F1 2020 season opening race cancelled!

The Australian Grand Prix due to be driven this weekend has been cancelled. Even before the official decision, McLaren had already announced that they would not be participating in the event after a McLaren pit-crew member had been confirmed to have been infected with the corona virus. Yesterday, the F1 teams held a vote on whether the race should be held. Under F1 regulations, at least 12 cars must participate in the event so McLaren’s withdrawal would not have been enough to cancel the event.

Aside McLaren, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Renault were innitially all in favour of cancelling event with the rest of the teams against or not casting votes. Eventually, Mercedes switched from voting for the event to go forward to having it cancelled which finally tipped the scales.

The F1 season’s opening race will therefore be the Bahrain round next week, which will be driven with no on-site audience due to fears of spreading corona. The Chinese GP has also been officially put on hold, though not cancelled, meaning it may be driven at a later date.

I’m obviously disappointed that the season opening race has been cancelled (Albert Park is one of my favourite tracks) but with the current global corona situation this cancellation was almost a little expected. It’s also maybe nice that McLaren aren’t forced to just sit out the race by themselves as this would set them back in the points, albeit due to the ridiculously huge schedule they definitely would have an opportunity to make up for the difference.

Best of luck to their workers though and hopefully they’re up to it by the time of the Bahrain round!