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TheHande’s Top-5 Scariest Resident Evil Enemies

I’ve been replaying a bit of Resident Evil Zero lately and though Halloween was a while ago, I decided I did want to list what were, in my view, the scariest Resident Evil… Continue reading

My Top-10 Sonic Characters

Some time ago, I made a list of my favourite Sonic Characters. Back when I made it though, I was super self-conscious about including only characters from the games and as a result,… Continue reading

My Top-6 Steamiest Black Women in Games

Some while ago, I listed some of the hottest women from Mortal Kombat then from games in general. However, I’ve always had a bit of a preference to women of darker complexion and… Continue reading

Top-10 Best Character resemblances in Video-Game movies

Following up on the top-10 actors from video-game movies, I now bring you a list of the best resemblances between an actor and a character from a video-game. The main reason I wanted… Continue reading

My Top-10 Actors from Video-Game films

(Note: This list is not about which actors looked the most like their characters. For that, check out the Top-10 Best Character Resemblances in Video-Game films.) I’ve had a list like this in… Continue reading

10 Villains That Barely Missed the Top-10

Making my Top-10 Game Villains list, I was scrutinizing my choices heavily and resultedly, rejected a large number of potential candidates for the Top-10. Here are the 10 most noteworthy of them. 10.… Continue reading

Top-10 Video-Game Villains

Once again, I’m following T-McBee’s footsteps and listing my favourite villains in video-games. In order to be up here, the villain really only needs to be memorable enough in my book, although I… Continue reading

Top-10 Video-Game Sidekicks

Hello, one and all! Inspired by a similar list by TMcBee, I’m listing my 10 favourite sidekicks from video-games. An honourable mention goes to Max from the Freelance Police duo of Sam &… Continue reading

My Top-10 Hottest Video-Game Women

Continuing in the spirit of my prior Top-10 Hottest Mortal Kombat Women, I’m now making a general list of the hottest women in video-games according to me. Obviously, this list is gonna reflect… Continue reading

My Top-10 Game Protagonists

Here’s an interesting challenge, making a list of my favourite video-game protagonists without immediately going to the obvious choices (Mario, Mega Man, Sonic etc.). So yes, I wanted to list the ten game… Continue reading

Top-10 Monkey Island supporting characters!

Time to continue with the Monkey Island character Top-10s. This time I’m ranking all my favourite Monkey Island characters who only appeared in single games. Let’s get on with the list… 10. The… Continue reading

Top-10 Monkey Island Characters (Recurring)

The Monkey Island adventure games is one of my all time favourite game series. One of the many things that make them so awesome are all the cool and quirky characters. I wanted… Continue reading

My Top-10 Characters from Fighting Games

Fighting games have a lot of appeal for me personally. They’re fun, fast-paced and often feature a memorable and fun cast of characters. In this list I wanted to highlight three of my… Continue reading

Top-10 Most Neglected Robot Masters

This is my final Robot Masters list. Despite all the robot masters featured on prior lists, there were loads that I would have wanted to have featured on those lists but couldn’t because… Continue reading

Top-10 Cutest Robot Masters

Last time we looked at the coolest Robot Masters and today I’ll be looking at the cutest Robot Masters from each of the games. Mega Man 5 and 6 are not present this… Continue reading

Top-10 Coolest Robot Masters

This time around I bring you the ten Robot Masters which I think are, simply put, the coolest looking. When I did my top-10 favourites, I tried to keep it varied and also… Continue reading