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TheHande’s thoughts on The 13th Doll

The 13th Doll: A Fan Game of the 7th Guest, as its title implies is a fan-made sequel to the 1993 adventure game classic The 7th Guest by the defunct Trilobyte Game company.… Continue reading

My Top-5 Sierra Adventure Games

In all fairness, when it comes to classic point and click adventure games, I’ve always been a LucasArts guy. People probably know that Monkey Island is my favourite series of adventure games and… Continue reading

Syberia Review (PC)

I just completed Syberia, an adventure game from the company Microïds which is the first in a trilogy of titles, the most recent instalment of which was released this year. And in all… Continue reading

King’s Quest 5 Review

I finally finished up King’s Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder, a bit of a landmark title in the King’s Quest series. Essentially, this is the game with which the King’s… Continue reading

Day of the Tentacle Review (Remastered & Original)

Day of the Tentacle was LucasArts’s official sequel to Maniac Mansion, the adventure game which ushered in the SCUMM engine and essentially gave birth to the LucasArts adventure games. The sequel sees you… Continue reading

Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle (Wii) Review

Captain Morgane is an adventure game made by Reed Software and released by Wizarbox Entertainment. It’s a relatively obscure point-and-click title which I bought for the Wii a long time ago but only… Continue reading

Jack Keane (2007) Review

Jack Keane is a 2007 3D point-and-click adventure game by the German company Deck-13. It has a very Monkey Island-ish feel to it where you guide a hero called Jack on a quest… Continue reading

Broken Age (PC) Review

Been playing Act 2 of Broken Age from Double Fine Studios’ Tim Schafer since yesterday. A gaming trip that started a year ago for me has concluded and I’m quite stunned and impressed.… Continue reading

Loom (PC) Review

I’ve completed yet another LucasArts adventure game classic. Loom was released the same year as The Secret of Monkey Island and was envisioned as the start of a trilogy of fantasy-adventure games. However,… Continue reading

The Dig (PC) Review

Another classic LucasArts adventure game title completed. This time it’s the rather serious and grim sci-fi adventure piece The Dig. Created by Sean Clark (Sam & Max Hit the Road, Escape from Monkey… Continue reading

10 Adventure Games which barely missed the Top-10

I’ve been recently slaving away on a new Top-10 or rather a remake of an older one. The long overdue remake of my Top-10 Adventure Games has now been finished and will go… Continue reading

Top-10 Games That Were Almost Great

Sometimes a game is so very nearly great, but something about it just doesn’t quite click. Maybe its an annoying game-mechanic, a rushed section or something else that makes it difficult for me… Continue reading

Top-10 Bad Games that I like anyway…

I’ve mentioned previously that there are some games which I don’t like even though I would want to. This time, I’m presenting a different sort of list, games which I know are bad… Continue reading

Sam & Max Hit the Road – Review

Another classic LucasArts adventure game has been completed by yours truly. In this game, you control the Freelance Police duo of Sam & Max as they try to track down a missing Big… Continue reading

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Review

During the GOG winter sale, I picked up two classic LucasArts adventure games. One of them is the second Indiana Jones adventure game, Fate of Atlantis. I’ve beaten it now with both endings,… Continue reading

Top-10 further Wii Games that could have made the Top-10

Alright, so I’ve been on a roll recently putting out lists of some of my least favourite games so just for a change of pace, I decided to do a Top-10 now. About… Continue reading