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Mark’s Final #2 – 2013 Brazilian Grand Prix

The Brazilian Grand Prix was a slight improvement from this season-half’s otherwise uneventful races, but was still pretty much a done deal when Vettel retook the lead after the first lap. It was… Continue reading

Shake N Bake – US Grand Prix 2013

The US Grand Prix did not offer much excitement despite some wheel-on-wheel racing and Heikki Kovalainen’s return and safety car on the first lap. Race direction: Poor Abysmally, we got to see less… Continue reading

Alas, Poor Kimi – Abu Dhabi 2013

While there was some wheel-on-wheel racing in Abu Dhabi this year, it was considerably less interesting than all previous years. Alonso is still under investigation as of this writing. The blog will be… Continue reading

Tyre-palooza! – 2013 Indian GP

Sebastian Vettel secured his fourth consecutive World Championship with ease at a relatively exciting, if short on events, Indian Grand Prix. Congrats to Seb! Hopefully though, next year we can wait for a… Continue reading

Drive Through Grand Prix – Japanese GP 2013

The Japanese GP was fairly calm with the exception of the start. Still better than most of the Grand Prix’s during this half of the season. Race Direction: No rating again since I… Continue reading

“These tyres are f****ed!” – Korean GP 2013

The Korean Grand Prix has been easily the best race on the third quarter of this F1 season. Two safety cars and lots of over-taking and other events on track. Let’s get on… Continue reading

McLaren vs. Mercedes – Singapore Grand Prix 2013

After a string of quite uneventful races, the Singapore Grand Prix finally provided F1 fans with a seriously exciting event. The start of the race was quite calm, but after the safety car,… Continue reading

Score 1 for Vettel – Monza Grand Prix 2013

Monza adds to a rather long run of uneventful races. Race direction: I’m going to give the TV broadcast director a pass this time around, even though I felt there was one missed… Continue reading

Snoozefest in Spa – Belgian Grand Prix 2013

Following this year’s trend of uncharacteristically boring races at fairly promising venues, the Spa Grand Prix offered very little in the realm of genuine excitement, partly because of the ease at which Vettel… Continue reading

To Grosjean or Not to Grosjean? Hungarian Grand Prix 2013

I have to be honest, this might have been the most boring race of the season. It only started to get interesting when I realised that Räikkönen was going to retake number-2 in… Continue reading

Don’t forget the hand brake! – German GP 2013 Race Report

A pretty okay race. Vettel continues unchallenged even if Räikkönen was gaining on him towards the end. Race Direction: Good All the required pit-stops were covered with no missed yellow flags and even… Continue reading

Pop go the tyres – 2013 British Grand Prix Race Report

Some genuine excitement on track thanks to many tyre punctures and two safety cars. Race Direction: Poor Five missed yellow flags. Top-10: Nico Rosberg took the victory after Hamilton suffered a tyre puncture… Continue reading

No Hunchbacks on Notre Dame – Canadian GP 2013

The Canadian Grand Prix was uncharacteristically uneventful this year. I really hate to call it, but this was probably the least exciting race of the season thus far. On top of that, there… Continue reading

A Scandalous Victory? – 2013 Monaco GP

The Monaco Grand Prix kept the excitement high through the majority of the race, despite a slow start. The Mercedes victory is slightly dampened by protests from other teams over the Pirelli test,… Continue reading

Mercedes nosedive – Spanish Grand Prix 2013

After a fairly intense first half where teams were figuring out their tyre-strategies, the race calmed down. Still, there were enough pit mishaps and overtaking to keep race interesting. Also, the Race Rankings… Continue reading

Bahrain GP 2013 – Hot Wheels

The Bahrain GP actually started out rather exciting and there was a lot of on-track racing. The initial cause of excitement was uncertainty over the tyres and at first it seemed like it… Continue reading