A Brief History of Dubbing Companies in Finland

Here’s a list of all the dubbing companies (that I know of) that have operated in Finland, as well as the types of dubs they did and how they were released.

Years: Companies / Channels: Method and programmes:
Disney Primarily film dubs, selective process of actors (common practice in all countries)
YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company) Children’s programmes from all regions, either fully voiced by actor groups or narrated over with the original voice-track.
Disney Same practice, TV shows subtitled (see MTV3)
ELAP Mostly Anglophone productions, dubbing with a stock cast of actors. Programmes sold principally on VHS.
Golden Voice OY Cartoons from all regions, stock cast of actors used on numerous dubs. Programmes sold principally on VHS.
YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company) Same practice.
MTV3 No dubbing yet due to lack of funds. Most programmes either narrated or subtitled.
Others Cartoons released on VHS with no dubbing and simply subtitles. Entire cartoons voiced over by one or two actors.
Disney Same practice for films. TV shows now dubbed by private companies (Werne).
ELAP Same practice. Disbanded (exact time unknown; early 90s)
Golden Voice OY Same practice; Tiny Toons dub by company aired on MTV3, later disbanded (exact time unknown; early 90s), actors go to work at Werne
Film & Cartoon Finland Dubs of American cartoons, aired primarily on TV (MTV3 and Nelonen). Later disbanded, actors join Agapio Nordic.
Agapio Racing Team / Agapio Nordic Dubs of Anglophone productions, aired principally on TV (MTV3 and Nelonen) as well as released on VHS.
Werne Dubs of varied productions, aired principally on TV but also theatrical film releases (non-Disney).
YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company) Same practice, later begins to use independent dubbing companies (Werne)
MTV3 Begins airing dubbed content consistently, some shows still have subtitles for cost and/or time reasons.
Nelonen (formerly PTV4) Innitially shows cartoons with subtitles only. Later begins using dubs by Agapio Nordic.
Others Canal+ and TV1000 use self-hired dubbing personnel for pay-channel cartoons.
Disney,YLE, MTV3, Nelonen Same practice.
Agapio Nordic Continues to actively appear on TV (MTV3 and Nelonen), disbanded after outcry due to bad dub quality.
Werne Continues to actively appear on TV, becomes de facto dubbing company for TV after Agapio failure.
Dubberman Primarily on TV, utilizes actors from Werne and others. Programmes released mainly on TV (MTV3, Disney Channel etc.) also with theatrical releases.

Information compiled by Hannu Mäkinen

The author does not take responsibility for the factual accuracy of this information. Recreation without concent is prohibited. All rights reserved on company names and titles.