How to beat Donkey Kong 64 in 5 easy steps!

DK64The steps are:

  1. Visit every place of business at the start of a level.
  2. Collect enough bananas to get to the boss fight
  3. Collect enough golden bananas to get in to the next level.
  4. Collect at least half of all the blueprints
  5. Collect 4 Crowns & both the N64 and Rareware coins


Step-1: Visit every place of Business

At the beginning of each level always visit Funky, Cranky and Candy. Funky will either give your characters their weapon or an upgrade of some kind, Candy gives upgrades to the Kongs’ instruments as well as additional melons to the life-meter and Cranky will give you new moves. By visiting all these places you’ll explore the level, gain the necessary moves for boss-fights and usually find most or all of the teleportation platforms.

You can also visit Snide but he’ll only help if you have a blueprint for him.


Step-2: Collect enough bananas to get to the boss fight.

The amount of bananas you need to collect in order to get to fight the bosses grows with every level. So, once you free all the Kongs make sure to explore the level with them. If you can find at least half the bananas for each of the Kongs you shouldn’t have trouble getting the needed amounts, though in some levels (particularly the Pirate and Haunted Castle levels) it can be a bit tricky.

Beyond that all that bananas are good for are banana medals (see Step-5).


Step-3: Collect enough golden bananas to enter the next level

After you’ve beaten the boss and returned the key to K. Lumsy’s cage a new level becomes available, but you need to have collected enough golden bananas to get in. This is where you should backtrack to prior levels, usually starting with the first jungle level, since new golden bananas become available as you learn new moves and release more Kongs to your disposal.

These first three steps are designed to help you get to the final level the fastest way possible. Steps 4 and 5 are to help you beat the final level.


Step-4: Collect at least half of all the blueprints

Snide’s blueprints aren’t just an easy way to score golden bananas. They’ll become more important when you reach the final level. Every collected (and returned) blueprint adds up as time that you’ll have to play through the final level. After making your way through different rooms testing the Kongs’ abilities you’ll have to complete a pair of mini-games with each of the Kongs to shut down the Kremlin Island’s generator.

You wont necessarily need this many blueprints, but collecting at least half of them should give you adequate time to beat the level.

Step-5: Collect 4 crowns the N64 and Rareware coins

In order to pass to the throne room, you must defeat 4 K. Rool pads and receive 4 crowns. Each pad presents a gauntlet of enemies you must fight off. Pads are easy to find, they’re just laying around in most levels.

In order to get to the final key in K. Rool’s throne-room, you’ll need the two special coins that can be collected from the game. Getting the N64 coin is simple. You simply have to beat the Donkey Kong arcade game in the Factory level twice. However, beating the game for the second time on harder difficulty may be a bit hard (especially screen 3).

Getting the Rareware coin is a bit more work but technically easier. You get the coin from playing Jetpak on Cranky’s computer. All you have to do in the game is play long enough so the coin appears, collect it and then get a Game Over. However, in order to play on Cranky’s computer you’ll have to collect 15 banana medals. Each Kong can get one medal from each level when they collect 75 bananas. There are two time efficient ways to accomplish this: A.) Collect 75 bananas as at least two or three of the Kongs in every level you’re in or B.) Collect 75 bananas as all the Kongs in three levels.