Two Point Hospital (Xbox One Review)

Alright, I just did a review of Theme Hospital as well, but now I feel I should give Two Point Hospital a review as I’ve defintely sunk a lot of time into it.

Gameplay: 4/5 – Granted, I’m playing this on Xbox One, the controls are actually fine. Just like Theme Hospital you can slow down and speed up time or even stop it altogether. Menu navigation is mostly pretty good though it obviously takes some time to get used to the layouts and to notice which icons represent what. The game also has a lot of tutorial and info popups which luckily help to point you in the right direction and being able to turn the camera freely makes doing certain tasks easier than in Theme Hospital.

But the game still has a few odd gameplay quirks. Though it happens more rarely, if an item in the game is in the wrong place the game literally stops you from editing rooms or items until you fix it. And even with the free camera, I notice the game wants to choose the room rather than a single item in it if I wish to remove them.

Also, I don’t know if this is stats based, but I feel the staff ignore their duties way more readily in this than Theme Hospital, meaning you have to do a lot of annoying micromanaging.

Graphics: 3½/5 – I gotta be honest, I’m not a fan of the discount Wallace & Gromit aesthetic this game seems to be going for, but the various diseases have interesting graphic quirks. Also, It’s nice that rooms no longer have to be squares or rectangles and there are a lot of aesthetic items you can now add. However, you don’t really get to enjoy these details as much as you’d think. At the very least, the graphics are clean and easy to make out.

Animation: 5/5 – Just like in Theme Hospital the treatment animations are hilarious but the patients now also get a whole host of various animations relating to their mood and health. Admittedly, some of the animations bug out (Janitors catching ghosts being the most egregious) but the game looks way more lively than Theme Hospital which is great.

Music: 4/5 – The music is very laid back and appropriate and while I wouldn’t count the tunes as my favourites, you’ll listen to them enough to get them stuck in your head for sure.

Sound: 3½/5 – This is another aspect I’m a bit mixed on. The hospital announcements aren’t as funny in my view as Theme Hospital but they are also not as common. A new element are the radio DJs and hosts who break up the music to deliver some stories and jokes. It all really plays out like a PG version of the Grand Theft Auto radio hosts, which is to say, they’re perhaps not funny enough for me even if there are a couple of chuckle worthy jokes in there. It’s a nice touch as it does break the repetition of the same songs playing but I think they could have made the DJs either more crazy or more raunchy to make them stand out more.

Replay value: 4/5 – This game is strategy game crack of the worst kind. Even when you’re not doing well, it’s really hard to stop playing. The hospital goals are a lot more achievable and I think this game managed to fix my biggest complaint of Theme Hospital which is that the game starts playing itself. Sure, you end up waiting around a lot more in the early levels, but as the financial situation gets more challenging and your goals more complex in later levels, this goes away and the playing is much more involved.

Score: 80% – Two Point Hospital is a very addicting game which does have some imperfections (kinda lame DJs and bland characters) but is over-all an enjoyable game to go back to. Highly recommended for fans of Theme Hospital and even to those who maybe find that game a bit difficult to approach.