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My Top-10 Wii U Games

The Wii U is officially coming to the end of its regrettably short life-span. Even though I had a blast with the system, loved the HD remake of Wind Waker and also got… Continue reading

My Top-5 Resident Evil Games

I’ve been playing a lot of Resident Evil as of late and so I felt it was high time I listed my favourite games from the series. Although I’ve shown my affection for… Continue reading

My Top-5 & Bottom-5 Game Remakes

Video-game remakes are an ever prevalent part of the gaming landscape but they have been going on for quite a while. Ever since Nintendo showed that people would be willing to cough up… Continue reading

10 More Awesome Games That Never Became Successfull Franchises

I recently made a list of 10 awesome video games which for whatever reason never became huge long-lasting franchises. Whether they were snubbed after one, two or five titles – the list was… Continue reading

10 Awesome Games That Never Turned into Successful Franchises

With so many games out there, it’s really a shame how many are left by their creators at a single instalment when there was potential for a sequel or even an entire series… Continue reading

My Top-10 Action-Adventure Titles which are not Zelda-games

I’ve been revisiting some action-adventure titles from my past and come to realise that the action-adventure genre is fairly vast and all-encompassing. Therefore, I decided it might be fun to make a list… Continue reading

My Top-10 Castlevania Soundtracks

So, now that I’ve listed my favourite games and favourites musical themes from the Castlevania games, I decided to follow this up with a list of what I think are the best Castlevania… Continue reading

My Top-10 Castlevania themes

I just recently posted my Top-5 Castlevania games. One of the reasons I love the Castlevania series is because of the absolutely wonderful soundtracks for each game. So, even though I’ve probably done… Continue reading

My Top-5 Castlevania Games

I’ve mentioned before that I really like Konami’s horror-action game series Castlevania. I’ve been playing Dracula’s Curse a lot recently on the Wii U and decided that it would be fun to list… Continue reading

My Top-5 Donkey Kong Games

I’ve been playing a lot of DK64 on the WiiU recently and its made me think about my favourite Donkey Kong games as of late. So naturally, I decided to make a Top-5… Continue reading

10 Adventure Games which barely missed the Top-10

I’ve been recently slaving away on a new Top-10 or rather a remake of an older one. The long overdue remake of my Top-10 Adventure Games has now been finished and will go… Continue reading

Top-10 Games That Were Almost Great

Sometimes a game is so very nearly great, but something about it just doesn’t quite click. Maybe its an annoying game-mechanic, a rushed section or something else that makes it difficult for me… Continue reading

Top-10 Bad Games that I like anyway…

I’ve mentioned previously that there are some games which I don’t like even though I would want to. This time, I’m presenting a different sort of list, games which I know are bad… Continue reading

My Top-10 Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are these days a sadly under-valued genre of video-games and I’ve had a lot of fun with them. They can be real time sucks and of course a lot of them… Continue reading

Top-10 games I want to like but can’t

Taste is subjective and whatever anyone likes gaming wise (or anything else for that matter) is no-one else’s business. Still, there are titles out there which are universally recognised as “the best” and… Continue reading

My Top-5 and Bottom-5 Game Boy Games

One of the reasons I’ve been doing a lot of Bottom-10 lists recently is because a couple of years ago I made a bunch of Top-10s of my favourite game systems. Because I… Continue reading