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My Top-10 Helloween Songs

I haven’t done a musical Top-10 in some time, so in honour of Helloween’s recent reuniting with founding member Kai Hansen and singer Michael Kiske, I decided to list what were my favourite… Continue reading

Top-10 Cover songs performed by Iron Maiden

Alright, not too long ago I devoted a whole blog to cover songs which other bands had made based off the songs of Iron Maiden. Now, let’s flip the table around and talk… Continue reading

My Top-10 Covers of Iron Maiden songs

As everyone with any familiarity with a particular section of my blog should know, I’m a huge fan of Iron Maiden. I’m also a huge fan of cover songs and, so in this… Continue reading

My Top-10 Kirka Songs

Kirill Babitzin, better known by his stage name Kirka, was one of the best-selling recording artists in Finland. He made the single best-selling love song in Finnish history, he represented Finland in the… Continue reading

My Top-10 Castlevania Soundtracks

So, now that I’ve listed my favourite games and favourites musical themes from the Castlevania games, I decided to follow this up with a list of what I think are the best Castlevania… Continue reading

My Top-10 Castlevania themes

I just recently posted my Top-5 Castlevania games. One of the reasons I love the Castlevania series is because of the absolutely wonderful soundtracks for each game. So, even though I’ve probably done… Continue reading

My Top-20 Iron Maiden songs

Following up my Top-15 Iron Maiden songs with the One-Song-Per-Album rule, I wanted to follow it up with a Top-10 or Top-15 of my favourite Iron Maiden songs ever. However, making such a… Continue reading

My Top-15 Iron Maiden songs with the One-Song-Per-Album rule!

I have professed my love for Iron Maiden many times on this blog as well. A list I’ve dreaded doing for a long time now is my Top-10 Favourite Songs from the band.… Continue reading

My Top-10 Horror themes from Video-Games

Recently I posted my favourite pieces of music from horror films, now I wanted to do the same thing for video-games. However, I haven’t played enough horror games to make a convincing list,… Continue reading

Top-10 Horror Movie Themes

Horror movies usually have very memorable music which is why I decided it would be fun to list my ten favourite horror movie themes. A lot of these will be familiar to those… Continue reading

Top-10 Songs from Kaija Koo

I’ve previously talked about the Finnish singer Kaija Koo in my Top-10 female vocalists list, but now I decided that I would present my 10 favourite songs from this awesome lady singer. Apart… Continue reading

Top-10 Michael Jackson Songs

I’m a huge Michael Jackson fan. I previously listed my favourite albums by the King of Pop and now, I decided to go deeper and list 10 of the best songs by him.… Continue reading

Top-10 Songs from Video Games

This time I’m bringing you my 10 favourite songs that were performed in video-games. Here’s the stipulations: Only one song per franchise (otherwise half the entries would be from Sonic) The song has… Continue reading

Top-10 Songs from Dingo

One of my favourite Finnish bands of all time is the rock/pop group Dingo. Dingo hit big in the mid-80s with immense popularity, especially with teenagers, which lead to absolute mayhem – unheard… Continue reading

My Top-10 Female Vocalists

A while back I listed my favourite vocalists and today I’ll be focusing exclusively on female singers. These are the 10 lady singers who impress me the most and enjoy listening to… ***… Continue reading

My Top-5 Michael Jackson Albums

Michael Jackson was in my Top-10 favourite Americans list and now I decided to reveal my Top-5 albums from the King of Pop. MJ was probably the first musician I gave a crap… Continue reading