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2011 Brazilian Grand Prix – Race Reports (Webber’s Last Stand)

Despite that we finally had a fifth Grand Prix winner, this year’s race in Interlagos, Sao Paolo was rather boring and uninteresting. Race Direction: Good The race director caught all the yellow flags… Continue reading

2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Race Report

This year’s Abu Dhabi race was extremely uneventful. Last year it was the one of the pivotal races where Sebastian Vettel took his championship. Although there were some nice scuffles in the front… Continue reading

2011 Indian Grand Prix – Race Report

The first ever Indian Grand Prix was a decent race for sure. There were a few interesting collisions and the new track is definitely ripe for interesting races. The fact that the top-tier… Continue reading

2011 Korean Grand Prix – Race Report

Though the Korean Grand Prix wasn’t the best race of the year, it was still okay and much better than last year’s race. Some might feel it was the opposite and I myself… Continue reading

2011 Japanese Grand Prix – Race Report

Sebastian Vettel secured the drivers’ championship in the unspectacular Japanese Grand Prix. This years race was a massive let down in comparison to last year, second only in its lack of excitement to… Continue reading

2011 Singapore GP – Race Report

The Singapore race had a fairly interesting start, climaxing on a safety car after Schumacher’s crash, but a very boring latter half. The winner is easy to guess… Race direction: Poor The race… Continue reading

Monza Grand Prix 2011 – Race Report

The first half of the Monza Grand Prix was quite exciting with several crashes and a safety car session at the very start. However, past the half-point there wasn’t much excitement with the… Continue reading

Belgian Grand Prix 2011 – Race Report

After an exciting start and opening half the race simmered down to a more even pace although there was still some excitement with the top drivers passing each other. Race direction: Okay Once… Continue reading

The Hungarian Grand Prix 2011 – Race Report

The Hungarian Grand Prix had some genuine excitement to offer thanks to unstable weather created by the occasional showers. As an added note, the Race Rankings page will now be updated after every… Continue reading

German Grand Prix 2011 – Race Report

I apologise that this race report is a touch late, but I had to watch the race in recorded form due to being unable to watch it on Sunday. While the 2011 German… Continue reading

British Grand Prix 2011 – Race Report

The British Grand Prix at the renovated Silverstone track was fairly exciting. We finally saw a fourth name as a race winner and there was some genuine challenge for drivers as there was… Continue reading

European Grand Prix (Valencia) 2011 – Race Report

After two exciting Grand Prixs, the Valencian race proved to be extremely uneventful. With only a hand full of overtakes and absolutely no retirements (the fourth such race in the sport’s history) it’s… Continue reading

Canadian Grand Prix – Race Report

After a slow start behind the Safety Car, a 2 hour break due to red flags and terrible weather, the Montreal Grand Prix turned into positively the best race of the season so… Continue reading

2011 Monaco Grand Prix – Race Report

The Monaco Grand Prix was easily the most exciting race of the season up till now. Due to his crash and concussion during yesterday’s qualfying, Sergio Perez obviously couldn’t attend. Two safety car… Continue reading

2011 Spanish Grand Prix (Catalonia) – Race Report

Even though the beginning of the race proved interesting for the top-3 drivers, about half-way in it was clear who was going to take the victory. In the end three drivers finished on… Continue reading

Turkish Grand Prix 2011 – Race Report

The Turkish GP was even slightly better than the Chinese GP even though Vettel drove the whole race unchallenged. Despite that many middle-lot drivers seemed to be driving for points at the middle… Continue reading