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Sebastian Vettel is the F1 Champion of 2010

Sorry for this late posting but due to internet difficulties I couldn’t post a race report yesterday. But the most important topics will be discussed right here: The Top-10: Excellent showing by the… Continue reading

2010 Brazilian Grand Prix – Race Report

The Brazilian GP in Interlagos has usually been a very exciting race but this year it was more confusing than anything. The only real excitement was in seeing which of the F1 championship… Continue reading

2010 Korean Grand Prix – Race Results

Today’s race was a disappointment for me personally, although it made the Championship Race hit a new critical stage. Unfortunately it seems like only three drivers have a realistic chance at the championship… Continue reading

2010 Japanese Grand Prix – Race Report

A fairly exciting race in Japan with plenty of crashes before the first lap was even finished. However, much of the excitement was reserved for the middle and back lot which was a… Continue reading

2010 Singapore Grand Prix – Race Report

After a slow start the Singapore GP actually began to pick up after the first Safety Car session which allowed some drivers like Mark Webber to take serious gambles that paid off. On… Continue reading

2010 Monza Grand Prix – Race Report

A fairly uneventful race at Monza although one of the Championship candidates was forced to retire on the first lap. The Top-10: Fernando Alonso fell behind Button during the start but regained the… Continue reading

2010 Belgian Grand Prix – Race Report

Without a doubt, the Belgian GP on the Spa Circuit was one of the best races of this season with barely any boring moments throughout the race. This was in no small part… Continue reading

2010 Hungarian Grand Prix – Race Report

The Hungarian Grand Prix was another unexciting race except for the very beginning where a piece of a wing on the track caused a Safety Car deployment. The resulting pit lane rush ended… Continue reading

2010 German GP – Race Report

A great day for Ferrari but a bitter-sweet one for Felipe Massa. A largely uneventful race was finally decided by Ferrari’s decision to drop one driver back in favor of another showing once… Continue reading

2010 British Grand Prix – Race Report

Although the British GP was a little uneven as a race there was still plenty of overtaking and unexpected stuff happening on track. After some disorder in the Red Bull camp the day… Continue reading

2010 European GP (Valencia) – Race Report

The European GP had some exciting moments in store, specifically Mark Webber‘s (Red Bull) fall at the beginning, his dangerous crash with Heikki Kovalainen (Lotus) and Kamui Kobayashi‘s daring driving which along with… Continue reading

2010 Canada Grand Prix – Race Report

The beginning of the race was definitely exciting with plenty of crashes, cars running off track and the race leader changing several times. After the first third though the excitement cooled as it… Continue reading

2010 Turkish GP – Race Report

The Turkish GP was fairly uneventful until the latter half where the outcome of the race experienced a dramatic shift due to a collision between the Red Bull cars. There was some light… Continue reading

2010 Monaco Grand Prix – Race Report

Despite having as many as four safety car sessions and a record-breaking 11 retirements for this season (though the last two aren’t officially counted as such I will include them in the drop-out… Continue reading

2010 Barcelona GP – Race Report

A rather uneventful race in Barcelona with most of the excitement reserved to the pit-lane and towards the very end of the race. The day was definitely miserable for Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) and… Continue reading

2010 Shanghai GP – Race Report

The day was McLaren’s. There were many unexpected surprises all through the race.  Alonso (Ferrari) jumped the start, rain was sporadic which lead some drivers to have as many as 5 pitstops and… Continue reading