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White Devil Podcast #8 – Metal Talk 2.0 is now online

In the newest episode of White Devil Podcast we return to the topic of the previous episode to discuss more heavy metal bands. Returning from the previous podcast are RetroKaiser, Darabka and Cendoo… Continue reading

White Devil Podcast #7: Heavy Metal Cast is Online

White Devil Podcast #7 is now online. The topic of the podcast is Heavy Metal music. Discussing their favourite bands with me are the folks from It’s Tail Time: Cendoo, Darabka and T-McBee.… Continue reading

My Top-10 Female Vocalists

A while back I listed my favourite vocalists and today I’ll be focusing exclusively on female singers. These are the 10 lady singers who impress me the most and enjoy listening to… ***… Continue reading

My Top-10 Nightwish Songs

Nightwish was the first band that I actively followed and they can perhaps be credited for making me a fan of heavy metal, power metal and music in general, all in one fell… Continue reading

My Top-10 favorite vocalists.

I wanted to share a list of my favorite vocalists, if that’s alright with you. Now I do enjoy vocalists from all genres of music but I decided to compile a list of… Continue reading