bottom-10 Most Annoying Anime/Manga Clichés

Now to properly preface this article, I am an anime fan. That claim comes from the fact that I watch quite a lot of anime (Japanese cartoons). However, watching a lot of anime… Continue reading

“We Gotta Power!”

Today I lament. I lament that there are no other good versions of the second Dragon Ball Z theme song “We Gotta Power” by Hironobu Kageyama. There are several for the original Dragon… Continue reading

The Mega Man Series – Overview

I did something similar on my old blog and since I finally played through Mega Man 10 I decided to share my thoughts on some of the other Mega Man games that have… Continue reading

Mega Man 10 – A Legacy in 2D platforming

Capcom’s Mega Man series has long traditions which can be already deduced from the fact that the latest instalment in the series has entered double digits. That legacy comes with high expectations but… Continue reading

2010 Malaysian GP – Race Report

A fantastic day for Red Bull Racing and over-all a satisfying race. My predictions about the weather thankfully turned out to be overtly pessimistic as there wasn’t a drop during the whole race.… Continue reading

F1 Malaysian GP – Qualifying

The qualifying was full of surprises with 2 of the 4 major teams, McLaren and Ferrari, not making it into Q2. Hamilton, Massa and Alonso did not go out to the track before… Continue reading

An e-mail from Dominic Armato

I got in contact with Dominic Armato, the voice of Guybrush Threepwood, relating to impending release of Monkey Island 2 Special Edition. After reaching out through Facebook I got a hold of his… Continue reading

2010 Australian GP – Race Report

HOLY SHIT! The Australian Grand Prix did not disappoint. Alonso (Ferrari) took a spin right at the beginning, Kamui Kobayashi‘s (Sauber) wing fell off and he crashed quite hard against Nico Hülkenberg (Williams),… Continue reading

F1 Australian GP – Qualifying

Sebastian Vettel at the pole! \^_^/ Red Bulls will be starting off from the very front of the lot. Mark Webber probably would have preferred to have started from the pole position in… Continue reading