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Captain N – Character Comparisons

I’m sure this has been done before but I wanted to compare the Captain N characters once again with their video-game counterparts to see just how much did hey differ from their original… Continue reading

Disney’s Adventures in the Magic Kingdom review

Just for the Holidays, I decided to bring you a review of a favorite childhood game of mine which might very well be the first game I ever beat. This is yet another… Continue reading

The Legend of Zelda: Monster Round-up

The 13-episode The Legend of Zelda cartoon series, made by DiC, is one of my favorite video-game cartoons. It aired in 1989 on Fridays as a part of Super Mario Bros. Super Show.… Continue reading

Translater’s Review: School Rumble – 2nd Semester

Time to give a review to one of my favorite dubs and how fittingly it’s for one of my favorite animes. I started watching School Rumble when they released the first series on… Continue reading

Translater’s Review – Tenchi Muyo! seasons 1 and 2 (Geneon dub)

Today, I’d like to talk about an English dub for a change and we’ll focus on one of the first ones I ever heard. Tenchi Muyo! is another one of my favorite anime… Continue reading

Translater’s Review – The Hamtaro Movie

Usually Finnish dubs that aren’t really all that bad get torn a new one for no real reason. Today I wanted to bring you something different. A terrible dub by an otherwise good… Continue reading

Translater’s Review – Digimon (the Agapio dub)

Reviewing an Agapio dub is like making fun of a kid with MS for not being able to run. But I just couldn’t pass an opportunity to discuss what is perhaps by far… Continue reading

Translater’s Review: Ginga Nagareboshi Gin – The Finnish Dub

Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, known in my home-country as Hopeanuoli (=silver arrow), and known also by its (Swedish originated) English title Silver Fang is hands down my favorite anime series. Anyone who grew up… Continue reading

Translator’s Rant (well, sort of): Japanese translating to English – or How Grammar, Spelling and Register get mixed up due to the power of the all-powerful “Umph!?”

Okay, free advice of the day: Never buy imported DVDs from Japan! Even if the DVD cover claims that it has English subtitles that is never a guarantee that they are good subtitles.… Continue reading

Final Thoughts: Wolf’s Rain

In case you missed my first impressions of this anime series then let me sum it up for you. When I started watching Wolf’s Rain I thought it was one of these overtly… Continue reading

Gonna see Predators today!

Review forth-coming… Also, seen 7 episodes of Wolf’s Rain now. It’s actually getting pretty good. =D

First impressions: Wolf’s Rain

So I’m watching an anime called Wolf’s Rain right now. It’s bleak, animal-oriented, rubbish sci-fi and even a little gay. However, I’ve been able to at least poke fun at it and it… Continue reading

All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku TV – Series Overview

I finished watching All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku which is a TV adaptation of the OVA series by the same name (which in turn is based on a one-shot manga). Here’s… Continue reading

4 Topics: Games, Downloads, Anime and Movies

Wanted to talk about several topics today and rather than make just individual entries I decided to clump them together here. Made an unnecessary trip to the city today. I was going to… Continue reading

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Video Game movies have actually had more victories than it would outwardly seem. Some of my favorite VGfilms have been made only in recent years: Resident Evil, DOA: Dead or Alive, Hit-Man and… Continue reading

Justice League Unlimited – Season Comparisons

Justice League Unlimited has been one of my favorite cartoon series from recent years. Justice League was definitely a great series but I always had a slight problem with its constant two-parter structure,… Continue reading