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White Devil Podcast #15 is out! (Unpopular Opinions Cast)

Another White Devil Podcast has been recorded. This time we discuss unpopular opinions we hold about certain topics. RetroKaiser serves as the co-host for the very first time. Apart from the discussion we… Continue reading

Tenchi Muyo! Series overview

Tenchi Muyo! has been one of my favourite animes for a long time. I first saw it in the mid-90s on the SciFi channel and a good number of years ago I also… Continue reading

Magical Project S: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

My sister surprised me with both DVD box-sets of the complete Magical Project S anime series. Magical Project S is a spin-off from Pioneer’s Tenchi Muyo! anime series and a pretty cooky one… Continue reading

My Top-5 “DBZ effect” Animes

When it comes to anime there of course is the age-old debate of dubs vs. subs. Some people prefer to watch anime with a dubbed voice-over as it removes unsightly subtitles while some… Continue reading

Masters of the Universe commentary track (with RetroKaiser and Darabka)

Me, RetroKaiser and Darabka (of It’s Tail Time and The Next Round) did a feature-length commentary of the 1987 Masters of the Universe movie starring Dolph Lundgren and Frank Langella. Darabka was a… Continue reading

He-Man writers: The Best and the Worst

While making this year’s He-Man Reviews, I’ve also become interested in script-writers for the show. Some of them have gone on to become industry mainstays. Originally, I thought about making a Top-5 and… Continue reading

White Devil Podcast #6: He-Man Cast

I recently did a new episode of White Devil Podcast with Darabka on all things He-Man related. The full podcast took a little over 3 hours, so I made a little under an… Continue reading

My Bottom-10 Worst Disney Movies

Even as a fan of Disney, I have to admit that some of their films are pretty terrible. In order to appreciate such classics as Bambi, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast,… Continue reading

White Devil Podcast #4 – Anime Follow-Up Cast

I don’t normally whore my stuff on the blog, because the blog itself is the reason I do it in the first place, but given there hasn’t been anything up in my Anime… Continue reading

Top-4 He-Man & Skeletor Actors

In preparation for next year’s He-Man reviews, I’ve been watching decently high helpings of cartoons related to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Filmation’s 1983-1984 series is my favourite cartoon of all… Continue reading

Lou Scheimer passes away at age 84

Busy day, but only just found this out so I’m posting it here. Lou Scheimer passed away on October 17, just two days short of his 85th birthday. For those unaware, Lou Scheimer… Continue reading

TheHande’s Bottom-10 Video-Game Cartoons

Previously I brought you my Top-10 video-game cartoons. Now it’s time for the opposite, the ten cartoons based on video-games that I personally disliked and hated for their awfulness. I found compiling this… Continue reading

TheHande’s Top-10 Cartoons based on Video-Games

Okay, I decided to just list my favourite cartoon series that are based on video-games. These are shows that I think were interesting watch in spite or because they were based on video-games… Continue reading

My Top and Bottom 10 Things about He-Man Season 2

So, I’ve finished watching the second season of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. He-Man is my favourite cartoon of all time and it was about time I got a chance to… Continue reading

My Top-5 & Bottom-5 Dragon Ball Z Story Arcs

I finally own every single Dragon Ball Z episode on DVD and to celebrate I decided to list my favourite and least favourite story arcs from the series. Now, by story arcs I… Continue reading

My Top-5 Most embarrassing actor mix-ups

Even though I’m a massive movie-buff, even I’ll get actors mixed up. Most of the time I only need to see the film and watch it for a long enough period of time… Continue reading