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Rosberg secures championship in Abu Dhabi

First and foremost, congratulations to Nico Rosberg for winning his first drivers’ championship! It was a long time coming and he must be really pleased after the long and ardous season (during which… Continue reading

Rain drenched podium for Verstappen – Brazilian GP 2016

The Brazilian Grand Prix this season was a veritable clusterfuck with continuous rain through the whole race, which saw the safety car come on the track five times with the race red flagged… Continue reading

Verstappen vs. Vettel – Mexican GP 2016

Apart from the race-opening and the final few laps (which resulted in a bunch of penalties which changed the results), this year’s Mexican GP wasn’t all that exciting even if there was a… Continue reading

“Yee-haw” – 2016 US Grand Prix

In a season characterised by uncharacteristically boring races, we had yet another uncharacteristically dull Round in the US. This time there was a bit of action in the middle and the back-lot and… Continue reading

Rosberg clinches Constructor Championship – Japanese GP 2016

The Japanese Grand Prix was hands down the worst race I’ve watched this season. Practically nothing happened and there weren’t even any retirements. Literally the only noteworthy event about the race was that… Continue reading

Red Bull Double Podium – Malaysian GP 2016

The Malaysian Grand Prix wasn’t particularly exciting until last leg of the race when Hamilton lost an almost sure race victory to an engine blow out. The Top-10: Daniel Ricciardo – Danny boy… Continue reading

No Singapore Race Report

Sorry folks. For the first time in four years I completely missed out on an F1 race. Kvyat and Magnussen drove on points for the the first time in a long while so… Continue reading

Mercedes closing in – Italian GP 2016

The Italian Grand Prix was disappointingly dull this year. (Sorry for the late post, I was busy.) The Top-10: Nico Rosberg – Rosberg got the better start out of the two Mercedes cars… Continue reading

Hamilton rises from the Back – Belgian GP 2016

There was some excitement collisions and a red flag at the start of this year’s Belgian Grand Prix but in the end, the race was quite even. The Top-10: Nico Rosberg – For… Continue reading

Red Bull double podium – German GP 2016

Lewis Hamilton took his fourth straight victory and Red Bull their first double podium of the season in a relatively uneventful German Grand Prix. The Top-10: Lewis Hamilton – Passed his team-mate at… Continue reading

Hamilton grabs the championship lead – Hungarian GP 2016

This year’s Hungarian GP was sadly under-whelming with Hamilton grabbing the championship lead with little challenge. The Top-10: Lewis Hamilton – Lewis passed Rosberg at the start and ran off into the horizon. Nico… Continue reading

Hamilton wins, Rosberg gets penalised – British GP 2016

The British Grand Prix started in wet conditions this year. After 5 laps of chasing the safety car, Lewis Hamilton took an unchallenged victory while his team-mate suffered the brunt of F1’s confusing… Continue reading

Hamilton’s surprise victory – Austrian GP 2016

The Austrian GP was slightly uneventful this year. Regardless, several surprising drivers started from promising positions, there were some good scuffles, the safety car and a killer finale, so it was still a… Continue reading

Rosberg back on top – European GP 2016 (Azerbaijan)

Nico Rosberg took his fifth victory of the season after a three-race log gap. Though there was lots of overtaking in the very first Grand Prix of Baku, not too many crashes or… Continue reading

Lewis Strikes Back – 2016 Canadian GP

The Canadian GP was surprisingly uneventful this year, despite an initial promise of rain. At least the championship race is starting to fire up once again, so at least that’s a good thing.… Continue reading

VR Safety Car Extravanganza – Monaco GP 2016

After the race started behind the safety car due to rain, there were plenty of run-ins, collisions and pit stop foul-ups. The Virtual Safety Car was deployed no less than four times for… Continue reading