My Top-10 Wii U Games

The Wii U is officially coming to the end of its regrettably short life-span. Even though I had a blast with the system, loved the HD remake of Wind Waker and also got… Continue reading

Verstappen vs. Vettel – Mexican GP 2016

Apart from the race-opening and the final few laps (which resulted in a bunch of penalties which changed the results), this year’s Mexican GP wasn’t all that exciting even if there was a… Continue reading

Killer Instinct (Xbox One) review

I’ve finally had a chance to sit down properly with the latest instalment of the Killer Instinct series from Rare. The first two games are amongst some of my favourite fighting games and… Continue reading

“Yee-haw” – 2016 US Grand Prix

In a season characterised by uncharacteristically boring races, we had yet another uncharacteristically dull Round in the US. This time there was a bit of action in the middle and the back-lot and… Continue reading

Nintendo NX revealed as Nintendo Switch and it looks pretty awesome

Yesterday, Nintendo finally revealed their mysterious new game-system, previously referred to as Nintendo NX, to be Nintendo Switch. The Switch is a new interesting hybrid of a home and handheld console. Following a… Continue reading

Nico the Hülk to join Renault next season?

The motorsports magazine Autosport has reported that Nico Hülkenberg will be joining the Renault F1 team in 2017. The Hülk himself has not confirmed the news, however, his current team Force India has… Continue reading

Fun Paul W.S. Anderson Facts!

Paul W.S. Anderson is my favourite movie director and I’ve already listed my 10 favourite movies from him. Now, I decided it would be fun to just list some random bits of fun… Continue reading

Formula E season (2016-17) kicked off in Hong Kong

Unfortunately I missed the first race of the season in this year’s Formula E series. I’ll make the effort to see some of the races this season, though I’m sadly in a difficult… Continue reading

Rosberg clinches Constructor Championship – Japanese GP 2016

The Japanese Grand Prix was hands down the worst race I’ve watched this season. Practically nothing happened and there weren’t even any retirements. Literally the only noteworthy event about the race was that… Continue reading

Red Bull Double Podium – Malaysian GP 2016

The Malaysian Grand Prix wasn’t particularly exciting until last leg of the race when Hamilton lost an almost sure race victory to an engine blow out. The Top-10: Daniel Ricciardo – Danny boy… Continue reading

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Review (Xbox One)

Finally beat the main story of Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, the sequel/reboot of the Mirror’s Edge series. Gameplay: 4/5 – The controls are just about as good as the first game. You can’t pick… Continue reading

Battletoads: Arcade Review (Xbox One)

Battletoads: Arcade was featured as one of the numerous titles on the Rare Replay Collection and I’ve been playing it a whole lot so here’s my review of it. (Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst review… Continue reading

No Singapore Race Report

Sorry folks. For the first time in four years I completely missed out on an F1 race. Kvyat and Magnussen drove on points for the the first time in a long while so… Continue reading

Mercedes closing in – Italian GP 2016

The Italian Grand Prix was disappointingly dull this year. (Sorry for the late post, I was busy.) The Top-10: Nico Rosberg – Rosberg got the better start out of the two Mercedes cars… Continue reading

Jenson Button to step down after 2016

Jenson Button, the 2009 F1 champ, has announced that he will be stepping down from active racing duty at the end of the 2016 season. This is the second announcement by a series… Continue reading

Felipe Massa to retire at the end of 2016 season (updated)

Brazilian F1 veteran Felipe Massa will be hanging up his driving gloves at the end of the current season. The driver’s 13 year-long career will probably stand as one of the most accomplished… Continue reading