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Yas Marina Yawn Fest – Abu Dhabi GP 2015

Sadly, the final race of the season was quite unexciting. Of course, Lewis Hamilton had already secured the championship some time ago but it would have been nice to see a little bit… Continue reading

Top-5 Runaway – Brazil GP 2015

After several exciting races, the Brazilian Grand Prix was surprisingly dull with very little overtaking and the top-5 of the championship points chart running away almost at the very start and only four… Continue reading

Rosberg victorious – Mexican Grand Prix 2015

With the championship officially over, there wasn’t too much to be excited for coming to the Mexican GP. The race was sadly low on interesting events though luckily not nearly as bad as… Continue reading

Hamilton’s 3rd – US Grand Prix 2015

An exciting US Grand Prix which sadly ended up with the championship being settled three races before the season’s end. I’m not complaining about the level excitement for the race since drivers took… Continue reading

Finn vs Finn – Russian Grand Prix 2015

Despite an extremely dull race last year, this year’s Russian Grand Prix was not only huge improvement over the debut event but easily one of the best races of the whole season. Although… Continue reading

Mercedes Comeback – Japanese Grand Prix 2015

It was another unfortunately dull race in Japan. Despite the heavy excitement experienced in the qualifying, there wasn’t much of it on the track today. The Top-10 Lewis Hamilton – Slipped past Rosberg… Continue reading

Fan on track! – Singapore GP 2015

This year’s Singapore GP had quite a few unexpected turns of events. While the race wasn’t exciting all throughout (overtaking being quite challenging) this was definitely one of the better races of the… Continue reading

Missed opportunity – Italian GP 2015

Despite a promising premise, sadly Ferrari failed to make most of this race’s excellent starting positions. Hamilton continues to increase his points dominance, while Vettel clings on barely to the championship. Unfortunately, I… Continue reading

Non-starter – Belgian GP 2015

This year’s Belgian Grand Prix was uncharacteristically dull. Mercedes once again stole away a double-victory and although there were some impressive rises from outside the Top-10 and a few unexpected events, nothing truly… Continue reading

Surprise Top-3 – Hungarian GP 2015

While the race started a bit slowly, there were more than enough events to in the latter half of this year’s Hungarian Grand Prix, which saw some rather dramatic changes from the start… Continue reading

Williams snubbed – British Grand Prix 2015

The British Grand Prix was filled with mixed emotions. On one hand, it was easily one of the best GPs on this half of the season for sheer entertainment factor. On the other… Continue reading

Penalties, penalties, penalties – Austrian GP 2015

The first half of the season has been plagued by some very boring races, so I’m happy that Austria finally offered us a bit of excitement. Lots of drivers had penalties before the… Continue reading

Touch and Go – Canadian Grand Prix 2015

An uncharacteristically dull Canadian GP this year, despite a few top-tier drivers having to start from the back. The Top-10 Lewis Hamilton – After losing one race victory to a strategic error in… Continue reading

The old switch-a-roo – Monaco GP 2015

The first half of the Monaco GP this year was a snooze-fest but as drivers got closer on the latter half it got more interesting. We also saw the safety car today which… Continue reading

Half-a-wing – Spanish GP 2015 Race Report

Another quite dull race from the start of the season. Very few overtakes and very few retirements. The only noteworthy thing to happen is that we had a third name added to the… Continue reading

Ferrari Wedge – Bahrain Grand Prix 2015

The Bahrain race was extremely even and not terribly exciting for the most part. We saw a surprise rise in standings at the very end and at least a little bit more fight… Continue reading