2010 Canada Grand Prix – Race Report

The beginning of the race was definitely exciting with plenty of crashes, cars running off track and the race leader changing several times. After the first third though the excitement cooled as it… Continue reading

My Top- and Bottom-10 Video Game Movies

Since its topical enough, due to Prince of Persia and all, I’d like to share what I think are the best Video Game Movies I have personally seen. And also, to show I’m… Continue reading

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Video Game movies have actually had more victories than it would outwardly seem. Some of my favorite VGfilms have been made only in recent years: Resident Evil, DOA: Dead or Alive, Hit-Man and… Continue reading

More on Shattered Memories

I’ve played the new Silent Hill a little further and thankfully the playing experience is improving. There might have been something wrong with the Wiimote speaker last time and I didn’t run into… Continue reading

Silent Hill – Wii

I’m continuing rather faithfully on my current survival horror tangent. Today I bought Silent Hill: Shattered Memories used. It was up rather cheap even new, but hey, saved me about a third of… Continue reading

RE – Code: Veronica X (GC, Final Review)

Finally fucking beat it!! There unfortunately wasn’t a big  change to the final score but I’ve altered some of my previous comments. Anyway here’s the review… Gameplay: 3/5 – On the whole the… Continue reading

Movies I’m planning on seeing …

Prince of Persia – Probably gonna go this week. The A-Team – Loved the TV-show and I hope the movie version will do it justice (the concepts are there so I expect the… Continue reading

Video Game Movies in the near Future

Well, as anyone who knows me is aware of, I’m a huge fan of video game movies but it’s not really looking very promising in this front. Sure, Uwe Boll is still doing… Continue reading

2010 Turkish GP – Race Report

The Turkish GP was fairly uneventful until the latter half where the outcome of the race experienced a dramatic shift due to a collision between the Red Bull cars. There was some light… Continue reading

Eurovision Song Contest – Finals

Well unfortunately Belgium didn’t win but Germany had a really good song so I’m personally happy for them. Also it’s only Germany’s second victory and considering how long it’s been since one of… Continue reading

Eurovision 2010 – Semi-Final 2

The second Semi-Final had several more songs I really liked which made it kinda sad since a good number of them didn’t make it into the finale. Because of this I decided to… Continue reading

Eurovision Song Contest – Semi-Final 1

Well, Finland sadly did not make it to the final but there were several good and even great songs so at least we didn’t lose to anyone worse than ourselves. Anyway here were… Continue reading

Who’s ready for take off?

Even though it’s a little mean (not to mention that the F1 season isn’t even half-way through yet) I wanted to make a little list of three teams and three drivers who I… Continue reading

The Super Star Wars Trilogy Review

In the early-to-mid 1990s LucasArts took on an ambitious task of trying to turn one of its most well known licences into a Trilogy of Action Platformer games on the Super Nintendo Entertainment… Continue reading

Adios, Ronnie James Dio!

Dio has passed away. This is a sad day for metal… Ronnie James Dio was the influential and powerful mega-voice of such bands as the blues-rock band Elf, the rock-n-rollin Rainbow, the post-Ozzy… Continue reading

2010 Monaco Grand Prix – Race Report

Despite having as many as four safety car sessions and a record-breaking 11 retirements for this season (though the last two aren’t officially counted as such I will include them in the drop-out… Continue reading