Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Missions Guide & General Hints

GTASABOXGeneral tips

Things to do before you start playing:

  • Visit the Police Station and Hospital and pick up the info blocks. This way if you fail a mission by being Wasted or Busted, you don’t have to wait for the whole info schtick to play out.
  • You can visit a police-station to find some free body-armour. However, do not have a weapon or a spray-can in hand when you enter a station or else you will get a wanted level.
  • You can complete ambulance missions to earn money early on. Ambulance missions are easy and very profitable.

General helpful tips:

  • You can lose a wanted level in a number of ways. If you only have a one-star wanted level, simply keep driving around and you’ll eventually lose it (even with the cops on your tail). If your wanted level is two or more stars, then you should head to a safe-house or a save point. If they’re too far away to make it safely, get to a barbershop, a clothes store or a Pay N Spray. Getting a new haircut, buying new clothes or re-spraying the car removes the wanted level.
  • There’s a free body-armour pick-up near almost every save-point in the game except the Johnson House, the Abandoned A.C. Tower and Madd Dogg’s Mansion. Look for it and pick up body-armour before starting a mission.
  • Early on you can earn extra money by completing ambulance side-missions or by killing drug-dealers (these are the black men in black tops wearing skullies or white guys in white hoodies that stand around in the middle of a street).
  • If you have an arms shortage, you can run down enemy gang-members, Ballas or Vagos, and collect their weapons.

General tips on flying aeroplanes:

  • Firstly, turn off mouse-steering from the Options Menu if it happens to be turned on.
  • Secondly, never ever use the mouse while flying a plane. Unless you have both hands on the keyboard while flying a plane, it’s gonna get difficult. (Moving the camera will be useful sometimes when flying a helicopter, but very rarely)
  • You can turn by using the rudder, but it’s much easier to dip to either left and right and then pulling up on the pitch-controls to turn. Note: the plane will shake a lot when you do this, so keep guiding it to remain level.
  • Remember that when you push the throttle (forward), you keep gaining altitude. You don’t need to push it all the time, but you’ll have to press it from time to time to remain airborne.
  • Always remember to pull in your landing gear when taking off.
  • While on the ground, you can steer the plain by lightly tapping forward and using the rudder controls.

Los Santos, Act I

This is the first leg of the game. Los Santos has a lot of varied areas but also a lot of traffic and cops, so you should attempt to drive carefully so you won’t accidentally draw the attention of the cops. The majority of the missions are activated in or around Grove Street, so you don’t have to travel far. The only exceptions are OG Loc’s and the C.R.A.S.H. missions.

Tutorial Missions

These missions are designed to prepare you for the game. Well, technically so are all the missions, but these you have to complete before you can accept missions from other characters. All these missions except “Big Smoke” and “Ryder” are activated at Sweet’s house. “Ryder” is activated at Ryder’s home.

  1. Big Smoke + Sweet & Kendl: This one is just a basic starter. Ride the bikes and follow the other characters. Avoid going too fast or outrunning the others. There’s a Ballas car following you but they shouldn’t be able to kill you (though they may shoot at you a few times). Halfway through the mission Sweet will lead them away and you only need to follow Ryder and Big Smoke back to the Grove.
  2. Ryder: Firstly just drive over to the barbershop and get a haircut (try not to get anything too expensive since you don’t have much money to begin with). Next, go to the Burger Shot and buy a meal. Ryder will attempt a robbery but you end up having to escape. Get to the car and you can run over the Burger Shot worker to get a free shotgun. If the cops spot you though, park the car right next to the shotgun to get it and then drive off before you can be pulled over. You don’t need the shotgun but it can be helpful in a few of the starter missions.
  3. Tagging Up Turf: Here you have to go paint graffiti in the neighbourhood. You’ll first have to cover two spots. Make sure there are no cops around before using the spray or you’ll get a wanted level. Then you head up to the Ballas’ turf. One graffiti spot is guarded by a pair of Ballas. If you got the shotgun in the last mission you can take them both out easily. Next, run quickly to the fence. You have to climb up the building for the final tag. It’s on the front facade of the roof. Once you’re done, Sweet will park the car. Jump down, get in and drive back to the Grove.
  4. Cleaning the Hood: This is an easy mission. First just drive to where the game tells you. Then drive to the dope dealer. If you saved the shotgun from the Ryder mission you can probably take out the dealer with one clean headshot. If not, you’ll have to beat him to death. Next up, head to the Crack House and kill all the Ballas. This part is easy since you get the bat, but don’t let a Balla sneak up behind you or he’ll beat you to the ground. After that, it’s back to the Grove.
  5. Drive-Thru: You get attacked by Ballas while at the Clucking Bell drive-thru. All you have to do is follow the Ballas’ car and not wreck your own vehicle. Avoid bumping into other cars and stay beside the Balla car to allow Sweet and Ryder to blast at it. Eventually the Balla car will catch fire. Get away when it explodes and then drive over the surviving Ballas. It’s an easy mission, but the first few times you may mess up by driving recklessly, the Balla car will never go too fast so all you need to take care of is that your own car doesn’t blow up.
  6. Nines & AKs: This mission really is just a tutorial. Drive to Emmet’s and do the gun-practice.


Sweet’s missions have you interacting with new characters and protecting the Grove. The first three you can access back-to-back, for the others you’ll have to complete supporting characters’ side-missions.

  1. Drive-By: Another relatively easy mission, you have to drive past Balla groups and help the others take them out. You can push cars and run down Ballas to help this mission go smoothly. The last group is particularly easy since you can essentially just mow them down by driving through the bridge tunnel. You’ll have to go to Pay N Spray to get your wanted level off and then back to the Grove. You can access Ryder’s missions after this one
  2. Sweet’s Girl: This is an annoying mission, especially since you don’t have any serious gear at this point in the game (check General Tips on how to get body armour and weapons easy). Try to take out as many of the Seville gang members with a car but don’t stay in it or else they’ll blow your car up. Take your time and blast them from the distance with whatever gun you’re best at (but don’t take too long since you don’t have much cover and the Sevilles are really good shots for some reason). Next, jack a car and quickly drive back to Grove Street (you can take a short-cut between the bridge that goes over the Grove and the house next to it, as well as via the alley near the Johnson House).
  3. Cesar Vialpando: This mission isn’t too bad but annoyingly you have to spend some money on it. First, drive to the garage where you’ll get a low-rider car. Next you have to go in and buy something (get “colours”, not the “paint-job”, that’s about the cheapest thing available). Then drive to the train-station and get into a hopping challenge. Check vehicle controls for where you have the special controls (by default it should be 2, 4, 6 and 8 on the number pad). Like all dance-missions, the timing and sync may be off depending on what resolution you’re playing so check your timing in the first few arrows when the song starts. After this, you can access Cesar’s illegal street race mission (save the car from this mission for that one).
  4. Doberman: This mission allows you to access Ammunation stores, so completing it is a good thing, but you’ll also have your first gang war. If nothing else, buy some body-armour when you first enter Ammunation and, if you can afford it, an SMG. Head to Glen Park and try to find a group of Ballas. You have to gun down three to start a gang war. Gangs will always appear to the opposite direction from where you’re looking at so you can use this to your advantage and manipulate where the Ballas will appear. Also, Ballas will only walk on the sidewalk so you can line them up and start blasting as soon as they’re in range. There are always three waves, each in bigger numbers and with better weapons. However, at the place where they spawn, they also leave a health and, on the second wave, body armour pick-up. So as soon as you can, pick those up before the next wave spawns. Finally, Glen Park is yours and you need to take down the last Balla to complete the mission.
  5. Los Sepulcros: Drive to the cemetery and blast the Ballas. Keep tapping G to keep your homies close and blast Ballas from a distance. The head Balla takes more hits to kill but once he’s down you’ll get a two-star wanted level and two more Ballas will show up. One of them has a shotgun so take him out first. After that you can escape with Sweet in the Ballas’ car, get to Pay N Spray and then back to the hood. As an added tip: If a cop makes it into the graveyard you don’t need to wait for the other gang-members and instead you can drive off with Sweet and still pass the mission.

Big Smoke

  1. OG Loc: This one is almost more of an OG Loc than a Big Smoke mission. Basically you have to follow the Vago on the motorcycle. Don’t waste ammo firing at him, just chase him down until you come to the basketball court. Park your motorcycle at a distance and shoot down all the Vagos. After that take Jeffrey to the Burger Shot and the mission is over.
  2. Running Dog: This is an easy mission. All you need to do is run after the Vago and shoot him down. It helps if you have an Uzi or an SMG. Just remember that you can’t fire while sprinting.
  3. Wrong Side of the Tracks: This mission is also sort of easy, but you have to be good at riding a bike. You have to get the bike near to the train but far enough so that Smoke can kill the Vagos on top. Also, don’t outrun the train. Stay on the parallel track until just before the tunnel when an on-coming train passes and when you have to take the high road. You have until the train reaches the bridge outside of town to kill all the Vagos.
  4. Just Business: Here you have to duck your head. Shoot the Russians one by one and grab an SMG and body-armour before you head outside. Repeat the strategy and grab some ammo before you run off. The second half of this mission is a chase with you firing at the Russians. Shoot the Russians off the bikes (the one’s riding on the back first, then the driver) and cap the drivers in the cars. Don’t bother with Russians standing on the side of the road except for when you stop. For the truck, you can pop its tyres but it will keep following you throughout the mission. The last thing to remember is that you have to shoot through the flood gate after which you only have to worry about the last few bikes following you.


  1. Home Invasion: This is a tutorial for break-in missions. All you have to do is go to the house and take out all the boxes (or at least three). There’s a sneak button (game tells you which one). There’s one box in the living room, kitchen (to the right), in the hall-way leading to the bedroom and two boxes in the bedroom. Don’t run at any point or the owner will wake up.
  2. Catalyst: First take out the Vagos near the train. Hang back and aim for their heads to get easy headshots. After that, Ballas will show up. Repeat the strategy. Pick up ammo and money from the dead gang-members before you get on the train. Now you have to throw boxes at Ryder. You can throw them full power if you like (the longer you hold the mouse button the further they’ll fly). Aim slightly higher than Ryder’s head and the boxes will land in his lap. Then head to Pay N Spray and back to the Grove.
  3. Robbing Uncle Sam: This is the most annoying mission but it’s easy if you have body-armour and an Uzi/SMG. Climb up the wall and shoot the guard by the gate before going down. Shoot the guards outside before you shoot the lock on the warehouse. There are two more guards inside the warehouse. Now operate the forklift. It’s a bit tricky to drive but move your camera so you won’t go over the boxes. It’s enough if only the tips of the forks are under the boxes, then just use special controls (default: 8 and 2 on the number-pad) to lift the box. Lift it about halfway up and you should be able to get it in the truck. Even though Ryder’s guarding outside, you might want to take out the occasional guard so he doesn’t die. Also, take your time with the forklift so you won’t accidentally drop the boxes or mess up. After you have the four boxes from inside the warehouse and the two outside, you can drive off. You can tell Ryder to throw boxes at the National Guard by honking the horn, but if you just drive smoothly to the warehouse you shouldn’t need to.

OG Loc

  1. Life’s a Beach: Jeffrey wants you to steal a sound-system. Drive over and talk to the DJ and she’ll ask you to dance (press Y both times). This is much like Sweet’s “Cesar Vialpando” mission, except you use your directional keys (WASD or arrow keys by default). After you’re done dancing the DJ asks you to come into the van. You can only get in once she’s in. Now drive off, get to the road closest to you so you can shake the beach boys chasing you and get to the garage.
  2. Madd Dogg’s Rhymes: You’ll have to sneak into Madd Dogg’s house. This one is a tad tricky but the game also tells you how to sneak so you shouldn’t have too much trouble. Remember that you have limited weaponry, a knife to start with and you can get a silenced pistol when you kill one of the guards after you have the rhyme book. There’s also body-armour in the building. However, regardless of what you used to get to the mansion you’re forced to take the bicycle at least to the bottom of the hill. You can jack a car or a bike once on the road though.
  3. Management Issues: Now it’s time to take out Madd Dogg’s manager. Drive up to the Burger Shot to the north and crash into the black car. Kill the guard and then have the car re-sprayed at the nearby Pay N Spray. You’re on a timer to get to the chauffeur escort so be careful when exiting Pay N Spray and driving to the meet so that you don’t damage the car in any way. Follow the chauffeurs to the Chinese theatre and then drive off to the docks. Take the straightest route and drive the car off the pier. Before hitting the end of the pier, press Enter and CJ will bail.
  4. House Party: Jeffrey has been fired from Burger Shot. He tells you to get a change of clothes. You don’t have to do this though, all you have to do is wait for the clock to reach 8 PM. Ballas will try to raid Grove Street. Take them out with what weapon you know to use best. The second wave is up on the bridge but they can be taken out easily, a few shots and they fall off. The third wave is the hardest. You’ll want to head away from Grove Street since Ballas will be heading up from the alley next to the Johnson house and also from between the other houses. Just keep your distance and blast them from afar.


Cesar has one racing mission which is obligatory. For this mission you need a low-rider. You can either jack one from a house in his neighbourhood or you can save the car you got from Sweet’s “Cesar Vialpando” mission.

High Stakes, Low Rider: This is a relatively easy race but it may feel hard because you’re driving a low-rider which has rear-wheel drive. You will lose the other drivers very quickly as long as you don’t run into anything. However, your car will be very slippery, so remember to always brake before turning, preferably by pressing S or back instead of Space, since the hand-brake leads to sharp turns and you might do a 180 by accident.


  1. Burning Desire: This mission is a pain, but be careful and it should be pretty easy. Firstly, get the Molotov cocktails as indicated on the map, then drive up to the house. If you’re riding a car you can bail while riding at high speed and let the car mow down the Vagos on the front of the house. Throw the Molotovs in through the windows, light throws if you’re close and semi-hard throws if you’re further away. Be careful or you may get burned. There are more Vagos behind the house so be prepared to shoot them. There are five windows. Once the house is burning you realise there’s a girl inside. Now you have to rescue her. Avoid the flames inside and get to the second floor. You can’t get to her yet though, back track to the kitchen and get the fire-extinguisher. Get fairly close to the flames and aim at their base to take them out. As you do this, part of the building will come down and now you have to find another route through the house to the exit. Take your time, take out only the fires that are directly in your path and make sure the girl doesn’t get lost or stuck behind walls or furniture. After this you can drive the girl home and back to the Grove. This mission makes Denise (the girl) your girlfriend and you’re free to either ignore or date her while not on a mission.
  2. Gray Imports: This is the first really tough mission. It has two parts, penetrating the warehouse and then chasing down the Russians’ boss:
    1. Drive all the way to the back of the yard and blow up the forklifts trying to run you down by shooting at the barrels they carry. Take out all the mechanics outside, grab the body-armour on the crates and then make your way in by shooting the lock. Stay ducked down and wait for the mechanics to jump out before shooting them. On the conveyor-line towards the end there are several exploding barrels you can blow up and an AK-47 under the stairs.
    2. After the Russian boss escapes follow him and take out the mechanics with the AK. Quickly run back to the front of the warehouse (by following the Russian) and get on the bike. Follow the limo while firing from the back of your bike. When the car catches fire, brake and watch his limo blow up.

Story End Missions

These are the final missions you complete before you are kicked out of Los Santos. Both are activated at Sweet’s house.

Reuniting the Families: You’re driving to the meet with the other gang families when the Police suddenly arrive. You’ll get a shotgun automatically at the start of this mission. Use it to take out the SWAT members inside. Wait for them to show up and then blast them. Because the shotgun spreads you can get several on one shot. Make it to Sweet and then you’ll get up on the roof of the motel (your life will be filled up at this point). Take out the SWAT members on the chopper then blast it with whatever gun you have. After the chopper goes down its time for the final leg of the mission, the chase. Smoke and Ryder pick you up. You’re now blasting at cops with an AK in first person view. Keep shooting the cop cars until they blow up. At some point the motorcycle cops will try to jump on your car. Take them out quickly. Beyond that, this part should be a piece of cake.

Green Sabre: The final mission. Cesar calls you over to see something. Turns out Ryder and Smoke are in bed with the enemy. Now quickly drive to the other side of town to save Sweet from a Balla attack. Run around the back and take out the Ballas one at a time. Be careful because more back up will show up in vans. Take out the cars or shoot the Ballas as they’re getting out to handle it quickly. Whatever you do, don’t get in the path of the cars or the Ballas will mow you over. Once you’ve taken out the Ballas, the cops will seize you and it’s off to the next chapter of the game.

Angel Pine & Red County

GENERAL TIP: This part of the game can be annoying since the mission activation spots are so far apart and, unless you can afford to buy a safe-house, the only save point up till you complete “King in Exile” will be at Angel Pine. Afterwards, you can also save your game at Catalina’s hide-out. Drive safely and use the main roads until you know the lay of the land.

Angel Pine Missions

These missions are activated in Angel Pine where Tenpenny and co. will dump you. If you need money to buy weapons, this is an ideal spot to complete ambulance side-missions. There’s a Save point and a body-armour pick-up in a fenced area in town.

  1. Badlands: Tenpenny and co. want you to kill a witness in protection by the police and take a picture of his corpse. You need a weapon and the cheapest and most effective is the Tec8 Uzi from Ammunation. You can do the mission either in a car or on a bike. On a bike, you can get up the mountain and follow your target more easily but you will be more exposed. In a car, you’ll be safer but killing your target will be more difficult (as you can only fire to the sides and not the front). Take out some of the guards outside the shack and the witness will flee. Follow him and blow up his car (but don’t push it into the lake). The witness will bail before the car explodes, you can then kill him, take a picture and head back to the drop-off. After this you’ll have to complete one of Catalina’s missions.
  2. Body Harvest: Time to meet your new friend, The Truth. He needs you to steal a Harvester. Drive to the farm and use whatever vehicle you want to get to the field. Preferably take out the hillbillies in the field and then fire on the harvester to get the driver to leave. After that, kill the driver, steal the harvester and drive it out of the farm. There’s a dirt road close to the farm exit that you can use as a short-cut to your final destination.
  3. King in Exile: This is just a cutscene before you go off to complete the rest of Catalina’s missions.

Catalina’s Crime Spree

You can activate Catalina’s missions when you first meet her at the bar and then later by going to her house. However, her missions can be activated in any order after you’ve gone to see her. The missions are therefore listed here in order from easiest to hardest.

  1. Tanker Commander: All you need to do is take the Truck cab, line it up with the truck-wagon and get it on. Now drive to where it shows on the map. The gas-station owner will try to stop you but if you keep heading up the road you’ll lose him very quickly.
  2. Against All Odds: You’re robbing a betting shop. Use the satchel charges to blow up the door first. Roll through your weapons to find the remote and detonate from a safe distance. Next, put one on the safe and repeat. Once you’re out, drive off on your car or your bike. There’s a Pay N Spray in the town where you met Catalina. Go there and get re-sprayed, then head back to the hideout.
  3. Local Liquor Store: You’ll be riding a quad-bike this time, which can be a pain. Just take it easy and follow the cowboys, just don’t let them get too far ahead or you’ll fail the mission. Don’t shoot if you’re low on ammo. Let Catalina sort them out. When one cowboy falls, drive over the suitcases to collect them. Once all three are dead, it’s back to the hideout. If the chase makes it all the way back to North Los Santos, the cowboys will leave their quads and start shooting. Here’s your last chance to take them out.
  4. Small Town Bank: Most annoying mission by far. You have to guard the other people in the bank, but eventually the security guard will try to shoot you. Kill him and now you have to shoot your way out. First, get the money from the ATMs. Shoot each of them twice with the shotgun. Once you’re done, Catalina will blow the back-door open. Cops will be waiting in the alleyways, rooftops and behind boxes. Once again, take it easy and blast them with your shotgun. Some will come from behind so keep an eye out. Eventually two policemen will come in with bikes. Once you kill them you’ll both take off on the bikes. Follow Catalina and the cops chasing her, but don’t get in front of the cops or they will shoot at you. When you enter the next town, Catalina will fall off her bike. Pick her up and head back to the hide-out (no Pay N Spray this time).

Racing Missions

Cesar, once again, has two racing missions for you, which have to be completed before you can go complete The Truth’s final mission.

  1. Wu Zi Mu: Here you will meet and race a new friend, Woozie. For this race you need a fast car. Any will do (there’s always one available at Catalina’s) but preferably pick one that’s also good on dirt roads. You will race through Red County. You can lose your competition easily but be careful not to flip your car in the bumpy terrain.
  2. Fare well, my love: Now you get to race with Catalina and Claude (from GTA3) with the car you won from Woozie. You can start this race after you’ve completed all of Catalina’s missions. You’re basically riding the same route as in Wu Zi Mu, only backwards. Woozie’s car is pretty powerful so avoid hand-brake turns and be especially careful when riding on the dirt roads.

The Truth’s Final Mission

This mission is your entry into San Fierro where the next act of the game takes place. In order to access this mission you have to complete all of Catalina’s and Cesar’s missions.

Are you going to San Fierro?: You have to smuggle the weed to San Fierro, but narcs attack The Truth’s little green village. Use the flame-thrower to torch the fields. All you need to do is hold down fire and strafe – letting the fires consume the plants. Don’t worry about the glass casing, the plants will catch fire and the case will break on its own. If you run out of flame-thrower fuel, you can get a refill in the shed, but you can’t sprint while armed with the flame-thrower, so switch to another weapon if you need to go to the shed. Once you’ve torched the fields, you’re in for the hard part, shooting down the helicopter. Aim the bazooka where the chopper is going or wait for it to slow down. You only need one direct hit. The rest is easy – you only need to drive the Mother Ship (Truth’s van) to San Fierro, to the garage you won from Catalina (no wanted level, so just follow the road and take it easy).

San Fierro


These are the missions you can activate from your garage in San Fierro. The save point is just outside the garage.

  1. Wear Flowers In Your Hair: This is a simple “drive from point A to Z” mission. Follow The Truth’s instructions and get familiar with San Fierro.
  2. 555 We Tip: This is a fun little mission. Firstly, drive to the Vankoff hotel and follow the busboy to the car-park (take your time and don’t cause a commotion). Once down there, you will kill him and take his clothes. Wait for the DA outside the hotel and take his car when he arrives, drive it to your garage and the back to the car-park. You’ll be on a timer and you mustn’t dent the car in any way, so drive swiftly but safely (down empty lanes and brake before coming to an intersection where cars are waiting). This mission isn’t too bad but you can fuck it up by bumping into something so avoid all traffic when you’re doing it.
  3. Deconstruction: You have to destroy all the portables. Some can be blown up by shooting the barrels next to them, but you should use the bulldozer as well since it’s easier. The workers will attack you immediately and more will appear from the portables, so take out as many as possible or at least the ones with guns before getting on the bulldozer. There’s another bulldozer that will try to screw with you. Shoot the driver or jack it and run him down. Finally, you’ll have to kill the foreman. Push the port-a-potty into the hole with the bulldozer (but don’t fall in yourself). Next, get the cement mixer and line it up to burry him (it helps if you’ve already killed most of the workers at this point).
  4. Photo Opportunity: Another easy mission. Just drive to Cesar and get in his car. You’re going back to Angel Pine again. Get up to the roof and photograph four individuals: Ryder, the man in the striped shirt (T-Bone), the man in a business suit (Toreno) and the man in the purple suit (Jizzy).
  5. Jizzy: This is just a cut-scene to activate Jizzy’s missions, the actual mission starts when you enter the Pleasure Dome.
  6. Outrider: This mission starts when you’ve completed the first three of Jizzy’s missions. This is sort of easy because you get all the equipment you need. Take the sniper-rifle and bazooka, get on the bike and drive on ahead to the roadblock indicated on the map (don’t wait for the van). Shoot the cars with the bazooka and pop off the remaining men with the sniper-rifle. Some will be hiding up in the demolished building so remember to take them out from a distance. After you’ve killed all the road-blockers follow the van to the crack factory (you don’t need a vehicle). You’ll get a three-star wanted level so head over to Pay N Spray, a clothes store, barber’s, save-point or safe-house quickly.
  7. Snail Trail: Tenpenny and Pulaski are at it again. It’s an easy but a time-consuming mission. This time you have to follow a reporter to Los Santos and kill him and his informant. Get the sniper-rifle, then jack a vehicle or run to the bike standing outside the train-station (a bike is preferred for this mission). Follow the reporter and avoid on-coming trains on the parallel track. Once you reach the station, wait for the reporter to get up to street level but don’t leave the station until he’s in the cab. He has a scare-meter and you have to keep your distance while following him. If the scare-meter starts to rise, just back up. He’s meeting the informant down the port. Get down there but don’t follow him all the way. You can cap both him and the stoolie from a distance.
  8. Ice Cold Killa: It’s time to cap Jizzy. You won’t need the silenced pistol, despite the cutscene making a big deal of it. Head to the Pleasure Dome. You won’t get in. Climb up the scaffolding over the Pleasure Dome and drop down to enter by the window. Crouch down before dropping off so you won’t hurt yourself quite so much coming down. Walk down to Jizzy and the buster will bounce. Kill his posse and bodyguards for a little extra ammo then follow him outside. Nab the fastest car on the lot and follow Jizzy. Drive-by his car and he’ll leave as soon as it catches fire. He won’t go down without a fight but he’ll start running away once he’s low on health. You can gun or run him down, but you should nab his phone quickly if you get a wanted level following him. Pier 69 mission follows this one.
  9. Toreno’s Last Flight: This mission is activated after the “Pier 69”-mission. Head to the helipad and you’ll be greeted by a hale of gunfire and bazooka rockets. Drive past the gate and take out the security guards in the alley. Once you get up to the helipad the chopper will fly away. You can either kill the guards on the helipad or leave them be, but be sure to nab the rocket launcher and get away on the motorbike on the street level (if you kill the guards you may get a wanted level which will make the rest of the mission more annoying). Head down the motorway since that’s the way the chopper will head. Get ahead of it and put some distance between you and it so you can wait for the chopper to fly by and shoot it down with the bazooka, like you did at the Truth’s farm. It will be heading at you at quite a speed, so be prepared. If you miss or can’t take it out with one hit, you can still get back on the bike, get ahead of the chopper and try again. However, if the chopper makes it out of San Fierro you will have failed the mission.

Jizzy & Loco Syndicate

These are missions you have to activate either at Jizzy’s Pleasure Dome or somewhere else in the city.

  1. Jizzy: Jizzy’s first mission has quite a lot to do. Firstly, you have to drop of the ho’ down town. Next, drive quickly to the second location and run down the wannabe pimp. Next, head over to save the other ho’ from being beaten up. Again, you can just run down the attackers but you have to be careful not to kill the ho’ in the process. Finally, you have to kill the bishop and his bodyguards. This is the most annoying part of the mission since Jizzy’s pimpmobile isn’t particularly fast. Ram and drive-by the limo to blow it up and don’t let it get too far ahead or you’ll fail the mission. Once the limo is blown up the security will get out of the SUV and you can either run them down or drive-by them. You end the mission by getting a two-star wanted level, so head to a save-point, safe house, Pay N Spray, barber’s or a clothes-shop.
  2. T-Bone Mendez: This is a rather easy mission. A bunch of bikers hijack a drug shipment and you have to chase them and get the packages. You need to get close to them on your bike and then click the Right Mouse Button to grab the drugs from the back of the bike. You don’t need to kill the bikers, but they will keep following you until you complete the mission. Once you have all the packages, drive back to Jizzy’s.
  3. Mike Toreno: Time to meet the brains of the Loco Syndicate. Mike is trapped in a shipment van which has gotten hijacked (those drug-dealers sure are careless with their shipments). First, you have to drive to the construction yard behind your garage, then down to the docks and then past the gates at the airport. Head down the air-strip and you should see the van and two motorcycles. Ram the motorcycles and blast the van to get the hijackers to exit. Get out of your car and blast them. Once Toreno gets out you have to destroy the van. You can cut this part short with a satchel charge or by shooting the gas tank. Next, hop in the limo and get T-Bone and Toreno away from the airport. Once you’re outside you’ll get a wanted level and you have to get the limo to Pay N Spray quickly. Then head back to Jizzy’s.
  4. Pier 69: After you’ve taken out Jizzy in “Ice Cold Killa”, it’s time to get rid of T-Bone and Ryder. Head down to the docks and Cesar will arm you with a sniper rifle. You’ll get back up from Woozie. Firstly, shoot T-Bone’s men on the rooftops. T-Bone and Ryder will arrive but Toreno, whose coming by helicopter, leaves when he sees the bodies. Now you have to make your way to the end of the pier where you’ll take down T-Bone. You can cap some Ballas and T-Bone’s men with the sniper rifle but save some of your bullets. Head out carefully and use SMG or AK-47 if you have it. Be careful because baddies can shoot you from behind bushes. Once you’ve killed T-Bone it’s time to ice Ryder. You have two choices: A.) Hop in the drink with him and swim to the boat to chase and gun him down or B.) Use your sniper rifle to cap him while he’s still swimming to the boat.


These are the missions you have to complete for Woozie and the Triads

  1. Mountain Cloud Boys: This mission isn’t too bad but you’ll be putting your ass on the line. First, follow Woozie’s instructions. Once you arrive at your destination, the Vietnamese will attack. Duck your head and blast the Vietnamese. You can blow up the gas-tank of the car to make this part easier. Next blow up the motorbikes that arrive. Don’t head into the square headfirst, there’s one Da Nang Boy with a sniper-rifle on the roof, take him out first, then blast the others. Once you’re done CJ and Woozie get in a car but two Vietnamese cars will follow. You can let Woozie worry about shooting but you can also drive-by to help him out. The Da Nang are too stupid to leave their cars so once they catch fire, just get away and let them blow up.
  2. Ran Fa Li: Drive to the airport, go up the way and not through the gate like you did with the “Mike Toreno” mission. Go to the car as indicated on the map. As soon as you get in, the Vietnamese will attack. Drive through unblocked tunnels outside. Once you are out, the Vietnamese will follow by motorbike. Get the car to its destination at the North end of the city. You can drive between traffic and maybe cause the Da Nangs to fall off their motorcycles, but it’s most important that you don’t stop or else they will catch up and start blasting.
  3. Lure: Time to act as bait to get rid of those pesky Da Nangs. Get in the car and drive to Angel Pine without damaging the car too much (you’ll need it). Follow the checkpoints. Your car is not very fast, so you can take short-cuts and try to lose the bikers by driving past trees or close to a cliff-edge, just as long as the doors of the car don’t fall off or you’ll fail the mission. Other than that, this is a pretty easy mission.
  4. Amphibious Assault: For this mission you need 20% lung capacity. You have to go diving in order to increase your lung capacity (get two complete upgrade cycles and you can start the mission). Firstly, swim as indicated by the markers. When you get to the open water you’ll have to avoid the small boats. Swim fast (push Sprint) for as long as CJ can and you should do fine and only dive underwater if you can’t lose the boat. Come up for air before you go under the tanker to get to the other side (when you’re near the tanker and away from the searchlights you should be safe). Get up on deck and use either the knife or a silenced pistol to take out the guards. There are only a few but they’ll all come running if you use other weapons. Get below deck, plant the bug and then jump off and repeat the same tactics in the water to get to the little dock off to the side.
  5. The Da Nang Thang: This mission is annoying since you’ll lose all your weapons in its progress. First you’re flying around, shooting the Da Nang with a mini-gun. Eventually though they use an RPG to down the helicopter. You have to swim to the boat. Sneak up on the first guard and slice his throat. Now you have a shotgun. Use it on the guard above to get his Uzi Micro SMG. Take out the guards from the distance and advance carefully past the boxes in this area (but try to pick up the ammo that the guards leave behind). Next, you’ll head below deck. Shoot the few Da Nangs who attack you immediately and climb on the low crates to find some body-armour behind there (or pick it up before you leave). Be careful as you progress, the Da Nangs will be hiding in every nook and cranny. On the final stretch, a guy will throw a hand-grenade. Either run away or towards him, but do not stay put. Once you’ve killed all the guards below deck, you’ll free the Vietnamese prisoners. Next, head up to the bridge. There are three more guards left. The Snakehead will throw you a katana when you meet and you can kill him with one clean swipe if you slice his head off (or you can shoot him).


Zero’s missions are entirely optional. To access them you have to buy his shop, but you don’t need to complete them to advance the story. If you complete all of his missions you’ll receive money from his RC-shop.

  1. Air Raid: This is a fun mission. You get to use a mini-gun to take out remote controlled planes. Look at your radar and blast the planes as they arrive. There’s a timer on this mission. When it runs out, and if you kept Zero’s antennae safe, you pass the mission.
  2. Supply Lines: This one can be hard so wait until the “Learning to Fly” missions later in the game for help or refer to the aeroplane instructions as mentioned above. You have to fly around the city blowing up vans and shooting up delivery boys on motorbikes. It can be a bit tricky, but you can slow down your plane by pressing back as you approach your target. Your machineguns will aim automatically as long as your target is ahead of you. Some delivery boys will escape their vehicles so remember to gun them down. Never get too close to a van or bike when it blows up, you’ll fail the mission if the plane breaks or you run out of fuel. On fuel: Once you’re high enough that you won’t hit any buildings, you can let go of throttle and just press it every once in a while to keep yourself airborne. You only use up fuel when you press throttle. Remember this since you have to land the plane on Zero’s roof after the mission.
  3. New Model Army: This is a fun if a somewhat tricky mission. Again, you should wait for the “Learning to Fly” missions since they teach you the basics of helicopter flight. You have three objectives: 1.) Remove all the barrels from in front of Zero. 2.) Use planks to make bridges to help his car across the river. 3.) Blow up all three tanks or they’ll blow up Zero’s car. You can either complete these objectives as they come along or you can be a bit strategic. Preferably start by blowing up the tanks (Berkley’s helicopter can’t harm Zero so you don’t need to worry about it). Then make bridges over the crossings and then start moving barrels. Berkley will admittedly be able to make more blockades and you’ll have to listen to Zero’s whining if you choose to ignore the barrels at the start, but removing barrels is such a quick operation that it’s best to do it last (also, Berkley will drop barrels in places where they don’t block Zero so only move the ones that his car stops at).

Final Mission

This mission is activated when you have completed all of Woozie’s and the Loco Syndicate’s missions. It starts from your garage.

Yay Ka-boom-boom: Drive to the garage and you get the rigged car. Now drive to the gates of the Crack Factory and run down the guards. Don’t stop or get out, just drive over the other guards and make it to the back of the factory. There’s a ramp you can use to get up, you need to be going fast or else the car will get stuck; then comes the tricky part. Manoeuvre past the small propane tanks so you don’t drive over them, get the car to its destination and activate the bomb-timer. Again, don’t stop to shoot guards, just run like hell for the exit. The factory blows up. Make your way carefully to the gates and blast the guards. They close the gates but not before two Loco Syndicate lackeys drive in with a car. Blast the lackeys and take the car. You’ll have to ride it out of the factory. Take out any remaining guards then make it up the ramp between the cargo crates.

The Desert

These are the missions you can complete after the main story missions in San Fierro. They are all required to beat the game, but you can already access some of the Las Venturas missions while in the desert.

Mike Toreno

These missions are activated at Mike Toreno’s ranch outside San Fierro. There’s a save-point outside:

  1. Monster: This is a simple driving mission, where you have to reach all the check-points in time. You can take your time as long as you make it back to Toreno’s within 6 minutes and 30 seconds. Like the guy says, the truck has four-wheel drive, so drive the same way as with a rear-wheel drive, brake by pressing S (the hand-brake doesn’t work at any rate).
  2. Highjack: This is an annoying but a rather straight-forward mission. Get on the bike and get on the freeway. Catch up to the truck and try to match its speed. Cesar will keep yelling instructions. Keeping up with the truck can be annoying because of all the cars but if you can keep level for five straight seconds, Cesar will be able to jump in. Then make it back to the garage and you’re done.
  3. Interdiction: This is a fun mission, which involves driving up mountains and shooting down helicopters. Get to the ghost town first and pick your choice of vehicle as well as the gear Toreno’s left for you (the rocket launcher). Pick whichever vehicle you like but don’t crash them (I recommend the bike). Get up the hill to wait for the helicopter. FBI choppers will start surrounding you. Use the rocket-launcher to shoot them down (like in “Are you going to San Fierro” and “Toreno’s Last Flight” missions). There’s extra ammo in one of the sheds if you run out. Once they’re all down the chopper will drop the package. Get down from the mountain safely and follow the blip on the map (it’ll land near the Abandoned A.C. Tower in Verdant Meadows). You may have a wanted level at this point, so you don’t need to follow the roads and instead cut through the old airstrip, just be careful coming down the mountain.
  4. Verdant Meadows: This mission is a cinch. Just go to the Abandoned A.C. Tower and buy it. Afterwards you can start the missions from the tower.

Abandoned A.C. Tower

These missions are all activated from the Abandoned A.C. Tower once you’ve bought it.

  1. Learning to fly: Pretty self-explanatory. These are activated from the top-floor of the tower. Complete them all to start the other missions. For help on aeroplane controls refer to the top of this guide.
  2. N.O.E.: Your first flight mission is pretty easy. All you have to do is get to Angel Pine and back. However, you can’t go over the radar-line or you’ll be shot down. So going from point A to point B via a straight line is not advisable. Instead, fly to the ocean and follow the cliffs. Remember not to fly too low but that pressing throttle will cause you to gain altitude (and go over the radar line) so only tap it lightly when progressing. You will survive a few seconds above the radar line but try to get below as quickly as possible.
  3. Stowaway: This mission is also easy but you can fuck it up early on if you’re not careful. First get on the plane with your motorcycle. Follow the plane off to its side, otherwise you’ll get knocked out by the barrels it drops. You can speed up by tapping pitch up (CJ will duck his head) and then turn inward when you’re close to the plane. Next, you have to kill the agents but can’t use firearms or the plane will blow up. You have to use your fists or if you still have it, the katana you got from the Da Nang Thang mission. Kill the agents but stay off the mid-lane or the barrels will get you. Once you kill the agent with the parachute it’s time to put a satchel charge on the plane and jump out.
  4. Black Project: This is a really annoying mission which can be done the easy way or the hard way. Firstly, you have to get to the gate. You can do this by shooting two of the search-lights out and activating it from the control room. If you shoot anymore searchlights or get spotted, the base locks down and you have to get in through the air-vent. Just be careful because of all the soldiers. Once you’re down at the base head up to the glass-room for some body-armour and a mini-gun. Use it sparingly, with light taps and it will last you until the end of the mission. Mow down any soldiers that get in your way. You can go below the floor-grating for some health and armour power-ups. Once you use the scientist’s pass-card you have to head down a shaft. Head down slowly, blasting the soldiers as they crop up. Once you get to the jet-pack, fly straight up. Once outside, fly straight to the location indicated on the map. If you lollygag around or fly the wrong way, you’ll be shot down by missiles.
  5. Green Goo: The most annoying of the The Truth’s missions. You have to fly onto a train. Shoot the guards from a distance (high up) and only land on the train when they can’t shoot at you. Blast all three crates and get the goo container from the last one. It sounds easy, but you’re very exposed if you land on the train and the soldiers are still alive. You should get on board when the train goes in the tunnel, but for the rest of the time, it’s better to stay above in the air.

Las Venturas

You can start the missions in Las Venturas after completing the first few A.C. Tower Missions. The Casino Heist Missions are voluntary just like Zero’s Missions in San Fierro and don’t need to be completed in order to progress the story.

Four Dragons Casino

There’s a save-point just outside the casino.

  1. Fender Ketchup: You have to help Woozie figure out which of the mob families is giving him a hard time. They’ve captured a mobster and now you have to drive around with him strapped to your windshield to make him talk. This mission is easy, but you can fuck it up by crashing the car too hard and having the guy fall off. Keep heading up and down the main strip at high-speed, dodging cars and doing hand-brake turns to go the other way. You can go with or against traffic, it doesn’t really matter, going against might get the guy to crack faster but there’s a higher risk of failing the mission. You need to get the car back to the casino in one piece afterwards.
  2. Explosive Situation: Technically, this is the first Heist mission, but it’s mandatory to advance the story. First, drive to the quarry, preferably by bike. When they’re about to start detonating the dynamite, head straight down the cliffs. You should be able to land level on each step of the cliff as long as you’re not going too fast. Get in the massive truck and drive over the boxes of dynamite, stopping to collect them. Then comes the hard-part, escaping the quarry. You need to do this on a dirt bike. You’ll be given checkpoints you have to follow in order to get up the quarry, but you’ll have to be careful not to fall off the equipment. You can cap a few security guards if they’re giving you a hard time. Also, whenever there’s a gap, you need to speed up to make the jump. Other than that it’s a cinch.
  3. You’ve Had Your Chips: By far the most annoying mission from Woozie (even more annoying than Da Nang Thang). You’ll want to be adequately strapped for this one. It doesn’t really matter whether you head in to the chip-factory from the front or by hopping the wire fence from the back. As soon as you’re in, everyone will be blasting at you (the only difference is that they’ll start shooting at you immediately if you went through the front). Kill the guys outside the factory first, then take out the guy with the shotgun near the entrance, then start capping guys inside the factory, preferably with a sniper rifle. Look out for the armed workers atop the shelves. Firstly, head to the back of the factory where there are machines lined up in a semi-rectangle and take those out with your most powerful weapon: mini-gun, rocket launcher, grenades or an assault-rifle if all else fails. Once you’ve taken out a few of the machines more mob goons will start showing up, but you’ll have done most of the work once you’ve blasted these machines. Take a brake to blast the mob goons entering the warehouse and then blast the rest of the machines. When leaving take out the worker with a shotgun who’ll be sniping you atop the container crates.
  4. Don Peyote: This is a fairly easy mission. There is however, a vehicle management issue. You can head up to the desert in any vehicle you like, but to get Paul and Maccer out you need a vehicle with two passenger seats (a sedan or a van). So pick whichever you like to use, but if you go to the desert on a bike per chance, you’ll have to go jack a car in the desert roads (and most of the time the only good option will be a cab). Next, head to the snake-farm. On the way Paul needs to throw up. You can either pull over or ignore him. Once you get to the farm you’ll be attacked by red-necks. Blast them on the spot even if you get a wanted level or otherwise they’ll start following you. Then quickly get back in your car and head for Caligula’s Casino.
  5. Fish in a Barrel: This is just another cutscene, like “King in Exile”.

Caligula’s Casino

  1. Intense Care: First mission you have to do for Ken. Drive to the hospital to pick up Johnny, the guy you scared in Fender Ketchup. However, he’s been smuggled out by the Forellis by ambulance. You’ll have to crash one of the three ambulances to find out which one has Johnny. Pick up the Patriot SUV from the hospital parking lot since it’s ideal for this mission. You may have to crash all three ambulances. Once you find the right one, they’ll try to escape. Follow them and ram the ambulance some five or so times (don’t waste ammo shooting at it, it won’t stop them). Once the mobsters get out, kill them and then drive the ambulance to the Meat Factory.
  2. The Meat Business: Into the fray again. You have to get Ken out of the Meat Factory alive. Use an assault rifle or a SMG to take out the mobsters and slowly progress through the factory. Be especially aware of the mobsters hiding amongst the crates when you’re nearing the exit.
  3. Freefall: By far, the hardest of the flight missions up till now. You have to meet up with the on-coming plane, make a full 180, keep on level and catch up to it to fly into the red ring behind the plane. The easiest way to do this is to fly just above the other plane, not too high, but enough that when you turn around (see tips at the top of this page) you wont lose too much altitude, will regain your level flight and still have time to catch up to the other plane. The shooter part is easy, just stay behind the walls and blast the mobsters when they’re having to stop to reload. Take out the captain and land the plane.
  4. Saint Mark’s Bistro: Another “into the fray” mission, this time in Liberty City (you get to fly a plane off the map at the start). Use whatever is your best weapon but you have a lot of guys shooting at you from the start so don’t fuck around too long with your weapon selection. When you head down, there will be two mobsters with shotguns behind the counter, take them out quickly. If you’re low on health by the time you get to the back alley, take your time and slowly snipe out each of the mobsters from the top of the stair-well (you need to get them all, not just your target).

Madd Dogg

This is a one-of mission you have to complete before finishing the final story mission.

Madd Dogg: You have to save Madd Dogg. Jack the pickup full of cardboard boxes and drive it to the spot. Follow Madd Dogg’s moves on the edge and try to align the truck so he’ll land on the boxes. Try to predict where he’s headed rather than lagging behind, though when he jumps you still have a few seconds to readjust yourself. Then take him to the hospital. Take your time, follow the flow of traffic and don’t crash into anything or otherwise Dogg will croak.


  1. Misappropriation: This can be either a really annoying mission or a ridiculously easy one. For simplicity’s sake, I’ll tell you the easy way. All you really need to do is snipe out the agent with the dossier, get the dossier and the mission is done. If you come in by the front gate you have to contend with the feds and kill the agent before he escapes by helicopter. Instead, make your way to the town by bike and at the dirt road heading up there, make a turn up the steep sandy hill so you’ll come up at the other side of the ghost town (if you can’t seem to get your bike up there, then just run, but the feds will still be after you even after you finish the mission). Walk up so you can use your sniper-rifle to take down the agent, then scroll to a weapon you can sprint with and run for the dossier, you should be able to make it long before any of the feds manage to shoot at you.
  2. High Noon: Time to kill Pulaski. You have to follow him on the shitty desert car and the roads are so crappy it’s gonna be pretty hard to take him out. Just stay on his tail until he hits a town and then drive-by and crash his car whenever you get the chance. He’ll leave his car before it blows up so you’ll still need to gun or run him down.

Casino Heist Missions

The Casino Heist Missions are activated from within the Four Dragons Casino. They are marked by the green dollar sign.

  1. Architectural Espionage: This is a very easy mission, but you have to be a bit careful at the start. Firstly, you can’t have any weapons equipped when you enter the building. Make your way up to where the plans are and then to where the A.C. units are. Simply punch it a few times and it will break. Then get back to the plans and photograph them. After that all you need to do is get out of the building and back to the casino. You’ll get an instant wanted level but the security guards are only armed with pistols, so you can mow them down easily with whatever weapon you’re using. For the getaway vehicle, I recommend a bike since its easier to manoeuvre in the streets of Venturas.
  2. Key to Her Heart: You have to seduce a Caligula’s employee, Millie, to get a key-card to the casino. The actual mission has you stalking her (like “Snail Trail”). Follow her to the sex-shop, get the outfit and get out. You then need to follow her to her house in North Venturas. Once there, you kill the gimp (guy coming down the street with a dildo) and then enter. This ends the mission but you have to take Millie out on at least two dates before she gives you the key-card. Here’s some tips:
    • You need to have at least 20% body muscle before Millie agrees to go on a date at all, so if you haven’t done so before, its time to hit the gym.
    • Give the dildo or some flowers as a present to get more progress from her.
    • If Millie wants to go eat, don’t take her to a junk-food place. Look for a fork and knife symbol on your map and go to a fancy restaurant.
    • If she wants to go for a drive, go to East Venturas and drive around (not too fast or too slow or she wont have any fun). • If she wants to go dancing, head to a club and refer back to “Cesar Vialpando” and “Life’s a Beach” missions.
    • At the end of the date Denise (or some other girlfriend) may spot you, so simply drive off quickly to lose her (for this reason I recommend using a bike rather than a car).
  3. Dam and Blast: Another easy mission. First you have to land near the plant, but it doesn’t matter even if you fall in the water since you can get up to the dock. Pick up the knife. Don’t worry about the first two guards, waste them whatever way you like. Once inside, stealthily kill the technicians and the guards without anyone seeing you (otherwise you’ll have to hurry) and plant the explosives on each generator (do this away from the main walkway or the guards patrolling them may spot you). Once you’re done, head to the roof and CJ will jump off. You end up with a wanted level at the end of the mission but you can get away by jacking a boat or an aquaplane.
  4. Cop Wheels: This has to be, by far, the most annoying of the heist missions. You have a time-limit, you have to drive on to a speeding truck four times and you’ll have a two-star wanted level for much of the mission. You can cap your first cop and steal the first bike quite easily. Head to the motorway and speed up (tap pitch forward) and you’ll catch up to the truck. Slow down before attempting to get on the truck or you will fall off. Getting off the motorway isn’t much fun either, but try to aim for the crossings since there’s usually a way out near there. Because you have a timer, always go for the bike which is closest. And as final warning: the bike in front of the Casino is guarded by two officers.
  5. Up, Up and Away: This is a rather straight-forward mission. First, drive to the military base, drive in as the Patriot is exiting and take out all the soldiers in the yard. Then make your way through the big hallway and take out the soldiers up on the rafters as well as on the ground. Make your way slowly and you should be fine. There are soldiers also up on the helipad. Take them out before you run to the mini-gun to take out the military choppers. After this all you need to do is get the helicopter to the Armoured Truck and airlift it back to the Abandoned A.C. Tower (like Zero said “like fighting Berkley, only bigger”).
  6. Breaking the bank at Caligula’s: The heist mission isn’t too bad either. First, make your way in and follow the instructions. Use a light throw to get the smoke grenade into the air-vent (like you did with the Molotovs in “Burning Desire”). Make your way down and use the forklift to raise the gate (refer back to “Robbing Uncle Sam”). Next, it turns into a “into the fray”-mission. You may need the night-vision goggles, but I find that if you just have brightness cranked high enough you shouldn’t have a problem killing all the mobsters. Once you get down to the safe, pick up the satchel charges and Zero tells you to go blow up the back-up generators. Get to the safe (there’s an armour pick-up) and kill the mobsters. Now make your way back to the truck (there’s another armour pick-up if you’re running low). Now you have to escape. The lights are back on but the mobsters only have pistols and SMGs so you don’t need to worry. Once you’re up on the roof, sprint across to the parachute to avoid fire from the chopper. Jump off the edge and open the chute. Now, you’re aiming for the adjacent roof with the Police Chopper on it but you may miss it, in which case simply jack a car and get to the Abandoned A.C. Tower. It might actually be easier this way since you won’t get a wanted level and the chopper stops following you once you’re out of Venturas.

Final Story Mission

This mission is activated once you complete all the Four Dragons, Caligula’s, Madd Dogg’s and C.R.A.S.H. missions.

A Home in the Hills: This is a tough mission all around so take care in each part:

  1. You have to parachute on to Madd Dogg’s mansion. This part’s easy, just open the chute as soon as you jump and try to land on the opening.
  2. Protect the Triads on the rooftop by blasting Vagos. This can be annoying so make sure to have an assault rifle or a sniper-rifle with you. If the Triads on the roof die before the second batch comes in, you fail the mission. There’s also an armour pick-up on the roof if you need it.
  3. You have to make your way through the mansion. On the long corridor, rather than letting the Triads do the cleaning up, go through the rooms one by one yourself to make this part quicker. All of them will have at least one Vago waiting so only go in with a full clip. Be careful since Vagos will keep popping up from both sides of the corridor until you get to the final room. Also, one of the rooms has an armour pick-up. Then you have to make your way through the rest of the mansion (you saw this during the break-in mission). There’s fewer Vagos but it’s best to kill them all.
  4. Chase down Big Poppa. Annoying since he’ll escape into the winding roads of Vinewood and you have to chase him on an accursed low-rider. Once again, brake by pressing S not Space, pull along side and drive-by him. Once his car catches fire, let him go and the mission is over.

Los Santos, Act II


These missions are activated outside Madd Dogg’s Mansion. You can save your game by entering the mansion.

  1. Vertical Bird: You may think this is an annoying mission, but it’s rather straight-forward once you get into it. Firstly, there’s the sneaking into the ship part. Jump off the boat and swim in. Now, you can be all Solid Snake and sneak around taking out the workers silently, but more likely you’ll trip the alarm at some point. However, there aren’t that many soldiers on board so it doesn’t matter. Take out the ones in your way and be careful not to shoot at any explosive crates on the ship. Go deactivate the SAMs and then steal one of the jets. The second and trickier part comes next. This jet has adjustable throttles that you have to turn horizontal to fly it like the regular planes (when its vertical the plane works like a helicopter). Take out the jets first. You can lock missiles (by default it should be Space) on to them and then shoot. Each jet takes two or three missiles to down. Then head to the ships. You’ll have to make passes at them and the only way you seem to be able to hit them is by coming in from the canyon side (so don’t even try from the ocean side, it doesn’t seem to work). Like the jets, each boat takes two or three missiles to sink. Then land on the abandoned air-strip: turn the throttles vertical, slow down as if you would on a helicopter, lower your landing gear and press S (or down). Once you park in the hangar you’re done.
  2. Home Coming: Basically you have to take the Grove back. You can start the gang war or kill the dealers first, whichever you prefer. It may actually be easier to get the gang war over and done with since you’ll attract the attention of any nearby Ballas anyway. Sweet comes along and is completely useless as always, so you may want to leave him behind or lead the Ballas to him, just don’t kill him by accident.
  3. Cut Throat Business: This is a fun mission. No guns, no life or death bullshit, just chase down OG Loc on a hover-craft and then mini-carts (you like Diddy Kong Racing? You’ll love this). You don’t need to catch up to Loc, you only need to stay on his trail and don’t worry about Madd Dogg, he’ll be fine.
  4. Riot: This is really just another cutscene but it has a dangerous “drive from point A to B” part. After this mission starts, you’ll be in Riot Zone. Stay away from cars and motorbikes left on the street since they’ll soon catch fire and explode. All you need to do is get Sweet home safely, but this can be a really annoying mission. Just take it safely and avoid everybody.


These missions are activated at Sweet’s place. All of these missions require a lot of fire power, so always get geared up before each mission.

  1. Beat Down on B Dup: This is essentially just the Doberman mission all over again, except this time you’re dragging Sweet along and the Ballas have better weapons. Start a gang-war and take over Glen Park. After that, you still have to gun down his personal bodyguard posse (you can cut this part short with a sniper-rifle or by bombarding the house with grenades).
  2. Grove 4 Life: You just have to start (and win) two gang wars in Idlewood.
  3. Los Desperados: Cesar’s gang needs help. You have to recruit a few of the home-boys along before you start, but they’ll all probably kick the bucket as the mission progresses. This is another annoying “into the fray” mission where you have to take out all the enemies to proceed. The first part is pretty easy, you can sneak between the houses and take the Vagos by surprise, you don’t need to stay with your crew and most of them don’t do anything useful anyway. The second part is in the alleyway. If you’re low on armour take this part easy and just take out everyone from a distance. You will have to get up, close and personal with the Vagos in the garages, but other than that this part isn’t too bad. The third part can be annoying if you have very little or no armour left, so just take everyone out from a distance. Waste the Vago on the rooftop with the rocket-launcher first and then the regular guys running around. If you don’t get too close the guy with the flame-thrower will just keep standing around and you only need to take him out once you’re on the move.
  4. End of the Line: One thing’s for sure, they saved the worst for last. You have to take over 35% of all gang territory before you can even start the mission. Once you do, you’ll notice that this mission is in four parts…
    1. Fight your way through the crack labs: This is like any “into the fray” mission, meaning you’ll make your way through several rooms of enemies. At the top of the stairs in each floor there’s an armour pick-up. In the industrial halls, take out the enemies closest to you first and then the guys on the higher platforms. In the second hall there are exploding barrels and once you get up the stairs, some of the San Fierro Rifa will come in from the doors on the floor. More will come from the end of the hall, so shoot the explosive barrel to take them out quickly. On the final stretch, after the bar, there will be guys with shotguns patrolling. Take them out first and then everyone else. In the rooms off to the sides (the ones with strippers in them) you’ll find a life and armour pick-ups but also Russians standing guard.
    2. Fighting Big Smoke: This battle isn’t all that bad. Kill the body guards first and go into the little room for some ammo and armour if you’re lacking. I recommend using a shotgun during the battle as it deals the most damage. An assault rifle is also pretty good but you need to aim at Smoke’s fat head for it to work. Just keep running after Smoke and shoot him continuously whenever he stops. Don’t worry about him shooting you, since his aim really sucks and you can probably ignore the Vagos that run into help as well.
    3. Escaping the crack labs: Tenpenny starts a fire and now you have to escape. As you make your way through the lounge area, take time in wasting all the Ballas. On the factory level take out the Ballas on the floor through the window before proceeding with putting out the fire. You don’t need to put out the whole thing, just enough of it so you can get through. On the floor level, just avoid the big fires and take out the one on the exit. The second hall can be a bit more annoying. Just kill everyone you can see and then just manoeuvre your way through the factory floor (none of the Ballas will follow you past the doors, so don’t worry. There are still three guys waiting in the final hallway, then a big fire to take out before you get to the exit. The part where you crashed in with the tank has a few Ballas which you can either ignore or waste and run for the outside.
    4. Following the Fire Truck: The final part where you’re liable to fail again, because it’s another god damned chase mission with a low-rider. >=( Once again, follow the truck and only brake using S, not Space. Ignore the Vagos throwing Molotovs at you, they won’t harm your car, but try not to crash or run over anyone at high speed or the car may tip over. Keep following the fire truck through the streets of North Los Santos. Once you get past the train-tracks Tenpenny tries to stomp out Sweet. This is the part where you may mess up. Just follow the truck and avoid any cars in your way. After you pass the lane divider it’s your last chance to catch up to the truck and save Sweet from a fatal fall. Once you caught Sweet it’s time for a repeat of the final parts of “Reuniting the Families” and “Just Business” missions with you blasting at cops and Vagos while driving away. This is really the easiest part of the mission and once the fire-truck reaches the bridge going over Grove Street, the game is over.