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Bottom-10 Zelda Monsters

Of course, once I do a top-10 I have to follow it up with a bottom-10. Last time I listed my favourite Zelda monsters, the ones I instantly identify with the series and… Continue reading

Top-10 Zelda Monsters!

Time to continue my Zelda lists. I previously brought to you what I thought were the best and worst items in Zelda games, now it’s time for the Villains. The monsters that appear… Continue reading

Bottom-10 Items in Zelda

Since I already listed my Top-10 Items from Zelda games, I felt it would only be fair to also list the 10 worst items in Zelda. These are the items which are the… Continue reading

Top-10 Items in Zelda

I’m currently playing through The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and decided I should list some of my favorite items from the Zelda franchise. These are the items without which Link wouldn’t get… Continue reading

The Legend of Zelda: Monster Round-up

The 13-episode The Legend of Zelda cartoon series, made by DiC, is one of my favorite video-game cartoons. It aired in 1989 on Fridays as a part of Super Mario Bros. Super Show.… Continue reading