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9 Countries with only 1 Formula One Driver

Formula One is a very global sport but even so there are countries which have only ever had one entrant emerge from them. In the past, I’ve talked about all the Nordic Drivers… Continue reading

Top-10 Best Formula One Drivers who never won a championship

In Formula Ones, success can be eluding. Some drivers will become multiple-time champions while others are lucky to achieve one, such as 2016 champion Nico Rosberg who retired after achieving his first and… Continue reading

My Top-10 favourite F1 Liveries

With the announcement of the classical orange McLaren and the daring new pink Force India this season, it’s nice to see some colour returning into F1 cars after several years of enduring the… Continue reading

Bottom-10 Worst F1 Drivers (2005-2015)

Back in 2012 I made a list of drivers from my active following period in Formula Ones which I thought were the worst (NOTE: the list is no longer available). Recently, I’ve wondered… Continue reading

5 Errors in the movie Rush (2013)

Ron Howard’s movie Rush about the tumultuous 1976 Formula One season which was the culmination of a furious rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda was my favourite movie from last year. As… Continue reading

Top-10 Unfortunate F1 Driver Departures (last 5 years)

It’s understandable that in Formula Ones the driver turn-over is quite a big part of it. Each year, new up-and-coming drivers try their luck at leaving their mark in the sport to make… Continue reading

Worst Formula One Teams, 2000 – present

The F1 scene has changed quite a lot in the past 13 years. Teams have been bought out or changed names, engine manufacturers have dropped out and the sport went back to a… Continue reading

Top-5 Most Unfortunate Deaths in Formula One

Time to visit an older blog idea which I had. Although there has not been a driver fatality in Formula One since Ayrton Senna’s death in 1994, the sport has an unfortunate and… Continue reading