Castlevania vs. Mega Man – Round #8 (Castlevania for N64 vs. Mega Man Legends)

And lastly, we’ll look at the Castlevania and Mega Man series’ first attempts at 3D titles. These games were both rough going in since there really wasn’t much of a precedent. And perhaps… Continue reading

Castlevania vs. Mega Man – Round #7 (Symphony of the Night vs. PS1 2D Mega Mans)

We’re arriving in the second-to-last blog of this VS.-series and it’s once again time to shift consoles, this time to the Sony PlayStation. Before we take a look at how these two franchises… Continue reading

Castlevania vs. Mega Man – Round SiXX (Rondo of Blood vs. Mega Man X)

Our final pair in the battle of the 16-bit systems pits the only TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine title with the first game of the Mega Man X series. I admit this is an odd pair… Continue reading

Castlevania vs. Mega Man – Round #5 (Bloodlines vs. The Wily Wars)

From the SNES we now move to Sega’s 16-bit system, the Mega Drive a.k.a. Sega Genesis. Konami tried to add a new twist to its 16-bit Castlevania title for Nintendo’s competitor system. As… Continue reading

Castlevania vs. Mega Man – Round #4 (Super Castlevania 4 vs. Mega Man 7)

Now, it’s time to move from the 8-bit systems to the 16-bit systems, which is what the three on-coming blogs of this series are going to be about. I’ll be comparing CV and… Continue reading

Castlevania vs. Mega Man – Round #3 (Dracula’s Curse vs. Mega Man 3)

We come to our final pair of NES titles for this showdown series. Now, technically speaking Castlevania 3 is actually a prequel – but I feel this is as good a moment as… Continue reading

Hamilton wins, Rosberg gets penalised – British GP 2016

The British Grand Prix started in wet conditions this year. After 5 laps of chasing the safety car, Lewis Hamilton took an unchallenged victory while his team-mate suffered the brunt of F1’s confusing… Continue reading

Castlevania vs. Mega Man – Round #2 (Simon’s Quest vs. Mega Man 2)

Alright, time to compare the follow-ups of the NES originals. A second game can either elevate a series further or cause it to suffer a pitfall early on that may prevent it from… Continue reading

Castlevania vs. Mega Man – Round #1

This is a blog-topic that I planned to do a long time ago but never got around to. Castlevania and Mega Man used to be the flagship titles of their respective game companies,… Continue reading

Resident Evil 5 Review (Xbox 360)

A little while ago Capcom announced the arrival of a seventh official instalment in the Resident Evil game series. While I’ve always been more a fan of the film series, I do enjoy… Continue reading

Hamilton’s surprise victory – Austrian GP 2016

The Austrian GP was slightly uneventful this year. Regardless, several surprising drivers started from promising positions, there were some good scuffles, the safety car and a killer finale, so it was still a… Continue reading

Sebastien Buemi wins Formula E Championship 2015-16

Unfortunately, I was unable to watch the season finale of Formula E, especially considering that the championship was decided in an unusual way. Sebastien Buemi and Lucas DiGrassi, who were both vying for… Continue reading

DiGrassi still in lead after first London Round

Sorry, I missed today’s London race which is the first half of the Formula E season finale. I was busy moving into a new apartment. At any rate, Lucas DiGrassi still leads the… Continue reading

My Bottom-10 Star Trek episodes

I’m a huge fan of Star Trek: The Original Series, as I’ve covered my favourite movies and episodes concerning the crew of Captain Kirk. However, even though I love Star Trek: TOS, I’m… Continue reading

Anton Yelchin dies at age 27 in a car accident

Anton Yelchin (1989 – 2016), better known for playing Pavel Chekov in the currently ongoing series of Star Trek movies has died tragically in a car accident. Yelchin was only 27 at the… Continue reading

Rosberg back on top – European GP 2016 (Azerbaijan)

Nico Rosberg took his fifth victory of the season after a three-race log gap. Though there was lots of overtaking in the very first Grand Prix of Baku, not too many crashes or… Continue reading