Raining disappointment – German GP 2018

Barring the final third of the race, the German Grand Prix was quite uneventful. Rain and a safety car session changes the race considerably.

The Top-10:

  1. Lewis Hamilton – Hamilton maybe lucked out by not changing to intermediates as the rain came and went. However, fighting from 14th in the start was still an impressive result.
  2. Valtteri BottasBottas did challenge Hamilton on the race restart but couldn’t make use of his fresher tyres. Too bad.
  3. Kimi RäikkönenAfter the indignity of having to give away a position due to a team-order, Kimi must have felt sour losing to Mercedes. Not his fault, a solid drive.
  4. Max Verstappen – Max deserves credit for fighting Kimi furiously on the race start without crashing. Red Bull is unfortunately held back by technical inferiority. Beyond which, Max could be a serious championship contender.
  5. Nico the Hülk – The Hülkster achieved a personal best for this season with a solid over-all drive. While Red Bull is fading, Renault is improving.
  6. Romain Grosjean – The Frenchman continues trying to make up for his terrible start to the season. Today, he was the only Haas car on points, well done.
  7. Sergio Perez – A good finish despite a spin during the rain.
  8. Esteban Ocon – Ditto for his team-mate (minus the spin).
  9. Marcus Ericsson – Ericsson achieves another scoring finish and this time on his own. He still has ways to go if he’s looking to surpass his 2015 season but he’s a mere 3 points away from Stoffel Vandoorne and slowly catching up to his Sauber team-mate. Solid drive in difficult conditions.
  10. Brendon Hartley – The Kiwi driver has had no end of trouble since the rumours began that he was on his way out of Toro Rosso. Taking his second point in seven races isn’t a fantastic result but it’s nice to see Hartley succeed for once.

Golden Pineapple Award: Kevin Magnussen, Haas F1

Haas were set up for a good starting position, so Magnussen’s paltry 11th place is a bit of a disappointment and his first non-scoring finish since Canada. Better luck next time, I guess.

Drop-out count: 5

Williams had a lousy time with both Lance Stroll and Sergey Sirotkin retiring with technical issues. Despite technically running the whole race length, Fernando Alonso was also forced to pit on the final lap thus receiving a DNF. The most disappointing retirement came from Daniel Ricciardo though, who already had to start from grid-19 due to penalties.

Sebastian Vettel slipped off the track and into the tyre barrier after the first brush of rain had passed. Although the track seemed to be clearing, the Hockenheim circuit was hit by a second shower during which Vettel must have been racing to get to the pits. Vettel lost his race victory due to this mistake.

Back of the Lot News:

Many drivers lost positions switching to intermediates as the rain seemed uncertain to continue. Carlos Sainz was probably one of these drivers as was probably Stoffel Vandoorne. They finished 12th and 13th respectively (making this another disappointing race weekend for McLaren.

Pierre Gasly was even worse off, having been the only driver to switch to full Wet tyres. He was second to last.

Dead Last: Charles LeclercLeClerc was the final driver on track for the second time this season. LeClerc was the very first driver to switch to intermediates and clearly paid the price. Better luck next time.