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WD Minicast (feat. RetroKaiser) – Our Top-10 Disney Films

We’re releasing a two-parter Minicast of White Devil Podcast in which we discuss our favourite Disney movies with my trusted co-host RetroKaiser. I will be sticking to both traditional and CG animated Disney… Continue reading

A new He-Man Review Video & Minicast are up!

I have released a new He-Man review video on YouTube on the final five episodes of the series… Also, I’ve recorded a new White Devil Minicast discussing these episodes further. Click here to… Continue reading

White Devil Minicasts #4 & #5 are available!!

We have two jam-packed episodes of WDP goodness. Firstly in Minicast #4 (WDP28), me and Retrokaiser discuss a dual topic. Mine is Lost, Cancelled and Deleted Videos while Kaiser mumbles a bunch about… Continue reading

New WhiteDevil Podcast Coming! Also new Minicast!

A new White Devil Minicast has been released on YouTube check it out. We’re also recording a new podcast on July 23. Please leave questions for the up-coming podcast!

White Devil Quickie: Minicast is now downloadable!

Sorry guys! Completely forgot to make our latest Minicast downloadable! Links have been updated at the episode listings, the player page and YouTube. Check out the minicast below or click the download link… Continue reading

WDP23: The Whatever Cast (End of Year cast) is online!

We end our year with the 23rd White Devil Podcast (pages have been updated go check them out). No Match Game, No Q&A just me and these guys chatting away about videos, video… Continue reading

White Devil Podcast #22 – Disney TV Cartoons is online!

A new White Devil Podcast is up. This time we’re discussing Disney TV Cartoons of all sorts. I’m joined by RetroKaiser and T-McBee (Loco Laranja). Amuia was also supposed to join but had… Continue reading

WDP#20 – Mr.Weenie Returns to discuss more Mega Man

Hi everyone! The first White Devil Podcast of 2016 has been released. Jon of Mr. Weenie Productions joins me and Darabka for some more Mega Man talk. Jon was invited for WDP #19… Continue reading

WDP18 – Video-Game Cartoons Cast is online!

The newest White Devil Podcast is now online! Me and my guests discuss our favourite cartoons based on video-games. RetroKaiser serves as co-host accompanied by T-McBee, Amuia and Darabka. You can download the… Continue reading

New White Devil Podcast recorded on Oct. 4!

A new White Devil Podcast will be recorded this Sunday. The topic will be Video-Game Cartoons. RetroKaiser will again act as the official co-host and our guest line-up will feature several familiar faces… Continue reading

WDP#17 – Sitcoms Cast is now online!

In the latest White Devil Podcast, me and my guests discuss our favourite sitcoms. I’m joined by long-time friend of the podcast T-McBee and filling in for RetroKaiser as the official co-host is… Continue reading

White Devil Podcast #17 coming!

A new White Devil Podcast will be recorded very soon. Our guests will be T-McBee and Cendoo. The topic will be “Sitcoms”. Please leave questions for us in the comments below. Remember to… Continue reading

WDP16 is now Online!

White Devil Podcast #16 is now online. With my guest Darabka and co-host RetroKasier we return to topics of prior casts and discuss them. We’ll be covering Darabka’s thoughts on Video-Game movies (WDP#9),… Continue reading

New White Devil Podcast! – Darabka’s Catch-up Cast

A new White Devil Podcast is in the works. The podcast is due to be recorded on May 31. The podcast will be somewhat different. Darabka The Gaming Beast will be discussing topics… Continue reading

White Devil Podcast #15 is out! (Unpopular Opinions Cast)

Another White Devil Podcast has been recorded. This time we discuss unpopular opinions we hold about certain topics. RetroKaiser serves as the co-host for the very first time. Apart from the discussion we… Continue reading

James Bond podcast (White Devil #14) to be recorded March 15

This up-coming Sunday we’ll record another White Devil Podcast. The topic is the James Bond movie series and we’ll discuss a variety of topics related to it. Darabka is standing for RetroKaiser as… Continue reading