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Lapped for the Championship – Abu Dhabi GP 2014

The season ending Abu Dhabi GP was rather uneventful. After Nico Rosberg began to suffer from problems with his ERS-booster it was all done for. Abu Dhabi has been the site of some… Continue reading

Pit-lane Chaos – Brazilian Grand Prix 2014

Apart from a lot of pit-stop foul-ups, the Brazilian Grand Prix was not particularly exciting. Race broadcast ranking: Okay – Not much focus outside the Top-10 and one yellow flag was missed though… Continue reading

Mid-lot Melee – US Grand Prix 2014

This year’s US Grand Prix was a little on the dull side. However, excellent showdowns between Alonso, Button and Vettel as well as some aggressive driving from the middle lot drivers towards the… Continue reading

Russian Grand Prix 2014 – Race Report

The first Russian Grand Prix driven in over a 100 years, was sadly a little under-whelming as a race. Race broadcast rank: Okay – Since every driver got by with a single pit-stop… Continue reading

Japanese GP 2014 – Bianchi Injured

A very difficult grand prix which started behind the safety car due to heavy rain, after a red flag and was ended short due to a driver injury. More on this in the… Continue reading

Time’s Up – Singapore Grand Prix 2014

The Singapore GP was relatively calm and straight-forward despite a safety car incident. Lots of flubs on the pits and even some genuine action on-track, but perhaps a slightly less interesting race than… Continue reading

Take back victory – Italian GP 2014

We had a fairly even Italian Grand Prix. There was some excitement in the battles over positions 5-8, but generally speaking, not much overtaking. Broadcast direction: Okay – I’ll let this one slide… Continue reading

Mercedes Clash – Belgian Grand Prix 2014

After a few slightly uneventful years at Spa, we had another shake up of a race at the Belgian GP. It goes without saying that I was happy for the Finnish drivers’ turn-out,… Continue reading

Slip & Crash – Hungarian Grand Prix 2014

The Hungarian Grand Prix was probably one of the most eventful and exciting races of the mid-season with two safety car sessions and a surprising Top-3. All around a very interesting race. Race… Continue reading

Flipping mad – German GP 2014

After a reasonably exciting opening, the German Grand Prix didn’t offer perhaps as much excitement as I had hoped. True, there was a lot of overtaking but in the latter half, Mercedes seemed… Continue reading

Pulling a Räikkönen – British GP 2014

The British Grand Prix proved to be pretty interesting although the race was red flagged almost immediately for an hour following Räikkönen’s accident. Race direction: Poor – Almost none of the pit-stops were… Continue reading

Red Bull Down – Austrian GP 2014

The first Austrian Grand Prix in 11 years yielded a brand new Finnish podium winner. Other than that, the race was quite unremarkable. Race direction: Okay – I felt that the broadcast director… Continue reading

Camel’s Back Broken – Canadian Grand Prix 2014

With Mercedes GP soundly defeated today, it was easily the most exciting race of the season since the debut race. Canada has once again provided a grade-A race. Race direction: Good –All the… Continue reading

Against all odds – Monaco GP 2014 Report

The Monaco Grand Prix was quite exciting this year, as it is most years, even if the excitement happened in the middle and back lot with the front-row occupied by the usual suspects.… Continue reading

Hamilton’s 4th – Barcelona GP 2014

A very unexciting race with barely anything going on. The Race Rankings page will be put up soon… Race direction: Poor – We landed a measly 2 pit-stops short on the first half.… Continue reading

Take-away Victory – Chinese GP 2014

The Chinese Grand Prix this year was not very exciting with Lewis Hamilton dominating the entire race. There were a few interesting independent achievements, but generally, I was a little let down. Race… Continue reading