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My Bottom-10 Star Trek episodes

I’m a huge fan of Star Trek: The Original Series, as I’ve covered my favourite movies and episodes concerning the crew of Captain Kirk. However, even though I love Star Trek: TOS, I’m… Continue reading

The Finnish Presidents – Why they were (or weren’t) important

This is a blog idea I’ve had for a while now and wanted to execute. Finland has had 12 presidents and I thought it would be fun to make a quick-notes style summary… Continue reading

My Top-10 Star Trek Episodes

I’m a huge fan of the original Star Trek series which ran from 1966 till 1969. Although there’s quite a few Star Trek series out there, the original has always stood out to… Continue reading

TheHande’s 10 Steps to making a Top-10 (or any other kind of countdown)

Top-10s, Bottom-10s, as well as other kinds of countdowns and lists are a regular feature of my blog and my YouTube channel. I’ve always wanted to let people see into the List/Countdown creation… Continue reading

My 10 Favourite Edgar Allan Poe stories

Edgar Allan Poe is my favourite author. The prolific short story writer is best remembered for his vivid horror tales, but Poe who was criminally under-appreciated in his day, also delved into many… Continue reading

Top-10 Unfortunate F1 Driver Departures (last 5 years)

It’s understandable that in Formula Ones the driver turn-over is quite a big part of it. Each year, new up-and-coming drivers try their luck at leaving their mark in the sport to make… Continue reading

5 Major Errors in Mental Floss’ Video-Game Episode

I’m a fan of Mental Floss, the random fact sharing video-series, but I was seriously disappointed with their 30 Game Changing Video Games episode. While there were some golden nuggets of knowledge, there… Continue reading

Top-4 He-Man & Skeletor Actors

In preparation for next year’s He-Man reviews, I’ve been watching decently high helpings of cartoons related to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Filmation’s 1983-1984 series is my favourite cartoon of all… Continue reading

Top-5 Most Unfortunate Deaths in Formula One

Time to visit an older blog idea which I had. Although there has not been a driver fatality in Formula One since Ayrton Senna’s death in 1994, the sport has an unfortunate and… Continue reading